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Most market research and supply chain reports focus on macro events and analysis — Pipeline reporting only starts there. Our rigorous analysis covers the entire supply ecosystem and arms you with the vetted intelligence to build a robust and reliable supply chain.

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Market Intelligence

Understand the market size, segmentation, and forecast — then go deeper with a micro-analysis into sourcing and procurement strategies.

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GVR Pipeline supplier intelligence

Supplier Intelligence

Gain rich insight into the supplier landscape — those dominating, emerging, lounging, or specializing — so that your operations are more competitive and adaptable in the future. Plus, access detailed profiles of suppliers in regions around the globe.

Pricing Intelligence

Conduct due diligence into pricing models, cost structures, and cost of ownerships, while also discovering cost-saving opportunities to maximize profitability.

GVR Pipeline pricing intelligence
GVR pipeline category intelligence

Category Intelligence

Uncover category best practices around engagement and operating models, standard KPIs and SLAs, and other analysis to identify and enact effective negotiation and procurement strategies.

Benefits of Pipeline

  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Due diligence
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Cost saving opportunities
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Extensive supplier analysis
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Effective management models
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Procurement best practices
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Category spend & growth factors
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Markets We Cover

Research You Can Rely On

Pipeline has a team of dedicated, experienced analysts with domain-specific expertise and extensive economic and business training that allows them to solve key client questions. They're guided by highly experienced team managers and supported by skilled project managers.

Primary Research

  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Focus groups
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark One-on-one interviews
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Online surveys

Secondary Research

  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Public sources
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Paid databases & commercial sources
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Industry articles
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Educational institutions

Supplier Evaluations

  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Employee strength
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Revenue generated
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Certifications awarded

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