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Posted On Mar, 30, 2020

You might have seen the modern homeowner looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but in today’s age of rapid development, there is no getting away from the city life. Through one reason or another, people are forced to live within the city limits. So, what can one do if they cannot control the noise and the bustle outside? Well, they can make use of acoustic insulation, for starters. Acoustic insulation combats noise, external or internal, and improves the serenity of your personal space. 

Posted On Mar, 30, 2020

If someone asks us about the characteristics and usages of polypropylene in daily lives, we would be stumped; and would find ourselves googling the term and usages, later. However, I can bet that what we find on Google will be more shocking to us. It is one of the essential materials which are used for self hygiene and safety by us, but we still know so less about it.

Posted On Mar, 30, 2020

Health is and will always be considered as the most important wealth a person can have. Good health makes a person fully capable of enjoying every wonderful moment of his or her beautiful life. However, it’s also a truth that people fall sick and get bereaved of some of those beautiful moments of their lives. Sickness and ill health takes a large toll on people’s lives, quite evident from the COVID-19 pandemic. In these times, healthcare facilities like clinical laboratory testing boost the doctor’s ability to help the patients.

Posted On Mar, 30, 2020

When we hear the term data center, the first thing that comes to mind is a gigantic space, filled with lines and lines of computer systems, telecommunication equipment and storage devices. Entering into a data center feels like a totally futuristic world, and a common person may be forgiven if he actually thinks that he has time-travelled into an unknown dimension. This place, however, satisfies the greatest (?) need of the tech-savvy mankind - the collection, storage, processing and distribution of large amounts of data. And by large, we mean LARGE.

Posted On Mar, 27, 2020

Environment, Health & Safety - individually, these three words drive a large lot of attention without any special mention due to is importance. We can rarely fathom what happens if all the three words come together. When all the three words come together, it forms a mention to a special discipline which points towards the urgent humanitarian needs that are important to be addressed to satisfy the norms for safety at work.

Posted On Mar, 27, 2020

Ever seen those attractive car logos on fancy vehicles? They look so shiny, so attractive, and of the highest quality. Or even various types of handles and knobs on appliances. Manufacturers nowadays try to offer the most unique and elegant looking products in this regard. Would you believe that these products are made of plastic at its core, and that they are just coated with metallic substances? 

Posted On Mar, 26, 2020

A home has a very special place for each and every person in the world. It is one place where you can be as you are and be comfortable with it. Talking about comfort, it is of utmost importance that home has a comfortable atmosphere; and to make that happen, among several other things maintaining the temperature of the house in the apt range is of great significance.

Posted On Mar, 24, 2020

Technology has proved itself to be a boon for the mankind. It has transformed and revolutionized the human life, in more ways than one, for the better. Digitalization is just one new feather in the hat of technology, and it is set to transform data as a new currency. This provides a chance to capitalize on the data front with the efficient management of data using Digital Asset Management System (DAMS).

Posted On Mar, 24, 2020

We all are encouraged to have a healthy diet in our lives. Milk and other dairy items, along with meat and poultry products, are all said to help us in maintaining a fit lifestyle. What the most crucial aspect is here, is that the health of the animals, who are the source of these products, should be optimum, and this is where animal feed organic trace minerals come into the picture. We may not know a thing about them; however, this is a very important part in a farmer’s handbook. How, you might ask?

Posted On Mar, 23, 2020

Pumping systems are used in multiple industries and are able to do plenty of types of work, and that makes it something which is extensively sought after. Industrial pumps, which are one of the types of pumping systems, are in demand from industries such as oil & gas, power and food & beverages among others. Advancement in technology is the key behind increase in the demand, as it led to spurt in the efficiency of the pumps to handle everyday tasks, as well as pushed the reliability factor of the pumps.

Posted On Mar, 20, 2020

For those who have played and experienced Outlast, the excellent horror game from Red Barrels Studio, imagine that you are going across a hallway, silently moving along to avoid any attention. Mindful of your surroundings, you see one of the monsters in the game a few steps ahead. You move into a nearby room and hide under a bed, as you see the monster enter the room, look around and leave. 

Posted On Mar, 20, 2020

Some hard facts. Cancer has been second leading cause of death in the U.S. and around the world. Inefficient early diagnosis, low awareness, and unmet clinical needs are some of the major factors contributing to the growing base of this disorder. Globally, nearly 1 in 6 deaths occur due to some type of cancer, leading to 9.6 million deaths in 2016. A report by the American Cancer Society expects 1.8 million new cancer cases to be diagnosed in the country in 2020, with 606,520 expected to fall prey to the disease.

Posted On Mar, 19, 2020

To save and prolong this precious thing, man has gone over to achieve several feats with the help of science and technology, and has developed healthcare and life saving technology to such a level, that astonishes us to the core. When we talk about heart pacemaker, we talk about the same level of developed healthcare technology, which is proving out to be a lifesaver in literal meaning. 

Posted On Mar, 19, 2020

Imagine you have an appointment with your doctor, let’s say, for a routine check-up or follow-up. However, there are certain circumstances which may not allow you to travel on that particular day. The doctor tells you, “Well, Sir, I am sorry but I won’t be available for a month from now on, so your follow up might be too late.” Well, unlucky you that you will miss the appointment. If only there was a way that the doctor could have remotely monitored you….

Posted On Mar, 18, 2020

Before we jump onto simplifying one of the types of polymer, let us first dive into simplifying the meaning of a polymer. A polymer is nothing but repeated number of units and sub-units of molecules and macro-molecules, which gives it distinct properties. SMP is one such type of a polymer.

Posted On Mar, 18, 2020

Natural fibers have been one of the most essential needs of mankind to survive and thrive since time immemorial and it will continue to do so. Modern times has brought several changes in the way we use natural fibers and has increased our potential to use it effectively while we go on about our day-to-day lives. Cellulose fiber forms a major part in this natural fiber market and has proved important to increase the demand in the market manifolds.

Posted On Mar, 18, 2020

These are just some of the advertisements, or their approximations, that we see in our day-to-day life. Watching them influences our purchasing habits, where we base our buying choices on which smell or aroma can last longer. Ever seen an air freshening or scenting machine while waiting in the reception area of a doctor’s office? You must have, and there is a very solid reason to have them in such spaces - to make the air around us smell pleasant, in simple words!

Posted On Mar, 18, 2020

Ever wondered why milk and juice taste so fresh even days after manufacturing? How do medicines remain free from bacteria and germs even after days of packaging? How do manufacturers ensure that baby food, whose freshness and nutritional value is of the utmost importance, can stay safe for consumption for a long time? Well, for that, you have aseptic packaging to thank!

Posted On Mar, 17, 2020

NMP is used in wide range of applications including oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, electronics, paints & coatings, and agrochemicals. It makes itself increasingly useful for the purpose of re-refining the lubricating oil. In addition, it helps in improving the viscosity index and oil performance. This boosts its demand in the oil and gas market. When it comes to electronics, NMP is used for degreasing and cleaning, and as a photoresist stripper, along with being used as solvent in the production of epoxy and polyurethane coatings in printed circuit boards.

Posted On Mar, 16, 2020

What is canned food, and how good is it? is a question that has been hounding consumers for, well, since canned foods were introduced in marts and supermarkets. manufacturers of canned food products always have had to bat away the all-important question - How safe is the ‘food can’ that is being used to sell the fruits or vegetables? There have always been conflicting opinions regarding the quality of these containers and the resulting condition of the food material within, but manufacturers have been striving to provide consumers with the best quality food that can be made available.

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