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Posted On Sep, 27, 2017

For the longest time, artificial intelligence (AI) was aconcept that existed merely in novels and movies and this fascinated users to no end. As the technology made a more mainstream entrance, the industrial sector was one of the first to benefit from its many features, including mitigating workload of laborers and lowering costs. Even then, the extent of AI’s impact had not been fully gauged.

Posted On Aug, 11, 2017

Strapping is nothing but the process of applying a strap to a product to stabilize, palletize and fasten it. It is widely used in the packaging industry to assure the customers with good packaging. Selection of machine is very crucial since if the goods are not strapped properly, then it can harm the packaged product while shipping. It is required in the packaging industry in order to maintain the security and closure of the shipped goods.

Posted On Jul, 13, 2017

The application of drone technology in business processes has been typically noticeable in countries having high-quality technical education and a long history of radio-controlled model airplane societies together with the supportive regulatory framework in the region. The aviation industry is witnessing increasing acceptance of drone solutions, owing to emerging opportunities in the industry due to similar knowledge requirement, risks, and functions.

Posted On May, 30, 2017

CRM solutions enable customer interaction analysis and customer lifecycle data management. They foster customer retention by analyzing a customer’s buying behavior; thereby, aiding organizations in developing enhanced customer services. The growing need for exploring untapped customer bases is expected to drive the market growth.These solutions can be applied across multiple business channels such as supply chain, production, distribution, and marketing and implemented at different points-of-contacts such as company websites, direct mail, live chat, and social media.

Posted On May, 19, 2017

An oil spill is a byproduct of human activity in which petroleum hydrocarbon is released into the environment, which results in pollution. Oil spill can occur onshore as well as offshore. The oil spill is mainly due to the release of crude oil during exploration & production or transportation from pipelines, tankers, drilling rigs & wells, offshore platforms as well as a spill of other petroleum products, for instance, diesel & gasoline.

Posted On May, 02, 2017

The global RFID market is stimulated by the growing need for inventory control. These products reduce process cycle time and increase distribution efficiency. Products such as tags, readers, and scanning devices, are used in different application areas such as retail, healthcare, financial services, government, industrial, and transport.

Posted On Apr, 28, 2017

The smart cards market is mainly driven by the growing trend of adoption of IoT devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, that contribute toward digital services including e-banking and mobile payment facilities. The usage of these products is instrumental in reducing handling and operational costs as well as providing efficient storage of user data.

Posted On Apr, 20, 2017

The escalating bearings demand across railway & aerospace applications offer significant avenues for market growth. The rise in the number of commuters using public transportation is expected to be a key market driver. Further, the availability of improved ways to assist local as well as worldwide transportation systems also provide opportunities for market growth.

Posted On Apr, 20, 2017

The millimeter wave technology is a wireless technology, mostly used across the telecommunication applications for transmitting data over distances. The technology is also used widely across imaging & scanning systems and radar & satellite communication systems. Millimeter waves are the radio frequency waves with frequencies ranging from 30 GHz to 300 GHz, also known as Extremely High-Frequency (EHF) range. The wavelength of these radio waves ranges from 1 mm to 10 mm

Posted On Apr, 17, 2017

Switching electronic circuits are used to regulate the flow of energy and are known as power electronic devices. They enable conversion of electric power, alike semiconductor devices such as diodes, thyristors, and transistors and possess optimum forwarding, reverse backing, simplified circuitry, and compact designing capabilities. The devices are useful in connecting power grids to renewable energy resources and are used in electric trains, lightings, and motor drives.

Posted On Apr, 05, 2017

An Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) improves the performance of a transportation network, enables multimodal transport, optimizes fuel consumption and helps reducing risk of road accidents. It achieves this by integrating the transportation network with ICT (Information and Communications Technology). ITS can also be extended for rail, water and air transport and navigation systems. Real-time data is collected through sensors, video surveillance devices, navigation systems and vehicle probes and it is further analyzed and communicated to the user via internet, dynamic sign boards, mobile telephony, etc. These systems are used for boosting the overall safety as well as increasing the efficiency of the operation of public transit systems. Application areas include traffic management, parking management, automotive telematics, road user charging, road safety and security, freight management (commercial) and environment protection.

Posted On Mar, 20, 2017

The heating equipment market is observing constant growth in the U.S. owing to its essential usage in the industrial, commercial, and residential sector. The development of systems and solution that are energy efficient and can operate on renewable source is projected to augment demand for heating equipment in the U.S.

Posted On Mar, 16, 2017

Connected enterprise utilizes Internet-of-Things (IoT) IoT to integrate Information Technology (IT) and physical processes. It is a unified integration of Operational Technology (OT) and IT, which employs smart processes that utilize the potential of data analytics to enhance the effectiveness of their operations.

Posted On Feb, 16, 2017

The fat replacer market is projected to witness considerable growth across the world owing to its high demand in the food and beverage processing industry. Encouragement from health groups and government agencies have further catalyzed the awareness of nutritional and balanced diet. 

Posted On Feb, 16, 2017

The automotive aftermarket has witnessed significant advancements in the exhaust technology, safety technology, and other component fabrication technologies that enhance vehicular performance. 

Posted On Feb, 15, 2017

The automotive V2X market is in its nascent stageand offers immense scope for growth. The rising need for lesser traffic congestion, lower fuel wastage, and safer roads, has led to the need for an intelligent transportation system, where vehicles can continuously interact with each other and road-side infrastructure, facilitating the flow of reliable information about the present traffic conditions across the entire network. 

Posted On Feb, 02, 2017

Precision Agriculture is defined as an information and technology based farm management system to identify, analyze and manage variability within fields by doing all practices of crop production in right place at right time and in right way for optimum profitability, sustainability and protection of the land resource. 

Posted On Jan, 31, 2017

The increasing adoption of various spectroscopic techniques in a variety of industrial applications, including chemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, and food and agriculture, is expected to propel the overall market growth.

Posted On Jan, 23, 2017

The enterprise wearable technology has become one of the major industries with an ever-broadening potential to expand over the forecast period. A large spectrum of wearable devices, such as smart glasses & watches, clothes, skin patches, and various health-monitoring gadgets, are making a significant mark in the consumer electronics market.

Posted On Jan, 16, 2017

In the food & beverages industry, air contamination is viewed as a key point of concern. A minor handling error or production leakage may result in disastrous end product. Air is also a key ingredient in the processed food industry, and can carry up to 1500 bacteria per cubic meter. Industrial air filters are used to eliminate these harmful bacteria keeping the food & beverages production environment clean.

Posted On Jan, 12, 2017

Increasing emphasis of manufacturers towards ensuring safe & healthy working conditions in factories and warehouses is a chief reason spurring materials handling equipment market. Further, increasing demand for automated solutions owing to upsurge in technological developments in this domain may augment product sales. 

Posted On Jan, 03, 2017

The proliferation of portable smart devices and the increasing social media penetration have significantly resulted in the generation of large chunks of data over the recent past and the trend is expected to continue in the near future. 

Posted On Dec, 23, 2016

Compressed air is increasingly becoming intolerant to air contamination in numerous applications that require clean air, and is a key factor expected to drive the oil free air compressor market growth over the forecast period. 

Posted On Dec, 22, 2016

The digital content evolution across different industries, including entertainment, finance, healthcare, and education, has resulted in an increasing competition within the market and has prompted companies in modernizing communication processes and systems. 

Posted On Dec, 19, 2016

The IC sockets are used in the devices containing the integrated circuits and are used as a placeholder for IC chips. The sockets are used for insertion and safely removal of IC chips which may get damaged from heat from soldering.

Posted On Dec, 16, 2016

The financial and retail institutions outsource the coin and currency operations to third-party service providers to reduce the risk and focus on core competencies. The carriers are offering state-of-the-art facilities dedicated for currency processing, owing to the increased demand for the market and the growing return on investment.

Posted On Dec, 08, 2016

The complete value chain of the cold-end exhaust systems market is a constricted industry segment-related chain with an interconnection between several players coupled with a flow of value in the form of services and goods. The entire value chain for the exhaust system industry, when classified into industry segments, comprises two major streams, namely the core industry and supporting industry segments.

Posted On Nov, 17, 2016

Mobile wallets are the digital equivalents of their traditional counterparts. They store information on debit & credit cards. This information helps access products, services, or places. It can be in the form of loyalty cards, driving licenses, personal identity cards, health cards, etc. The information can be accessed through an app using a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and password/fingerprint. 

Posted On Oct, 18, 2016

Global air and missile defense (AMDR) market size was estimated to be USD 7 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of over 6.5% making it a lucrative market in sophisticated and advanced technology industry. Increased threats in the Middle East, Asia pacific and Europe lead to higher demand of these radars.

Posted On Sep, 08, 2016

IVAs can answer the queries of users regarding internet access. They also put on reminders for important events and help access your phone’s vital files with voice commands.

Posted On Aug, 30, 2016

The phase of wireless charging is almost here, with car makers, airports, and restaurant chains setting up charging stations. You can merely place your phone on the table to renew the battery, instead of having to carry a charger and plug it in

Posted On Aug, 24, 2016

Big data consists of ungrouped data; showcasing patterns, trends, & associations of consumers. This large ‘data’ volume, when successfully compiled, is valuable to a business‘s day-to-day operations.

Posted On Aug, 19, 2016

3D cameras in smartphones are promising. They offer superior picture & video quality to consumers. Presently, smart phones are incorporated with 3D sensors. These sensors feel movements and facilitate smartphone cameras to catch accurate ‘surrounding & object’ dimensions.

Posted On Aug, 19, 2016

In a recent survey, about two-thirds of all enterprises claimed most of their purchasing, marketing, and supply chain functions to be cloud-based. Over half of them predicted cloud computing to boost their top-line revenues within three years of adoption. In fact, most companies are foreseen to depend on cloud technology in the coming years.

Posted On Aug, 10, 2016

There has been a steep rise in thefts, robberies, internet hackings, and security breaches across the globe. Biometric and facial recognition technologies were developed to combat the same & ease the burden of companies.

Posted On May, 09, 2016

The global automotive electronics industry is projected to witness a significant growth owing to technological advancements and increasing concern about safety and comfort. Emergency call systems, alcohol ignition interlocks, and accident data recorder systems are an example of technologies, which are expected to boost the vehicle growth. Moreover, an increase in standard of living and increase in disposable incomes is driving the demand for these systems. Increasing customer demand for multimedia enabled vehicles, safer and fuel-efficient vehicles enabling manufacturers to make their cars smart than ever before. 

Posted On May, 06, 2016

3D imaging technology with its boundless possibilities in upcoming products is altering processes and methods across industries and enhancing lives. The technology's influence spans from mobile phone apps to effective surgeries to high-tech military and space imaging. Coupled with the rapid adoption is the commercialization of the technology with companies achieving cost effective developments and manufacturing of stereo devices. 

Posted On Apr, 15, 2016

Global armored vehicle market is expected to witness significant growth over the next seven years on account of its rapid demand primarily in developing countries, viable conflicts in global scenario, preeminent importance for homeland securities and growing conflicts within several nations.

Posted On Mar, 15, 2016

Automated teller machine (ATM) market is poised to grow on account of technological advancements in wireless communicating device integration. Rising integration of wireless communication services with ATM in order to reduce transaction frauds is a major factor driving demand over the forecast period. Furthermore, advancements in ATM’s such as solar ATM’s, smart ATMs is expected to fuel industry growth.

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