Case Studies

This section highlights few of many projects that helped our clients gain insights regarding market dynamics, their product positioning or market entry strategies and also to process the information in a profitable manner.

Innovative medical device manufacturing start-up

Product positioning analysis of a novel multipurpose disposable nasal CPAP and inhalation anesthesia mask (It is a novel product which is designed to enable high-flow continuous oxygenation and uninterrupted ventilation via the nose, while allowing clinicians to simultaneously work within the patient’s mouth and is the first of its type in the...Read More »

Client: An established European Medical Devices Company

Product penetration and price analysis in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. The client was planning for expansion in Middle East countries and was seeking regional level analysis for the...Read More »

Neuronal circuits market forecast and analysis broken by technology

The client asked for specific level 1 segments and a breakdown of the market by technology. The client had a product-wise list of companies they needed to be analyzed GVR response post due diligence. We proposed the client with a standard market research report focusing on the specific segments mentioned. A telephonic discussion was arranged with the client to understand the exact requirement that they had. We responded to the client queries one by one clarifying all the research related information they needed. After conducting a feasibility analysis, we agreed to be able to provide the client with the required companies and regional...Read More »