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Posted On Jun, 05, 2018

The prime reason for rising overweight and obese population is sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity, and rapid growth of fast food industry. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 50.0% of the global population was obese in 2014 and the number is expected to rise.

Posted On Feb, 07, 2018

Insulating glass is commonly referred as single glazing, double glazing or triple glazed glass. It belongs to the category of value addition products which not only improve the aesthetics but also play a major role in reducing the energy consumption inside the building.


Posted On Jan, 23, 2018

Excipients are common ingredients used in pharmaceutical formulations. They are added to active pharmaceutical ingredients either to bulk up the formulation, mask the taste, or enhance bioavailability of the formulation. They can be added to all forms of drugs, solid oral or liquid oral, and to formulations through various routes of administration. They can also influence drug delivery mechanisms.

Posted On Dec, 29, 2017

Battery Management System (BMS) finds increased applications in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems as they provide high power density and enhanced life expectancy. A UPS system is an electrical equipment that supplies power when the main power or input power sources fail.

Posted On Dec, 27, 2017

Saffron is obtained from the stigmas of crocus sativus flowers. It has various applications including food, medical, and cosmetics. It is being preferentially used as a natural colouring and flavouring ingredients over artificial ingredients. The different types of cuisines use saffron for various recipes preparation across the globe. 

Posted On Dec, 05, 2017

Nitrile butadiene rubber is increasingly being utilized in manufacturing gloves that serve both industrial and medical purposes in terms of protection and maintenance of hygiene. The product offers good puncture resistance, chemical inertness, sustainability under high temperature ranges, and durability.

Posted On Nov, 27, 2017

Over the top (OTT) devices and services have changed the way we consume content. So much so, that OTT streaming devices are now known to be the fourth most common in-home access point to the Internet, after desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Major media brands now have the benefit of using OTT services to target viewers at a person-level, going beyond household-level. 

Posted On Nov, 10, 2017

Organic starch acts as a binding, thickening, anticaking, filling, and gluing agent in food and beverage application. Rising demand for convenience foods and busier lifestyles of consumers are factors anticipated to encourage market growth over the forecast period. The on-the-go lifestyle trend in the U.S. is expected to boost the use of organic starch in food sector over the next eight years. Convenient, easy to carry options, offered by manufacturers of bakery products, such as pocket rolls and wraps, are further anticipated to drive the market over the forecast period.

Posted On Nov, 02, 2017

The reliance on renewable energy has been growing by leaps and bounds and with this, so is the need for efficient devices for the synthesis of energy from renewable sources. Graphene-based solar cells are fast emerging as a hit, considering both graphene (an allotrope of carbon) and solar energy are available in abundance.

Posted On Oct, 13, 2017

The increasing use of masterbatch in various end-use industries such as packaging, building & construction, consumer goods, automotive, and agriculture, is expected to augment market growth over the forecast period. In addition, properties such as excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance imparted by masterbatch are expected to boost market growth. 

Posted On Oct, 06, 2017

Vacuum grease is used as a sealant in vacuum systems. It has low volatility, which is ideal for providing lubrication for systems working under complex vacuum environment. It is resistant to esters, alkalis and alcohols. It not only provides protection from corrosion and moisture but also reduces mechanical wear and tear. 

Posted On Oct, 03, 2017

Polyester can be completely recycled and can also be made from recycled plastics. PTA, MEG, PET chips, and flakes of recycled PET bottles are among the major raw materials utilized to produce polyester staple fiber. The polymer manufactured from the aforementioned raw materials is melt spun in order to rapidly cool it down.

Posted On Sep, 27, 2017

For the longest time, artificial intelligence (AI) was aconcept that existed merely in novels and movies and this fascinated users to no end. As the technology made a more mainstream entrance, the industrial sector was one of the first to benefit from its many features, including mitigating workload of laborers and lowering costs. Even then, the extent of AI’s impact had not been fully gauged.

Posted On Sep, 25, 2017

Marketing as an activity rests on communicating messages to target groups. Signage, commonly used in this field involves the application of symbols and signs for conveying information. Digital signage on the other hand comprises streaming media, videos, and digital images. The display of such content calls for the application of technologies such as LED (Light emitting diode) and LCD (Liquid-crystal display). 

Posted On Sep, 22, 2017

Wood vinegar, also referred as pyroligneous acid, wood acid, or liquid smoke is a liquid generated from the carbonization of biomass. The basic raw materials used in its production include various types of biomass feedstock. Biomass feedstock used in wood vinegar production includes organic matter such as wood, agricultural waste, or waste from materials of biological origin, whereas biomass from inorganic matter includes municipal solid waste.

Posted On Sep, 22, 2017

In the current scenario, technological advancement in large-scale downstream bioprocessing systems is an ever-increasing trend in biotechnology. Popularity of single-use bioprocessing instruments, advancements in existing separation & purification techniques are expected to drive growth in the near future. 

Posted On Sep, 20, 2017

The use of trivalent chromium finishing in various end-use industries such as automotive, appliance, and architecture is expected to augment market growth over the forecast period. In addition, properties such as excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and low coefficient of friction are expected to boost the market growth.

Posted On Aug, 30, 2017

The advent of E-commerce platforms has brought significant changes in the entire MRO distribution network in the region. In comparison to the traditional procurement techniques using of E-commerce sourcing is projected to provide a cost saving of around 11 to 19% of the overall cost of procurement. As MRO sourcing differs from company to company and is depended on factors such as requirements of the number of stock keeping units, business procurement requirements, categories of products and buying frequencies. 

Posted On Aug, 24, 2017

Advanced gastrointestinal drug eluting stents (DES) were introduced in the market to overcome certain disadvantages such as restenosis and neo-intimal hyperplasia associated with the first generation stents namely, bare metal and plastic stents. In addition, a paradigm shift from conventional invasive procedures to minimally invasive procedures is fueling the demand for GI stents. Thus, DES is widely used since it supports minimally invasive procedures.

Posted On Aug, 17, 2017

Changing healthcare realm is leading to the development of services which are focused toward convenience of the patient. Various market players are indulged in creating innovative diagnostics kits and instruments to provide accurate results in no time thereby creating potential opportunities.

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