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Posted On Jan, 10, 2020

Fiber optic connectors are used for terminating the end of an optical fiber, which as we all know, are an important telecommunication medium, while also being a necessity for computer networking. For this reason, they have witnessed significant deployment in the high bandwidth communication technology, and other associated network broadcast & telecom technologies that drive modern day media & connectivity segment. 

Posted On Jan, 10, 2020

Have you ever caught a running bus or train, and felt completely out of breath? In such situations, our breathing mechanism adapts to match the pressure on the lungs and heart in a natural way. Even in this scenario, your lungs have a breathing reserve, which ensures that you never run out of air. However, not everybody is as lucky, and some people do have such shortness of breath (called dyspnea), which is a characteristic of respiratory disease.

Posted On Jan, 06, 2020

There’s a reason that professionals have Monday Morning Blues, and it is not only because of going back to work after a couple of days off, but the journey that they have to make to reach their offices. Most use their own private vehicle to commute, where they have to keep their eyes peeled for traffic, while they may also have to exert unnecessary pressure on their throats to yell at reckless drivers. 

Posted On Jan, 03, 2020

The proliferation of portable smart devices and the increasing social media penetration have significantly resulted in the generation of large chunks of data over the recent past and the trend is expected to continue in the near future. 

Posted On Jan, 03, 2020

Coiled tubing is a term that is used frequently in the oil and gas industry, but will definitely sound unfamiliar to common folks. So, what exactly is it? Simply put, it is an electrically welded tube, which is manufactured with one longitudinal seam. The seam is formed by high-frequency induction welding without the addition of filler metal. It is a long pipe spooled on a large reel, and is 1 to 3.25 inch in diameter.

Posted On Dec, 27, 2019

The current decade, due to end soon, is expected to be remembered for the global attention towards climate change, as well as the introduction of sustainable products in our lives. Every industry has had to make process and ingredient changes so that they can be considered as environmentally conscious. Use of chemicals in production is now becoming a strict no-no for many industries, and they have brought out their own range of eco-friendly products.

Posted On Dec, 26, 2019

In today’s unstable and volatile environment that we live in, every conflict, however small it may be, may hold much larger repercussions in the future, and with the number of armed conflicts going around the world right now, every country’s defense has to continuously watch over its shoulders so as to not get destroyed by enemy forces. This is where Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) comes into the picture.

Posted On Dec, 04, 2019

Let’s face it, our gadgets and mobile devices are getting smaller while simultaneously carrying out more functions. All of this has to do with how the hardware for the device has been designed, and Integrated Passive Device are a huge part in this development. So, what exactly are these devices? Simply put, they enable miniaturization of devices by combining various functional blocks, including harmonic filters, couplers, baluns, and impedance matching devices, and integrating them into one silicon wafer, thereby, saving chip space and enhancing device performance.

Posted On Dec, 02, 2019

Imagine a couple planning a much-needed holiday in the Caribbean. They select a resort and visit it to check its insides. Appears normal, doesn’t it? However, what’s different is that they do this while one partner is in Canada and the other in Dubai, simultaneously. This is just one of the amazing things that can be achieved through Augmented Reality (AR). 

Posted On Nov, 29, 2019

Ever wondered what made LCD screen colors in laptops, tablets, phones, e-readers, and televisions so vivacious? Would you believe if you were told that these colors were being emitted by tiny dots, called quantum dots? Quantum dots first burst onto the technology scene in 2015, and the appeal, especially in the consumer electronics industry, has only grown since. One of the most common uses of Quantum Dot displays is in television sets, where it is referred to as QLED.

Posted On Nov, 27, 2019

How many times must it have happened that you have run out of cash, standing at the cast counter of some fancy restaurant, and are thinking of how to pay the bill. You reach into your pocket, pull out your cell phone, and tap a few buttons, and that’s it! You have made your payment! Well, that’s a problem solved, but how has it come to be this way? All this has been made possible through the use of mobile wallets.

Posted On Nov, 26, 2019

Ever been constantly irritated by the glare on your lenses, which makes it hard for you to see things clearly? Not only you, it also creates a poor impression on others if you are in the middle of a video conference, as your eyes are covered by the reflection on the screen. Wanting to take a perfect picture of yourself? You can say goodbye to those, as your wonderful eyes will be mostly covered by that icky reflection.

Posted On Nov, 25, 2019

We know that natural gas is one of the most in-demand fuel across the globe, but in the general piped form, it is impossible to carry it with convenience. That is why for a long time, rural areas have been cut off from utilizing it in the most optimum way. Well, we have liquefied petroleum gas that solves this problem. Gone are the days when people toiled over cooking on open fires or burning wood or coal. Nowadays, all one needs is an LPG connection.

Posted On Nov, 22, 2019

Many of us, when asked when we were young about what we wanted to be when we grew up, would have said ‘Pilot’, at one point or another. Even though only a miniscule percentage of that crowd go on to actually work towards that dream. Man has always had a fantasy of soaring through the skies, with his flight in his control. Admittedly, the technology has not become so evolved that man can fly whenever he wants, how he wants and wherever he wants, but a pilot manning a plane is also pretty close, wouldn’t you agree?

Posted On Nov, 14, 2019

We have heard people saying that they want to escape reality. We all have spent nights thinking about various scenarios where we can do what we want - become the hero, so to speak. Who would not want to immerse themselves in a world where they could interact with objects that they can only think of?  Some will say, “Not me!”, but the truth is that this is too enticing an idea to put down.

Posted On Nov, 13, 2019

We all must have experienced, or at least seen commuters using some form of cards, or only their phones, to get access to mass transit vehicles, such as Metros. What exactly is that process, and how did the user avail the transport service without the hassle of buying tickets physically? That, friends, is the work of an Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system. The Automated Fare Collection system consists of automatic ticket vending, ticket checking, & gate machines. It is a smartcard-based contactless back-to-back solution for payments and fare collection.

Posted On Nov, 12, 2019

In today’s day, majority of the households in the developing and developed economies own and understand the workings of a washing machine. Simply put, they make the process of washing clothes much easier. Gone are the days when people would continue scrubbing on a piece of cloth to wash the stains away, a process that consumed both time and energy. Washing machines have provided much relief to the people by doing all the dirty work itself.

Posted On Nov, 11, 2019

In recent years, the world has been facing serious issues such as shortage of energy supply, climate change, and fluctuating energy costs. Energy conservation has become the name of the game, and this fact is not lost on organizations and institutions. It is widely accepted that as the prices of basic raw materials go on increasing, the costs of energy consumption are also going to increase. 

Posted On Nov, 05, 2019

Drugs are the first line therapy for almost every small or major illness. With the concept of drugs comes the term drug delivery systems, which can be said of as a device or a formulation that is be used to introduce a therapeutic substance within the body. The said device or formulation helps in optimizing effectiveness of the drug within the body. A common example can be taken of as nasal spray, which is most commonly used by people suffering from nasal congestion.

Posted On Oct, 31, 2019

Oral diseases affect around 3.9 billion people across the globe, and untreated tooth decay affects around 45% of the world’s population. Rising forms of oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, thrush and cavities are noticeably prevalent among the general public. Gum diseases are painful and hamper overall appearance of any person.

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