Customer FAQ

Report Related FAQs

1. I’m visiting this website for the first time. How do I trust your service quality?

Please browse through the website and identify pertinent content. Post that, please contact the sales team (at [email protected]) to receive free sample copies of the interested studies and schedule subsequent product review calls with the analysts.

2. Are samples available for all the studies published by Grand View Research?

Yes, the sales team will share a sample copy of the study with you post receiving a query. Moreover, in case of an upcoming study, a demo sample will be provided. The sample copy is designed to provide an overview of the report format & sample market information for pre-purchase data validation.

3. What to do in case I have more questions on the report or customization requirements?

Syndicated studies are prepared to cater to a large audience. However, in case you are looking for specific customizations or have more questions on the report, please feel free to drop us a query by filling in the form available adjacent to the report description page. Also, you may contact us at email: [email protected]; or phone: +1-415-349-0058

4. How do I ensure that my expectations are precisely understood by the team?

Your message on customization (sent by mail or via a telephonic conversation) will be passed on to the research team. The research team post a feasibility will design a consumer centric study keeping in mind the requirements stated by you. Moreover, the research team may also request for a a telephonic conference with you to discuss customization requirements and propose viable solutions.

5. What will be the price & delivery timeline of a customized report?

The price and timeline of a customized report will be shared with you by the sales representative, post finalizing the list of deliverables. Grand View Research offers a 10% free customization on all the reports. Kindly, contact the sales teamfor more information.

6. How often does Grand View Research update studies?

Research studies or reports are updated once in 6 months or a year depending on the traction & need. Please contact our sales team to inquire about a report update status.

7. What if the report that I am looking for is not listed in the company’s product catalogue?

Grand View Research has an extensive database of reports and market updates, not all of which get uploaded as individual studies. In case you are not able to find what you are looking for, kindly contact the sales team (via email or phone) and schedule an analyst call or drop in a message to discuss requirements.

8. What services can I avail prior to a purchase?

Grand View Researchbelieves in delivering targeted and client-centric studies. In an attempt to do so, we offer our clients with the following pre-sale facilities:

  • Free product review call with the author/analyst of the report/study, to help you gain access to the analyst perspective.
  • Customized research to help you with due diligence.
  • Targeted purchase facility to help maximize the value for money.


9. What will be the format of the deliverable or report?

The reports are delivered in PDF & spreadsheet formats. Moreover, PPT formats are delivered to clients, on special requests.

10. Are discounts available?

We want to support students, academicians, NGOs and startups with their research & consulting needs. In order to do so, we have designed a special pricing policy based on discounts and payment plans. Please contact our sales representative at phone: +1-415-349-0058 or email: [email protected] to gain access to our special pricing.

Ordering and Delivery

1. How can I purchase a report?

A “Buy Now” option is available at the right hand side of the report description page. Please click on the button and follow the instructions to make a purchase.

  • Step One: Select the reports.
  • Step Two: Make the payment via wire transfer or online purchase.
  • Step Three: We will send you the invoice. In case of a wire transfer, please sign the purchase contract.
  • Step Four: Dispatch team will share the report within 2 to 48 hours.


2. How soon will I receive the report?

The reports are delivered within 2 to 48 hours, post payment confirmation. Some clients may witness a delay in delivery on account of the difference in time zones. However, all published reports are dispatched within 48 hours of payment confirmation. Please note that if you make your purchase over a weekend or holiday, you will be contacted the following business day.

3. How will I receive the report?

The reportin a PDF format will be sent to you electronically at your registered email address. To ensure that our mails are getting delivered in your inbox, please whitelist our domain, i.e., You can also mark “not spam” for any of the mails received from Grand View Research.

4. What are the available ordering methods?

If you are placing an order on a company’s behalf, you should be authorized to make the purchase decision. You can place your order using following channels:

  • Ordering by Telephone:
    • Call us on USA/Canada Toll Free 1-888-202-9519 (For International Clients Dial 1-415-349-0058) and speak with our customer service representative to place an order.
  • Ordering by Email:
    • Send all your requirements and questions to [email protected]. Remember to include all your details including billing & delivery address along with the preferred mode of payment. Our executives will get in touch with you within 1 business day.


License Type and Purchase Options

1. What are single user, multiple user and enterprise user licenses?

Product licenses are designed to regulate readership and distribution rights.

  • The purchase of a 'Single User License' grants access to a specific report for one person only and must not be shared with other employees within the same company.
  • The purchase of a 'Multi User License’ grants access to a specific report for two to five users only within the same department and company.
  • The purchase of an 'Enterprise License’ grants access to a specific report to a company wide audience. This includes subsidiary companies or other companies within a group.


2. Can I buy chapters/segments from a study?

We generally do not promote the sale of separate or individual segments from within a study, as it might fail to relay the actual meaning of the study or provide a holistic picture of the market. However, in special cases, select chapters are provided based on the client requirement.
For more information, please contact our sales representative at phone: +1-415-349-0058 or email: [email protected].

Payments and Invoicing

1. What types of payment are accepted?

For online orders we accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and Diner’s Club. Arrangements for payment by check, bank wire transfer or invoice can be made by contacting customer service at +1-415-349-0058 or [email protected].

2. Is the online ordering process secure?

Keeping the clients’ information safe and secure is our highest priority. Our trusted partners, PayPal and Bank of America, help us facilitate secure transactions. All payments are through and PayPal - we don't store your details.

3. Will I receive an invoice against my purchase?

An invoice against your purchase will be sent electronically to you immediately after the purchase.Grand View Research also provides its clients with pro-forma invoices, to facilitate purchase decisions.For more queries please contact our sales department at [email protected].

4. What are the payment terms?

Payments once made are non-refundable. This is a standard company and industry policy. The use of our products or reports are based on the concept of knowledge transfer and therefore, a refund cannot be issued post the client has read the study. In an attempt to avoid such situations, Grand View Research provides comprehensive and transparent pre-purchase facilities to all its clients.

5. I have a problem with processing the payment?

These problems are rare. You will however, receive a notification while filling the payment form, in case the gateway fails to verify your credit card information. In our experience, billing address mismatch is the most common payment related issue. However, in case you experience any other issue, please contact us and we will look into it straightaway.

6. I'm receiving a message which says "This transaction cannot be processed (Payment Decline)":


  • The error code in question refers specifically to a billing address mismatch or low credit limit. If the billing address does not match the address to where the card statement is sent, the transaction may be declined. This is often caused by a recent move where the address on file has not been properly updated.
  • There is a possibility that the card limit is running low or your bank has stopped the payment because of an irregular transaction such as in case of a large amount, for account safety. Please talk to your bank and approve the transaction for the payment to go through.


Post-Sale Queries

1. Can I talk to the analyst about the report I purchased?

Grand View Research provides a free analyst access of 30 minutes, with every purchase. These analyst minutes are designed to help our clients with report related questions, concerns & gain insights into analyst perspectives.

2. The report does not include everything that I was looking for. How can Grand View Research help?

Our studies are designed to cater to all market participants across the value chain in a holistic manner. However, owing to the nature of the field of consulting, requirements can vary across a wide range. We request you to share your customization requests with us prior to a purchase. However, in case you don’t find what you need in our report, kindly, request for post-sale customization.

3. Will I have to pay for the post-sale customization needs?

We offer our clients with a free 10% customization on the syndicated report. In case you have not availed this service as a pre-sale facility, we request you to share the requirements with our sales team. The research team post a feasibility will share the purview of the post-sale customization along with the price (if applicable) and the timeline.

4. How can I contact Grand View Research?

You may reach us at: