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Bio-Butanol Market Analysis, Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies And Forecasts, 2014 To 2020

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Growing environmental concerns related with the use of petroleum derived chemicals has been prompting the industry to look for their alternative serving the same application areas. As a result of exhaustive R&D activities, the chemical industry came up with bio-based chemicals which along with providing a clean solution are also cost effective compared to their synthetic counterparts. One such bio-based chemical which has been grabbing attention is bio-butanol. Butanol is a bulk petrochemical which finds application in various end use industries such as paints and coating, adhesives and sealants, textiles and plastics among some other industries. 

Owing to growing environmental concerns, chemical companies have been investing in developing butanol using bio-based raw materials such as corn, sugarcane and cellulosic sugars from biomass. Bio-butanol can be produced in large quantities at a competitive cost compared to petroleum derived butanol. Numerous companies including Butamax, Butalco, Cobalt Technologies, Green Biologics, Syntech Biofuel and METabolic EXplorer have been or have developed novel technologies to produce bio-butanol. Companies are currently producing bio-butanol using ABE (acetone, butanol, ethanol) Fermentation and ethanol conversion of starches. However, the challenges which the companies face using these technologies is the high feed stock prices associated with them. In order to reduce the feedstock prices, the industry has been developing new technologies such as saccharification and Fischer-Tropsch catalysis which using low price biomass and whole as the feedstock. Some of the other technologies which are currently under investigation include Guerbet catalysis, 2-stage fermentation, E.Coli fermentation and acid or enzyme hydrolysis.   

The preliminary market for bio-butanol is for high end chemicals. However, with technological advancement, the market for bio-butanol is expected to expand for a variety of chemical derivatives in the near future. In addition, constant government support in terms of financial incentives is also expected to attract more investment in the market and further drive the market.    

Grand View’s market research study takes a closer look at the bio-butanol industry, providing a holistic perspective on market dynamics, trends, supply and demand. Our report deep-dives into the market and segments it on multiple levels and providing key insights on a macro as well as micro level. The study aims at providing granular information, regarding estimates and forecasts for key application including acrylates, acetate, glycol ethers, solvents and plasticizers among some other applications. The report also provides the same level of information for key regional markets. 

The research report analyzes various factors which has been driving and inhibiting the global bio-butanol market in the past. In addition, the research report analyzes the impact of each driver and restraint on the market growth based on which the market is forecasted. The report also showcases the opportunities available in the market which may act as future drivers for the market. 


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