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Posted On Aug, 13, 2020

Chopsticks are pairs of equal length sticks used for eating and cooking purposes, across the globe. They are majorly used in the Asian countries and form a significant part of the day-to-day eating routines of Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and other Asians. 

Posted On Aug, 07, 2020

There is no denying that technology has made progress leaps & bounds. Along with it, humans have been able to connect and grow together in a more efficient manner. To keep up with the surging ambitious growth, several advancements in networking capabilities are essential. This is where, Passive Optical Network comes into the picture.

Posted On Aug, 07, 2020

Before we jump onto simplifying one of the types of polymer, let us first dive into simplifying the meaning of a polymer. A polymer is nothing but repeated number of units and sub-units of molecules and macro-molecules, which gives it distinct properties. SMP is one such type of a polymer.

Posted On Aug, 03, 2020

An Arabian Proverb says, “He who has health has hope, He who has hope has everything”. When it comes to prioritizing health with other things, health should inevitably take the topmost priority. A solid reason was highlighted by someone smart and wise generations ago, that states, Health is the real Wealth.

Posted On Jul, 24, 2020

Imagine you have an appointment with your doctor, let’s say, for a routine check-up or follow-up. However, there are certain circumstances which may not allow you to travel on that particular day. The doctor tells you, “Well, Sir, I am sorry but I won’t be available for a month from now on, so your follow up might be too late.” Well, unlucky you that you will miss the appointment. If only there was a way that the doctor could have remotely monitored you….

Posted On Jul, 15, 2020

For those who have played and experienced Outlast, the excellent horror game from Red Barrels Studio, imagine that you are going across a hallway, silently moving along to avoid any attention. Mindful of your surroundings, you see one of the monsters in the game a few steps ahead. You move into a nearby room and hide under a bed, as you see the monster enter the room, look around and leave. 

Posted On Jul, 15, 2020

Home - a place where mind is at peace and soul is at rest. There can be no other place better than home for optimum recovery of health and that too at a quicker pace, given that proper care and help is provided under informed guidance. In these pandemic times, this is what is required to save lives and maintain abundance of resources along with availability of medical help for the needy. There are plenty of ways in ensuring proper care at home, one of the important ones is Home Infusion Therapy.

Posted On Jul, 15, 2020

The Field Programmable Gate Array is an Integrated Circuit (IC) which can be configured to a device by a customer after its manufacturing, hence it is termed as - Field Programmable. Some FPGAs can be reprogrammed infinite times and some limited times. Hardware Descriptive Language (HDL) is used to configure FPGA, in a manner similar to the configuration of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

Posted On Jul, 01, 2020

The respected writer and futurist above, summed up fascinatingly in his words the beauty of advanced technologies and how they can be miraculous for the mankind. 5G services is one of those advanced technologies, which has the capability to boost connectivity not only among humans but also among vehicles, houses and other important devices and infrastructures that form essential part of human life

Posted On Jun, 30, 2020

To save and prolong this precious thing, man has gone over to achieve several feats with the help of science and technology, and has developed healthcare and life saving technology to such a level, that astonishes us to the core. When we talk about heart pacemaker, we talk about the same level of developed healthcare technology, which is proving out to be a lifesaver in literal meaning. 

Posted On Jun, 22, 2020

Automation is quickly replacing labor in intensive sectors that require accuracy. One such automated machine is ‘automated guided vehicle’ (AGV). AGVs are automatic mobile robots used for varied industrial applications.

Posted On Jun, 17, 2020

If someone asks us about the characteristics and usages of polypropylene in daily lives, we would be stumped; and would find ourselves googling the term and usages, later. However, I can bet that what we find on Google will be more shocking to us. It is one of the essential materials which are used for self hygiene and safety by us, but we still know so less about it.

Posted On Jun, 12, 2020

The proliferation of portable smart devices and the increasing social media penetration have significantly resulted in the generation of large chunks of data over the recent past and the trend is expected to continue in the near future. 

Posted On Jun, 11, 2020

Geraldine Ferraro once said, that, “It was not so very long ago that people considered that semi-conductors were part-time orchestra leaders & microchips were very, very small snack foods”. It highlights the ingrained ignorance in the common man towards technology and how much we lose due to it. Surely, we’ve come a long way from that, however, it remains to be seen, how much we can leap forward by leveraging today’s tech-savvy world.

Posted On Jun, 05, 2020

Environment, Health & Safety - individually, these three words drive a large lot of attention without any special mention due to is importance. We can rarely fathom what happens if all the three words come together. When all the three words come together, it forms a mention to a special discipline which points towards the urgent humanitarian needs that are important to be addressed to satisfy the norms for safety at work.

Posted On Jun, 02, 2020

Probiotics ingredients are recommended for individuals with digestive distress, high blood glucose level and various other illnesses. Probiotics ingredients consist of beneficial microorganisms which help in maintaining the balance between good and bad bacteria in human beings and animals.

Posted On Jun, 02, 2020

Diabetic Food is the diet which is recommended for individuals with high blood glucose or diabetes mellitus. It usually consists of edible products which are rich in refined carbohydrates and have low sugar content. Different individuals living with diabetes are recommended different types of diet based on their condition.

Posted On May, 21, 2020

Absorption of moisture in medicines such as tablets, powder, capsules due to moist environment causes decomposition that can generate salicylic acid and acetic acid, and give off stinking odor.

Posted On May, 21, 2020

Thermal paper finds use majorly in POS terminals as they provide excellent high-temperature stability, barcode scan ability, and moisture resistance. The POS terminals use thermal paper for transactions in retail, hospital, and warehouse on account of offering superior property of exhibiting high time span as compared to ordinary conventional printed paper. 

Posted On May, 21, 2020

The global underwater concrete market is expected to be driven by the growing hydropower generation capacity expansions. Hydropower has emerged as one of the fastest growing non-renewable energy sources over the past five years, primarily in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

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