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Posted On Oct, 15, 2019

The complete value chain of the cold-end exhaust systems market is a constricted industry segment-related chain with an interconnection between several players coupled with a flow of value in the form of services and goods. The entire value chain for the exhaust system industry, when classified into industry segments, comprises two major streams, namely the core industry and supporting industry segments.

Posted On Oct, 14, 2019

An ATM, short for Automated Teller Machine, is an electronic telecommunications setup aimed to assist financial institution customers in performing financial transactions such as deposits and withdrawal, account information and transfer of funds, without the physical involvement of bank staff.

Posted On Oct, 11, 2019

Armored vehicles are protected by very strong armor and generally armed with robust weapons which combine defensive, tactical offensive and operation mobility capabilities which can be tracked easily. Some of the most known types of armor vehicles include tanks, flame tank, infantry tank, armored car, aerosani, reconnaissance vehicle, mortar carrier, multiple rocket launcher, improvised fighting vehicle, armored personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, tankette, air defense vehicles, self-propelled artillery, amphibious vehicle, armored engineering vehicle, tank destroyer and armored train.

Posted On Oct, 10, 2019

Cord blood is the blood that is left post-delivery in the placenta and umbilical cord. Cord blood is collected from umbilical cord just after the child is born. It is a rich source of stem cells, which have the ability to differentiate into a range of cell types. Cord blood banking services involve the collection of cord blood and cryogenically freezing the stem cells, as well as other immune system cells, so that they can be preserved for medical uses in future.

Posted On Oct, 09, 2019

Activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is a porous form of carbon which is made by processing with oxygen. It is in a non-graphite carbon form which is produced from any carbonaceous material such as coconut shell, paddy husk, wood, lignite, coir pith, coal, etc.

Posted On Oct, 04, 2019

Natural gas is one of the most rapidly growing forms of energy and has made its presence felt significantly in the global energy market. It has been rapidly catching up with crude oil as a fuel alternative because of its cleaner existence. Natural gas has been able to successfully penetrate the transportation and domestic application markets, thus helping it evolve as the primary global fuel. 

Posted On Oct, 03, 2019

Vanillin is a key aromatic compound extensively used to enhance the aroma and flavor of the various end-use products. It is the principal aroma and flavor compound in vanilla beans. It is also found in ‘Leptotes bicolor’, an orchid species found in Paraguay and Southern Brazil as well as the Southern Chinese red pine. Based on how it is produced, it can be classified into Pure, Natural & Synthetic. Vanillin comes in two forms - liquid and powdered.

Posted On Sep, 24, 2019

Fuel cells are devices which convert the fuel’s chemical energy into electricity via a chemical reaction in the presence of an oxidizing agent. They can be of different types, but they all consist of an anode, cathode, as well as an electrolyte. They use hydrogen or other hydrocarbon fuels which are available in abundance, along with an oxidant (usually oxygen), to carry out an electrochemical reaction. This makes them one of the fastest growing alternate backup power options. 

Posted On Sep, 23, 2019

An ‘Intelligent Transportation System’ improves the performance of a transportation network, enables multimodal transport, optimizes fuel consumption and helps reducing risk of road accidents. It achieves this by integrating the transportation network with ICT (Information and Communications Technology). The system can also be extended for rail, water and air transport and navigation systems. Real-time data is collected through sensors, video surveillance devices, navigation systems and vehicle probes and it is further analyzed and communicated to the user via internet, dynamic sign boards, mobile telephony, etc. 

Posted On Sep, 20, 2019

In-vitro diagnostics is a type of medical test to help detect and diagnose diseases or infections and determine a course of treatment, under a controlled environment such as a laboratory. The tests may be conducted on either urine, blood or a human body tissue. Patients undergoing these tests may either receive or decline further medical care, thus making the reliability of these tests extremely crucial.

Posted On Sep, 20, 2019

Global organic personal care market is expected to witness significant growth over the next seven years. Majority of these products are composed of the plant-derived ingredients such as roots, essential oils, herbs and flowers. Few of them are also composed of the animal-derived ingredients such as minerals and beeswax. Post extraction, they are combined with several naturally occurring carrier agents, preservatives, humectants, emulsifiers and surfactants. 

Posted On Sep, 19, 2019

Air and missile defense radar (AMDR) is expected to be a leading market for implementation of sophisticated and advanced technology. Increased threats in the Middle East, Asia pacific and Europe have resulted in a higher demand of these radars.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Carbon capture & storage (CCS) is the method of capturing CO2 (carbon dioxide) from large point sources; for instance, fossil fuel plants. The captured carbon dioxide is then transferred to a storage space & usually deposited in an underground geological formation, from where it won’t enter the environment. 

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Energy conservation takes the center stage in a globalized world, characterized by dwindling resources and ever-increasing demand for energy. In simple terms, energy management aims at controlling and reducing energy usage. Energy management system (EMS) refers to a framework comprising computer-based tools that are used by electric grid operators.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

LiDAR or LADAR stands for ’Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging’ or ’Light Detection And Ranging’. It is a surveying technique that calculates the distance to targeted objects by illuminating them using laser light. LiDAR is commonly used for making high-resolution maps and has several applications in geomatics, geodesy, archaeology, geology, and geography. 

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Air core drilling is a method wherein hardened steels or blades are used to bore a hole in an unconsolidated formation. Air core drilling can reach a depth of 300 meters which is great for mineral mining. The air core drill bit has three blades which cut the soft rock formations thereby removing the drill cuttings by the help of injecting air into the hole through the annular area between the drill rod and inner tube.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Rising forms of oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, thrush and cavities are noticeably prevalent among the general public. Gum diseases are painful and hamper overall appearance of any person. The increasing awareness on gum diseases and its harmful effects has caused people to take early precautionary measures to maintain their oral health and avoid any future grievances.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Drugs are the first line therapy for almost every small or major illness. We have succeeded in developing different routes of administration in order to get the optimized desired response. The current market for these drug delivery systems has achieved a level of competition where every market player is investing significantly in developing novel drug delivery systems in order to remain competent in the market. Development in drug delivery systems is aimed at factors such as increasing patient convenience and reducing the amount of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) per dose.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Insulating glass is commonly referred as single glazing, double glazing or triple glazed glass. It belongs to the category of value addition products which not only improve the aesthetics but also play a major role in reducing the energy consumption inside the building.


Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

The introduction of smart connected washing machines is attracting consumers and has managed to influence a section of the customer-base to replace their old washing machines with their smart connected counterparts. The increase in the demand for energy-efficient and fully automatic appliances is expected to boost the washing machine industry over the forecast period.

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