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Grand View Compass is a dynamic Business Intelligence reporting and analytics platform designed to assist in gathering, analyzing, and leveraging data that drills down into the specifics of an industry or region.


10,000 +

reports across 43 industries

1,200 +

reports published anually

425 +

dedicated analysts
Unlimited customizations and direct access to report authors
Real time company and industry updates
Quality Service guarantee
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Powerful Insights
That Move You Forward

  • Keep constant track of relevant market spaces
  • Know where to invest
  • Track your competitors
  • Brainstorm with industry analysts
  • Follow the underlying forces driving or restraining market demand
  • Stay on top of product innovations

Value You can Afford

  • How much does Compass cost? The price of a single report.
  • That means you'll have the report PLUS access to the suite of Compass features and data sets.
  • Why? Because we think the future of industry research is dynamic, current, and at your fingertips.
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