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Posted On Oct, 10, 2023

The World Arthritis Day is commemorated on 12th October each year. It promotes awareness about arthritis, a chronic health condition affecting millions of individuals across the globe. This day is devoted to shedding light on the difficulties witnessed by individuals who live with arthritis, as well as advocating for enhanced access to support, treatment, and care. 

Posted On Aug, 22, 2023

In the pursuit of a more sustainable and cleaner future of energy, numerous ground-breaking technologies are paving the way for a radical transformation. One such advancement taking center stage is Power-to-X (P2X). This advanced concept can potentially restructure how we produce, store, and deploy energy.

Posted On Jul, 19, 2023

The purpose of this document is to provide individuals and organizations with a detailed understanding of the various aspects of cybersecurity, including the threats, vulnerabilities, and best practices for protecting their digital assets. The white paper aims to educate readers about the importance of cybersecurity in today's digital space and to help them develop a comprehensive cybersecurity plan that meets their unique needs and constraints. In the cybersecurity market, this document will help companies identify and target the right customers by segmenting the market based on industry, size, maturity model, assessments, and other relevant factors. It also helps companies understand their target customers' needs and challenges and tailor their products and services accordingly.

Posted On Jun, 05, 2023

Every year, World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated on 8thJune to promote global awareness about brain tumors. This was introduced by the German Brain Tumor Association and has progressively become a global campaign. This day is purposed to educate the population about brain tumors and their influence, encourage early detection & diagnosis, offer support for the patients, and endorse increased funding and research for enhanced treatment possibilities. The theme for 2023 is “Together, We Can Make a Difference".

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), also known as acid reflux or heartburn, is a long term gastrointestinal disorder that affects huge number of adults across the globe. The risk factors responsible for causing heartburn include aging, obesity, certain medicines, and unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Janssen Products, LP received the U.S. FDA approval in 1995 for Doxil, a liposomal doxorubicin formulation to treat Kaposi’s sarcoma, multiple myeloma, breast, and ovarian cancer. The distribution and marketing of Doxil was done by a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson (J&J), Janssen Products, LP, and was manufactured by Ben Venue Laboratories. However, there was limited availability of Doxil due to the production problems with third-party manufacturer in 2011.

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Osteoporosis drugs are incorporated in the treatment of bone disease, resulting in bone density loss and abnormal tissue structure. In majority of females, menopause increases in the likelihood of acquiring osteoporosis thus heightening the demand for the overall market. Biophosphonates, hormones therapy and rank ligand inhibitors are commonly prescribed medications for the efficient treatment of osteoporosis.

Posted On May, 22, 2023

The global contact lenses market size is estimated to reach USD 14.72 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The surging acceptance of cosmetic contact lens by media and entertainment industry is expected to boost the market growth. Furthermore, cosmetic lens reception by the general populace is on rise on account of increasing preference being delivered to aesthetic appearances in the imminent era. The contact lenses can be categorized on the basis of usage types into cosmetic, prosthetic, therapeutic, corrective, and lifestyle-oriented lens.

Posted On May, 22, 2023

“Biologics” refer to a wide range of medicinal products such as blood or blood components, tissue, somatic cells, vaccines, recombinant therapeutic proteins, gene therapy manufactured from/comprising of living cells that are used as therapeutics to treat diseases. While chemical drugs are produced through chemical synthesis and mostly taken orally (as small molecules are easily absorbed in the body), biologics are made through complex biological processes and are mostly injected because proteins, which are large molecule substances, degrade in the stomach if administered orally.

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Marijuana belongs to a family of plants named cannabaceae. It is mainly categorized on the basis of its shape, height, smell, and color. In the ancient Chinese tradition, marijuana was used for the management of malaria, reproductive system disorders, constipation, rheumatic pain, etc. Over 70 psychoactive compounds with the chemical structure of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have been identified. 

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Depression is the leading cause of disabilities worldwide as it impacts normal day-to-day activities of an individual. These disorders need to be treated at an early stage to avert the development of suicidal conditions in mentally depressed individuals.With surging incidence of depressive disorders, the market witnesses growth due to increasing prescription rates.

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Globally, recent introductions & expected launch of the urate-lowering agents in the market, rising incidence of gout due to changing lifestyle, and increasing adoption of the newer agents, during the forecast period are likely to drive the market over the coming years. Presently, gout affects about 1% of the world’s population and 5% of arthritis sufferers across the globe. Several studies estimated that in 2012, prevalence of gout in the U.K. was 2.49% of total population, which had increased by approximately 63.9% as compared to 1997. 

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Halal certifications were limited to food & beverages, but have steadily extended to personal care products and cosmetics. Rising awareness among consumers regarding these certifications have compelled major beauty & personal care companies to shift their focus to this niche market segment.

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Increasing awareness among parents about baby nutrition, hygiene and safety is expected to drive the market over the forecast period. Rising female participation in the workforce has increased the spending capability, which is expected to drive the baby product market. The manufacturers of baby products are focusing on producing ready to use with premium quality in order to increase the number of customers buying baby products.

Posted On May, 22, 2023

Prior to clinical studies for any new molecule, well-established preclinical studies must be performed to allow the FDA to provide the Investigational New Drug (IND) approval. This growing attention toward preclinical analysis is expected to support growth of rat model market.

Posted On May, 08, 2023

In current scenario, contract manufacturing services for small as well as large-molecule drug product is popular and is an ever increasing trend within pharmaceutical sector. Insufficient internal resources to cope with increasing therapeutic demand is driving this vertical.

Posted On Apr, 27, 2023

The first Tuesday of May is recognized as World Asthma Day by the Global Initiative for Asthma, (GINA) to increase awareness about preventive and predictive measures for asthma worldwide, with a coordinated global effort. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), asthma globally affected over 262 million people in 2019, with a high mortality of 455,000.  

Posted On Apr, 03, 2023

Fuel cells are devices which convert the fuel’s chemical energy into electricity via a chemical reaction in the presence of an oxidizing agent. They can be of different types, but they all consist of an anode, cathode, as well as an electrolyte. They use hydrogen or other hydrocarbon fuels which are available in abundance, along with an oxidant (usually oxygen), to carry out an electrochemical reaction. This makes them one of the fastest growing alternate backup power options. 

Posted On Apr, 03, 2023

World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on April 2nd every year, and the objective is to enhance the quality of life of autistic people. March 27th to April 2nd was observed as Happy World Autism Acceptance Week, and the theme for 2023 is color. 

Posted On Mar, 21, 2023

Scents and fragrances are an inseparable part of human lives, but more precisely they exhibit a huge influence on our busy lives. Victor Hugo states, “Nothing awakens a memory like a smell.” The saying stands true to its core because psychologically, humans tend to attach memory to smell which is recognizable to a human nose even after a gap of a couple of years.


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