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Lighting a Path Forward in Energy Independence Day 2024

What Energy Independence Day Means for Industries The World Energy Independence Day is commemorated on July 10th to highlight the significance of energy diversification, renewable energy sources and technological advancements in environmentally friendly solutions. A transition towards the circular economy will provide a pathway for a more resilient energy ecosystem. Besides, there are a few dynamics that have made energy independence second to none for advanced and emerging economies: Energy security Economic stability Technological...Read More »

Key Strategies for Chief Procurement Officers to manage Global Fuel Oil Procurement Volatility

Charting a Course through Geopolitical Storms Global fuel oil procurement is no stranger to volatility. Disruptions, including geopolitical tensions, fluctuating crude oil prices, and evolving environmental regulations, constantly reshape the landscape. According to Pipeline - Procurement Intelligence, recent forecasts show a steady rise in the fuel oil category, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% predicted from 2024 to 2030. This article equips Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and supply chain leaders with the insights needed to navigate these complexities and optimize fuel oil procurement strategies. ...Read More »

Companies Seeking Transparency & Traceability In Supply Chain To Have Visibility of Raw Material’s Origin & Ensure Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Practices

Transparency & Traceability - KPIs to monitor ethical and sustainable sourcing practices “Transparency” refers to the process of disclosing information about the suppliers falling in the entire supply chain of a business enterprise, with its customers and the stakeholders. It enables companies and customers to comprehend the production and distribution processes of goods. This entails being aware of the manufacturing processes and locations, the labor laws that apply, the path taken by products from supplier to customer, and any environmental impact. Transparency fosters a sense of trust among all the stakeholders, such as investors, employees, customers, and communities. Knowing the lifecycle of a product allows consumers to make informed decisions and...Read More »

Impact Of Inflation On Supply Chains And How It Can Reinforce Itself

In a market framework, prices for products and services are constantly changing. Some prices climb, and some decline. Inflation is defined as a general increase in the prices of goods and services, as opposed to any individual objects. The consumer price index (CPI) serves as a key indicator of inflation. It is measured by the pace at which prices vary across the entire U.S. economy for items such as fruits and vegetables, haircuts, and concert tickets. For instance, as per the U.S. BLS December 2023 estimates, the CPI for food, juices, and drinks increased by 18.6%, motor vehicle repairs rose by 12.7%, and hospitals and related services increased by 6.3%. On the other hand, inflation rates fluctuated a lot in the energy sector due to its high volatility. It is estimated that inflation...Read More »

The Impact of Geopolitical Factors and Trade Risks on Global Supply Chain

In 2024, geopolitical risks are expected to significantly impact supply chains across the globe. Various factors, such as political instability, trade disputes, and regional conflicts, will lead to disruptions in the flow of goods and services. This may result in increased costs, longer lead times, and decreased overall efficiency for businesses. Firms operating in the sourcing and procurement sectors especially will be impacted negatively as conflicts further increase supply chain bottlenecks. During military standoffs between nations, the interdependence of supply chain networks is at risk of being compromised. As a result of political uncertainty, procurement strategies can abruptly change, in turn affecting the flow of goods. Geopolitical tensions undermine traditional...Read More »

Environmental impact of global supply chains is leading to its continuous scrutiny, and framing of stringent regulatory provisions

“Environmental Sustainability” involves working to protect the earth’s resources and act in a way that best serves the interests of safeguarding the natural world, enabling the environment to support human life. It is a broad category that covers numerous concerns, such as biodiversity loss, resource depletion, pollution, and climate change. Business enterprises have a big impact on the environment, as they generate waste, emit greenhouse gases, disturb natural habitat, and consume the precious resources of the earth. Therefore, sustainable environment is crucial for all the business enterprises, irrespective of the industry they operate in. It is imperative to protect the resources of the earth from getting depleted by activities such as infrastructure development,...Read More »

Cybersecurity is becoming the new mandate to ensure a safe and secure supply chain

Overview The supply chain sector includes a complex and interconnected network of companies that may be prone to cyber threats. Since these networks are interconnected and interdependent and are used for delivering goods and services to consumers/end users, a cyber-attack can cause a ripple effect across the entire network, finances, and company operations. Risk management leaders and audit executives in 2023 have ranked cybersecurity as the top risk category. The implementation of strong cybersecurity protections has, thus, become a critical step in businesses’ strategies. In 2023, more than 86% of top C-suite leaders have not only prioritized but also made significant cybersecurity initiatives for one key business sector. All these have, in turn, pushed companies to...Read More »

AGVs' Multifaceted Impact on Industries: Revolutionizing Material Movement in Manufacturing and E-commerce

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) systems in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers assist in moving and transporting items without manual intervention or any permanent conveying system. It follows configurable guide routes for picking, optimizing storage, and transport functions in the environment of premium space. AGVs are being actively adopted owing to several advantages, such as reduced product damage, labor costs, and increased productivity. These notable advantages encourage companies to deploy AGVs to boost the efficiency of their operations, driving the growth of the global automated guided vehicle market at 9.7% CAGR...Read More »

The Emergence of Virtual Influencers

The concept of "influencer" has been an integral part of the fashion and retail industry over the last few years, and it has developed alongside the industry’s growing digitalization. Influencers have played a significant role in affecting ongoing trends and customers' purchasing decisions for years by using their status and power of influence. By collaborating with influencers, businesses have a chance to market their products in a way that is not possible through traditional marketing strategies. With the advancements in digital technology, the industry is currently observing the emergence of a new trend: the rise of virtual influencers. Virtual influencers are digital, computer-generated personalities that exist...Read More »

UK Population Health Management Market: Growing Adoption of Healthcare IT Solutions such as Population Health Management (PHM) for Value-based Compensation Expected to Drive the Market Growth

The UK healthcare system is struggling with rising demand for patient-centric care services and funding issues due to longer life expectancy, chronic disorders, unmet health needs, and the availability of novel medicines & therapies. Life expectancy is rising for around 10% of the population but has plateaued or decreased for the poorest 10%. In addition, some National Health Service (NHS) providers are struggling financially, endangering social care. The UK healthcare industry is adopting healthcare IT solutions such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Population Health Management (PHM) for value-based compensation. Healthcare providers can benefit from PHM solutions, resulting in financial savings and improved care models. Numerous small & medium-sized healthcare...Read More »

Electric Two-Wheeler Scooter Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2023 To 2030

Market Overview Globally the electric scooter market has witnessed demand owing to increasing adoption of electric scooter in the emerging economies of the world. Additionally, technological advancement in the electric scooter by the prominent players is further propelling the market growth from past years. Moreover, the government’s emphasis on addressing the green environment issue by increasing penetration of electric two-wheeler scooters over their conventional counterparts is expected to positively impact the market growth. According to GVR, the global scooter market size was valued at USD 33.18 billion in 2022 and is projected to...Read More »

Digital Twin Technology Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2023 To 2030

Market Overview Digital Twin technology is an emerging concept that has become the centre of consideration for the industry in recent years. The ongoing technology revolution is fueling innovation in all industries. The digital twin market summarizes software and service platform that is used to create a virtual interpretation of a component, asset, system, process, or enterprise. The visual depiction of these types of digital twins is supported by various empowering technologies such as Enterprise IoT platforms, asset performance management software, analytics software, or simulation tools created...Read More »

Edge Data Center Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2023 To 2030

Market Overview Today’s digital world runs on the ability to build an exceptional customer experience anytime, anywhere. That means immediate access to information and a fundamental shift in how users think about data centers. Most of the prominent players have moved to public and private clouds, co-location facilities, the edge cloud, and evolving data centers using virtualization and software-defined networks. The reason for the shift toward Edge Data Centers is smart agility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. According to GVR, more than 90 percent of IT organizations believe their environment becomes complex and impenetrable. Recent...Read More »

Location Intelligence Market Trend: GPS Assisted Tracking System To Be Pivotal For Growth In APAC Region

Location intelligence is achieved through visualization and analysis of geospatial data. In recent years, geospatial services have gained extensive demand across several industry verticals, such as government and retail which is supplementing the growth of the regional market. In 2022, the adoption rate of smartphones reached 75% and is expected to rise up to 85% by 2025 in the Asia Pacific region. The boom of smartphones in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region has been impressive and is a huge market for every smartphone company. The extensive use of mobile applications and location-sharing capabilities of smartphones have revolutionized the way services are being delivered to end users. Further, location-based analytics assists in contextualizing...Read More »

Reforming The AI Text Generator Market: An In-Depth Look at ChatGPT's Impact

The rising prominence of Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) technology fosters industry growth AI text generators use deep learning algorithms to generate text based on input data. These algorithms learn structures and patterns in the input data and use those patterns to generate new text resembling the input data. AI text generators can be trained on various data, including books, articles, social media posts, and even chat logs. AI text generators also have the capability to identify trends and patterns based on content previously written by humans and propose novel ideas to generate additional and often better texts. The algorithms accumulate myriad data from prevailing content, including search engines, websites, or videos on the internet. The...Read More »

Fragrance Market: Sustainability, Diversity, Luxury, and Biotechnology Are Shaping The Outlook Of Fragrance Industry

Fragrances are substances with potent chemical constituents with distinctive, enticing smells. Manufacturers use them in many products as perfume. Fragrances are found in the majority of air fresheners, cosmetics, candles, laundry, toiletries, household, and incense products we use frequently. The fragrances are derived from natural and synthetic methods. Physical and biotechnological processes are used to extract natural substances from natural sources, such as plants. Synthetic fragrances are either nature-identical or artificial. Moreover, sustainability has become a critical element across the value chain of the fragrance industry. Ethnically-sourced ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and lesser environmental...Read More »

Obesity Treatment Market – Rising Awareness on Importance of Healthy Diet and Effective Lifestyle Modifications Driving the Industry

Obesity is a major health concern affecting millions of people around the world. It increases the risk of many serious health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. Some of the key steps to spread awareness are, educating people about the serious health risks associated with obesity which will help individuals understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and taking steps to prevent or manage obesity. Obesity is a chronic disorder that requires a comprehensive treatment plan to address both the physical and psychological aspects of the condition. Treatment options for obesity include lifestyle modifications, medications, and in some cases, surgery. Lifestyle modifications are the first line of treatment for obesity which...Read More »

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Market Insights - A Deep Dive Study Of Causes and Future of Treatments

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects about 1% of the world's population. It causes inflammation in the joints and other surrounding tissues in the body. Some of the common symptoms include joint pain, stiffness, swelling, limited range of motion, fatigue, fever, and loss of appetite. The exact cause of RA is unknown, but it is thought to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. There is no cure for RA, but treatment options include medication, physical therapy, and surgery. RA is more common in women than in men, and the risk increases with age. The prevalence of RA varies between different regions and populations. The prevalence of RA is estimated to be increasing...Read More »

Electric Excavator Powering The Construction Industry

Market Overview The electric excavator sales witnessed strong demand in 2021, owing to increased demand for midi and mini excavators across Europe and China. Additionally, economies worldwide are taking necessary initiatives to attain net-zero emissions resulting in increasing demand for electric vehicles from the construction sector.  Similarly, rental companies recognized that powertrain electrification is a key technology to lower the emission from construction machines which further favors the market growth. Despite COVID interruptions, manufacturers are shifting their focus to electric equipment. This shift is trending, increasing emissions standards is a prime thought interest in battery-powered equipment has increased. Electric machines also offer some frantically...Read More »

Healthcare Analytics - Enabling Healthcare Providers To Identify Early Indicators Of Acute Or Chronic Ailments And Pursue A More Preventive Care Approach

Healthcare analytics is witnessing exponential growth due to the high adoption of digitization in healthcare, increased healthcare IT expenditure & infrastructure, and the emergence of entrepreneurial ventures addressing several different niches of healthcare IT. Advancements in healthcare analytics such as the development of descriptive and predictive analytics used in managing clinical trials, regulatory compliance, organizing supply & demand chains, and pharmacovigilance. Implementation of advanced analytical solutions enables the healthcare fraternity to predict high-risk populations and strategize action plans accordingly. According to a study by JAMA Network in the U.S. on COVID-19 patients admitted to hospitals, data points on admission were collected, collated, and...Read More »

The Exoskeleton Market Is Witnessing Increasing Investments Post-COVID-19

Exoskeletons find their application in healthcare, military, and industrial applications. The increasing geriatric population, rising prevalence of stroke and spinal cord injuries, and increasing adoption of the exoskeleton systems for reducing accidents in the workforce across different industries are some of the major factors supporting the growth. According to the 2020 statistics by NSCISC (National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center), every year, around 17,810 new spinal cord injuries occur in the U.S. These systems are beneficial in providing rehabilitation to patients suffering from spinal cord injuries and positive inferences...Read More »

Florida Assisted Living Facility Market: Higher concentration of retirees in Florida owing to no tax on retirement income is expected to drive the market growth

Rising geriatric population due to the increasing life expectancy in the region is expected to drive the growth of the market. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2020, the population aged 65 years and above was around 4.6 million which accounted for 21.3% of the total population in Florida. Florida ranks 2nd after Maine for the percent of the population aged 65 years and above. The average life expectancy in Florida is 80.2 years which is higher than the national average and ranks 10th among other states. Moreover, the rising demand for the assisted living in the Florida from retirees is expected to propel the growth of the market in the region. Florida has no state income tax, and it also does not tax Social Security...Read More »

Metaverse Market Snapshot

Market Overview The metaverse is a digital environment that combines cryptocurrency, online gaming, social media, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to allow people to connect virtually. It is a digital environment that combines cryptocurrency, online gaming, social media, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to allow people to connect virtually. The metaverse will build digital places that allow multi-dimensional user interactions as it further develops. The metaverse allows the trading of NFTs (documents of ownership) and virtual land with the help of cryptocurrencies. All the transactions are recorded in a decentralized blockchain, which avoids the probability of data alteration and fraud and makes the trading more secure....Read More »

Autonomous Professional Cleaning Robot Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report, Competitive Strategies, 2020

Published Date: June, 2020 The global autonomous professional cleaning robot market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. The growth can be attributed to the increasing adoption of vacuum cleaners in industrial and commercial applications. The growth can also be attributed to the growing concerns toward maintaining proper hygiene in the wake of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is driving the adoption of autonomous professional cleaning robots, particularly in commercial spaces, such as retail stores, hypermarkets, hospitals, and corporate offices, among...Read More »

Medical Oxygen Concentrators Market Is Directly Impacted By COVID-19 Outbreak, Which Is A Resultant Of A Significant Shortage Of Ventilators Globally

The global medical oxygen concentrators & oxygen cylinders market is projected to witness lucrative market growth over the forecast period. The increasing incidence of respiratory diseases requiring continuous oxygen supply coupled with technological improvements in medical oxygen concentrators is the major factors anticipated to drive the market growth of medical oxygen concentrators & oxygen cylinders. In addition, the rising initiatives undertaken by government and non-government bodies to increasing awareness regarding lung disorders and ways to manage them by using oxygen therapy devices will fuel the...Read More »

Medical Oxygen Concentrators Market Is Directly Impacted By COVID-19 Outbreak, Which Is A Resultant Of A Significant Shortage Of Ventilators Globally

The global medical oxygen concentrators & oxygen cylinders market is projected to witness lucrative market growth over the forecast period. The increasing incidence of respiratory diseases requiring continuous oxygen supply coupled with technological improvements in medical oxygen concentrators is the major factors anticipated to drive the market growth of medical oxygen concentrators & oxygen cylinders. In addition, the rising initiatives undertaken by government and non-government bodies to increasing awareness regarding lung disorders and ways to manage them by using oxygen therapy devices...Read More »

Protein Hydrolysates Market: Rising Usage In Infant Formula & Sports Nutrition Products

Global protein hydrolysates market is anticipated to grow significantly during the forecast period on account of the health benefits these products offer and growing advancements in protein ingredient industry. Moreover, presence of favorable government regulations in various...Read More »

Point Of Purchase Packaging Market: Growing Need To Sustain Offline Sales & Create Impulse Sale Opportunities

The global point of purchase packaging market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period on account of the growing organized retail market in emerging economies. Growing adoption of point of purchase (POP) packaging in organized retail stores including Walmart, D-mart, and Tesco is observed owing to the implementation of structured marketing strategies at these stores. The presence of multiple marketing channels such as television, digital, & newspaper advertisement as well as...Read More »

Infant Formula Ingredients Market: Growing Population Of Working Women Driving The Need For Advanced Infant Formula & Food Products

The global infant formula ingredients market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period. Major factors including a growing number of middle-class families, resulting from economic and population growth that can afford infant milk formula ingredients, the inability of mothers to lactate owing to the increase in the number of females joining workforce post giving birth, and mothers looking for nutrition for their babies. Infant formulations are formulated to contain protein, carbohydrates,...Read More »

Air Cushion Packaging Market: Rising E-commerce Sales Of Consumer Electronics & Personal Care Products

The global air cushion packaging market is expected to witness strong growth during the forecast period. This growth can be attributed to the rising prevalence of e-commerce and protective packaging of products. Traditionally used bubble wrap packaging consumes more space and goods are highly likely to be damaged due to low cushioning factor. This led...Read More »

Paper Market: Growing Use In Packaging Expected To Drive The Demand

Rising product demand for packaging across the globe from industries such as food & beverage, retail, construction, electrical & electronics, and manufacturing is anticipated to propel the paper market growth. E-commerce industry is projected to be the largest consumer of the paper market. The availability of a wide range of goods online and superior shopping experience are major factors resulting in growing preference for online shopping. Huge consumption of paper packaging materials...Read More »

Dental Bone Grafts Substitutes Market: Rise In Dental Implant Surgical Procedures, And Technological Advancement In Synthetic Bone Grafts

The global dental bone grafts and substitutes market is poised to register significant growth over the forecast period. Increasing use of bone grafts in dentistry, clubbed with number of dental implant surgeries are key growth drivers to this market. Furthermore, rising usage of biocompatible and synthetic dental grafts is another growth propelling factor for the market. TCp is mostly used as a synthetic scaffold in dentistry. It provides higher osteoconductivity as compared to allografts. Based on product the dental bone...Read More »

Clinical Workflow Solutions Market: Rise In Prevalence Of Chronic Conditions And Demand For Better Patient Quality Care

The global clinical workflow solutions market is poised to register significant growth over the forecast period. Aging populations, diminishing resources, budget restraint, and lack of standard devised clinical SOPs & treatment regimens are some of the key factors that have fueled demand for quality care. In order to fulfill this, hospitals are more openly migrating to technology-driven frameworks. Based on application the clinical workflow solutions market is segmented into real time communication solutions, care collaboration solutions, data integration...Read More »

Blood Clot Retrieval Device Market: Rise In Incidence Of Strokes (Ischemic & Hemorrhagic) And Technological Advancements To Drive The Growth In Near Future

The blood clot retrieval devices market is expected to grow over the forecast period. The sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle is the leading reason for the rise of non-communicable disease clubbed with increase in the frequency of strokes within the population are the major contributors to the growth of the market. Furthermore, rising adoption of minimally invasive surgeries due to less recovery post-surgery, is anticipated to provide growth platform to this market in near future. According to the American Heart Association...Read More »

Point-Of-Care Diagnostics Market: Rise In Chronic Diseases And Government Initiatives To Drive The Growth

The global point-of-care (POC) diagnostics market is anticipated to witness rapid growth in the coming years. Rising occurrence of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and infectious diseases can drive the market in the coming years. In addition, rising healthcare expenditure is anticipated to support market growth. Ability of these tests to render faster results is expected to provide improved patient care. For instance, Abbott launched a...Read More »

Heat Pump Market: Increasing Government Regulations For New Buildings Coupled With Technological Advancement Is Driving The Market

The global heat pump market is expected to grow significantly over the foreseeable future. Availability of effective and affordable products is predicted to augment the market growth. Increasing government regulations for new buildings coupled with technological advancements are important factors fueling the demand. Numerous government initiatives to control carbon footprint are expected to further drive the growth. A heat pump is a temperature control system, usually installed in moderate climatic...Read More »

Keyless Vehicle Access Control System Market: Increasing Luxury Vehicles Sales In Emerging Economies Is Driving The Market

The increasing vehicle sales and growing demand for convenience features, especially in the emerging economies are the key factors responsible for driving the growth of the keyless vehicle access control system market. Keyless vehicle access control system is a fully automated system which consists of an electronically operated locking feature for securing the access to a vehicle. The system potentially replaces the need for a conventional mechanical key - the system work on many low-frequency transmitting...Read More »

Angiography Device Market: Increasing Prevalence Of Cardiovascular Diseases Is Driving The Market

In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 17.9 million deaths from cardiovascular diseases. The unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, increasing cases of blockage of vessels and increasing incidences of diabetes are fueling the pervasiveness of cardiovascular diseases. The underlying causes of CVDs can be accounted to globalization, urbanization and population aging. The propelling market is driven with increasing geriatric population, increasing awareness of early detection, growing demand for interventional angiography systems in invasive surgeries, continuous advancement of the technology involved, collaborations and investments. The vendors of angiography systems...Read More »

Long-Acting Injectables (LAIs): Market Growth Driven By Increased Use In Schizophrenia

Long-acting injectable (LAIs) antipsychotics are an important alternative to oral medications, particularly advantageous in the context of compliance management. Despite the availability of oral atypical antipsychotics, Long-Acting Injectables (LAIs) offer significant clinical advantages such as effective long-term relapse prevention, increased patient compliance, ease of administration, reduced hospitalization rates, low risk of overdose, better correlation between dose and plasma concentrations, and overall lower cost of care Currently available LAIs include Risperdal Consta, Invega Sustenna, and Invega Trinza from Johnson & Johnson, Abilify Maintena from Otsuka/Lundbeck, and...Read More »

Thalassemia Market: Increasing Demand For Promising Gene Therapies Expected To Boost Market Growth

Gene therapy offers potential to alter thalassemia treatment landscape amid significant clinical development challenges and regulatory uncertainties. Gene therapy is at forefront of emerging curative therapies for thalassemia, with several pipeline products in late-stage trials. ...Read More »

The Commercial Impact Of The Ongoing Head-To-Head Trials On The Psoriasis Sector

PASI, Psoriasis Area & Severity Index, is a measure of overall psoriasis severity and coverage of body surface area and erythema, sclerosis, and scaling. Although used rarely in clinical practice, PASI is a key metric used in clinical trials for psoriasis drugs. Companies typically show the proportion of patients reaching a pre-specified PASI reduction score in clinical trials, which is typically PASI75. IL-17 and IL 23s are demonstrating the highest PASIs with almost 100% skin...Read More »

Telemedicine: The Ultimate Solution For Quality Care

Telemedicine/Virtual Medicine is defined as the use of medical data switched from one source to other via electronic communication means in order to improve clinical health position. Telemedicine comprises a budding variety of application and services by means of two- way video, e-mail, smart phone’s usage, other wireless tools and various forms of telecommunication technology. More than 50.0% of the hospitals based in the U.S. use telemedicine services. Virtual medicine aids in addressing issues such as readmissions, cost efficiency, patient outcomes, and emergency situations. The global ...Read More »

EDC Systems Market: Increasing Demand For Cost-Effective eClinical Solutions

Electronic data capture (EDC) systems market is predicted to witness lucrative growth in coming years owing to the rising demand for computer-aided software solutions. The attached benefits with its use are the key contributing factors for the increasing demand for EDC systems. These systems improve the information management and analysis, accelerate the timeline for clinical trial approval, and make faster decisions pertaining to product approval...Read More »

Automotive Stainless Steel Tubes Market: Providing Strength To Automobiles

Stainless steel is preferred in the automotive industry due to its favorable properties such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and ability to perform under extreme temperatures and pressures. Iron ore, nickel, chromium, silicon, scrap iron, zinc, and coking coal are the major raw materials used in the manufacturing of automotive stainless steel tubes. The ...Read More »

Protein Ingredients Market: Increasing Demand For Functional Foods Expected To Boost Market Growth

Protein ingredients are vital constituent of the cells in the human body that help in repairing and healing the human body. Animal proteins are usually derived from fish, milk, meat, egg and gelatin. On the other hand, plant protein is obtained from rice, pea, soy, canola and wheat....Read More »

Increasing Number Of Surgical Procedures Is Driving The Surgical Instruments Market

Rising prevalence of chronic diseases such as neurological, cardiovascular, urological, and other disorders is creating immense burden on the global health of the society. Such increasing burden has led to the development of therapies and treatments, thereby leading to rising demand for surgical instruments. These chronic diseases are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Hence, there is increasing number of surgical procedures performed throughout the world. According to data provided by OMICS International...Read More »

Immunomodulators: A Targeted Treatment Alternative For Chronic Diseases

Growing awareness levels amongst patients and physicians pertaining to the applications of monoclonal therapy in immunomodulation is presumed to be contributing toward market growth. The aforementioned factor is believed to boost the adoption of monoclonal antibodies for a wide range of indications, such as, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is expected to boost immunomodulators market over the forecast period. In addition, consistent product approvals of highly...Read More »

Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market Demand Will Grow Owing To Its Significant Usage In Industrial Applications

Robust utilization of water for both municipal and industrial applications since the past few years, has led to depletion of natural water resources and increase in water scarcity issues. Additionally, exponential growth of the global populace and rapid urbanization & industrialization in developing countries has propelled the exploit of water resources. Decline in the water quality as a result of insufficient treatment methods and industrial effluent disposal are other significantly growing environmental concerns. To curtail these growing issues, there exists a necessity of performance effective, environmentally and economically sustainable, and technologically advanced ...Read More »

Increasing Popularity Of Convenience Products In Emerging Economies Including China, India, And Mexico Is Expected To Drive The Food Container Market

New product launches including frozen bread and soup noodles by the food & beverage industry participants on a global level are expected to increase the importance of packaging activity. Furthermore, regulatory support aimed at promoting investments in the nutrition industry of China and India is projected to have a positive impact on the food container market over the next nine years. The increasing importance of ...Read More »

Galacto-Oligosaccharide (GOS) Market Insights: Growing Opportunities In Infant Formulation

Galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) market is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period on account of increasing attention towards quality of food and beverages. It is a colorless and water soluble substance which increases the shelf life by reduction of microbial contamination. GOS is highly stable in various temperature ranges, thereby facilitating utilization in numerous applications. Moreover, the low calorific value of the...Read More »

Automotive Glass Market: Technological Advancements To Create New Opportunities

Automotive glass market is expected to witness substantial growth over the coming years on account of increasing income levels of the consumers and fast recovery from recession in numerous economies. The product basically includes windshield, sidelite (side windows), and backlite (rear window). These are generally sold to automotive repair companies or directly to the vehicle manufacturers. The market is highly dependent on the demand for automobiles worldwide....Read More »

Precision Engineered Components Through Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding market is witnessing tremendous growth across the globe owing to its ability to produce complex large-volume components in a short amount of time, lending an economic advantage over other manufacturing processes. MIM is a process of producing precision metal parts by utilizing injection molding technology. The ultra-fine metal powder is combined with a binder material to form a feedstock which is fed into the injection molding equipment. The molded...Read More »

North America Building Thermal Insulation Market: Influenced By Strong Energy Codes

The demand for energy is on a rise in the developed as well as developing countries and so is the price of energy. Insulating homes help in curbing up to 20% of the regular energy costs as it considerably reduces the cooling and warming prices during summers and winters, respectively. Although the growth in the housing sector has slowed down in the U.S., the re-insulation market is acting as one of the growth drivers for this industry.  A study by the U.S. EPA estimated that proper insulation in a building could save up to 20% of heating and cooling costs. Rigid PU foams and spray PU foams are widely used as insulation materials in buildings to prevent heating and cooling losses, thus improving overall energy...Read More »

Rigid Packaging Market: Promoting Sustainability

Rigid packaging is characterized by a finite shape and inflexibility of materials. Cartons, bottles, and containers are some of the common rigid packaging products. In order to make them attractive, pigments and colors are added to these products. Rigid packaging can be a basis for primary, secondary or tertiary packaging. Metals such as aluminum and steel, plastic grades such as ...Read More »

The Growing Medical Device Market Along With The Rising Demand For Hydrophilic Coatings Is Expected To Fuel Demand Over The Next Nine Years

The worldwide medical device coatings market will witness growth owing to rising usage in various sectors including cardiovascular, general surgery, neurology, dentistry and gynecology owing to its biocompatibility, excellent lubricity, and low friction. Medical device coatings are commercially available in different product types that include hydrophilic, antimicrobial, drug-eluting, and anti-thrombogenic. ...Read More »

Isosorbide Market: Significant Untapped Potential In Bio-Based Polymer Applications

Isosorbide is diol derived from the bio-based feedstock, and it has immense potential to replace various synthetic polymers. The quest to replace synthetic plastics with bio-based plastics has been prompting capacity additions. This trend has gained significance over the past few years with rising environment concerns regarding toxicity of synthetic polymers and shifting consumer preference towards green alternatives. A major consequence of the isosorbide market is witnessed in the steady...Read More »

Microspheres Market Future Outlook: Research Insights

Microspheres are free flowing powders which consist of synthetic polymers or proteins which have a particle size from the range of 1-1000 μm. They can be manufactured from various synthetic and natural materials. Hollow and solid microspheres vary widely in their density and are used in different applications. some of the commercially available microspheres include glass, ceramic, and polymer. Microspheres have a wide range applications including construction...Read More »

Bentonite Market Insights: Useful And Natural Tool In The Petrochemicals Industry

Increasing oil & gas drilling activities coupled with growing application scope in geosynthetic clay liners and medical industry is expected to drive global bentonite market over the next eight years. Increasing production capacities along with ever expanding bentonite demand from oil & gas industry...Read More »

Telemedicine Market Insights: The Ultimate Solution For Quality Care

Telemedicine is defined as the use of medical data switched from one source to other via electronic communication means in order to improve clinical health position. Telemedicine comprises a budding variety of application and services by means of two- way video, e-mail, smart phone’s usage, other wireless tools and various forms of telecommunication technology. More than 50.0% of the hospitals based in the U.S. use telemedicine services. These services help in addressing issues such as readmissions, cost efficiency, patient outcomes, and emergency...Read More »

Track And Trace Solutions Market: Evolving Healthcare Supply Chain

The healthcare industry is making a huge effort to ensure the integrity of their products. The healthcare products, like pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices, are transported through various distribution channels and then finally reach patients. The major problem encountered by healthcare industry is product counterfeiting and theft. The product theft and counterfeiting is on the rise globally, primarily in developing and underdeveloped countries. Thus, preventing counterfeiting and stealing of products has become a major industry focus. The companies are adopting various technologies such as 3D holograms, tamper-proof packaging, linear barcodes, 2D barcodes, and RFID for security of their products. Track and...Read More »

Enhanced Oil Recovery Market Insights: The Technique To Enhance More Production

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) refers to the technique which increases the production of oil from mature and aged wells. Using EOR techniques the production can be increased by almost 10 to 20 percent than using old conventional extraction methods. Technically, EOR increases the permeability of the reservoir so that hydrocarbons can flow through the pathways easily and into the targeting producing well. In the EOR process, chemicals, gas or fluids is injected through the injection wells which uses pressure to drive hydrocarbons to designated wells...Read More »

Microbiome Therapeutics Market: Commercialization Of Strong Pipeline Will Accentuate Growth

"Dysbiosis, one problem leading to many" Microbiota is set of symbiotic, commensal, pathogenic organisms living in an ecosystem. Microbiome is a collective genome of such microbiota. The human body consists of microbiota in areas such as gut, skin, vagina, and scalp. The microbes generally do not cause problem or disease until they outgrow the nonpathogenic useful microorganisms. Such type of microbial imbalance or alteration is known as dysbiosis. The health of digestive tract depends on the symbiotic behavior of these microbes. With bacteria weighing more than 4lbs, gastrointestinal tract is known to have more microbes than other cells in a human body....Read More »

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Market: Penetration In Prenatal Testing Is Driven By Its Rising Adoption In Average Risk Women

Accelerated growth of the Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) market is expected to affect the NIPT market, as NGS market serves as the technology used in noninvasive prenatal screening, while the screening procedure serves...Read More »

Butane Market Insights: Growth Driven By Gasoline And Petrochemical Applications

Butane is bulk commodity, colorless, odorless, and shapeless gaseous hydrocarbon, which is extracted from gas processing plants as a byproduct of crude oil production and refining. The carbon compounds linked in straight line is normal butane, and those linked in branched-chain form is iso-butane. n-butane is added to gasoline to increase its volatility. These compounds occur in natural gas and crude oil forming large quantities in the refining of petroleum to produce gasoline. The butanes in natural gas...Read More »

The Growing Population And Increasing Occurrence Of Communicable Diseases Are Expected To Fuel Antimicrobial Additives Market Growth Over The Forecast Period

Antimicrobial additives are chemical ingredients that prevent algal, bacterial, and fungal growth in materials exposed to high levels of unsanitary conditions, ultraviolet radiations, and moisture. These additives are primarily used in products such as plastics, papers, ...Read More »

Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) Market: Introduction Of Advanced Materials

Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are naturally occurring proteins of tumor growth factor family and are found in the human body in pico amounts. BMPs were first identified in 1965. More than 20 types of BMPs have been discovered till date. They are known since discovery for their osteoinductive property to induce bone and cartilage formation in injured areas. Many type of these proteins have been reviewed in clinical and research institutes around the globe for their potential...Read More »

Prefilled Syringes Market: Evolving With Biotechnology

Commercial use of the prefilled syringes dates back to early 80s and started gaining focus of pharmaceutical companies after Sanofi and Rhône Poulenc-Rorer introduced them for their drug heparin. With growing popularity of these syringes among healthcare professionals, prefilled injecting devices are being used in various settings including emergency rooms and operation theaters of hospitals. Such devices are also used as self-injecting devices for patients suffering from chronic diseases requiring...Read More »

Gas Turbine Market Future Outlook: Panacea To Tackle Climate Change

The demand for gas turbines is likely to be attributed growth in heavy equipment industry and increasing energy demand in the emerging markets. Dramatic shift in lifestyles and population growth owing to rapid economic development are likely to propel the demand for gas turbines. Gas turbines play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. With evolving environmental regulations coupled with climate change regulation, the potential for gas turbines in various applications is slated to...Read More »

Hydrogen Storage: The Alternative Energy Source

Hydrogen is not an energy source but is a carrier of energy. Hydrogen can retain and deliver consumable energy. It does not exist by itself, but is extracted from compounds that contains hydrogen. It is used in fuel cells to generate power through chemical reaction. Hydrogen...Read More »

Legal Process Outsourcing Market: Outsourcing To Offshore Locations To Derive Maximum Cost Benefits

Legal process outsourcing is foreseen as a lucrative solution as organizations are struggling with the increasing legal costs, which has led to a growing emphasis on exploring legal outsourcing services as a possible option. For instance, companies are identifying LPO providers for performing their legal transactions so that in-house legal departments can focus on core business processes. Over the years, the industry has made its strong presence felt by addressing issues, such as client-counsel relationship, ethical...Read More »

Reclaim Rubber Market: Providing A New Life To End-Of-Life Tires

Waste tires are often found morosely disposed of in vast landfills, not only eating up fertile, cultivable land space, but also ruining serene landscapes. These tires are now being put to good use by recyclers who have found the ultimate salvation for such products, using the innovative reclamation process. Although reclamation has been around for decades, the technology has only recently come to light after developments have contributed to better product characteristics and lower processing costs as compared to natural or synthetic rubber. Furthermore, rising costs of these rubbers has also driven manufacturers to seek alternative sources of rubber in an increasingly competitive world. ...Read More »

Osteosynthesis Devices Market - To Be Driven By The Rising Geriatric Population Worldwide

The term "osteosynthesis" was used by the Belgian surgeon Robert Danis. According to him, internal fixation must enable immediate active movement of muscles in the affected region and the adjacent joints and enable complete restoration of the original shape of bone. Osteosynthesis is based on two methods: internal and external fixation. Metal plates for internal fixation of fractures are the most common method and are being used in medicine since a century....Read More »

Increasing Importance Of Sports Nutrition Is Expected To Promote The Growth Of Dairy Ingredients Market

Rising demand for protein and energy bars, energy drinks, dietary supplements, and multivitamin & bodybuilding supplements is likely to drive the growth of the dairy ingredients market over the forecast period. Mounting health diseases as a result of hectic schedules is expected to drive consumers towards the usage of sports nutrition goods and thus likely to fuel the demand for milk powder and whey ingredients over the forecast period. Whey ingredients are considered as a protein package which...Read More »

Rising Demand For Actuators Is Expected To Drive The Piezoelectric Materials Market

Technological innovation regarding the development of ultrasonic transducers for the detection of gas bubbles for food & beverage and healthcare applications is projected to fuel the piezoelectric materials market growth. Furthermore, rising regulatory spending in the U.S. and Israel towards energy harvesting in light of increasing awareness towards ...Read More »

U.S. Liquid Sodium Silicate Market Is Expected To Grow At A Moderate Rate Owing To High Demand For End-Use Industries

The liquid sodium silicate market in the U.S. is expected to grow at a moderate rate owing to increasing demand for the product in detergents, elastomers and ...Read More »

Gardening Equipment Market: Increasing Demand In The Residential Sector To Drive Growth

Surging demand for the landscaping services in the U.S., is a major factor instigating global gardening equipment market demand. A noticeable shift to wards technically advanced robotic lawnmowers is further expected to fuel garden tools demand in the near future. Upsurge in demand for hand tools across residential sector owing to the adoption of gardening as a hobby in Asia Pacific and other developing regions will significantly spur the market demand.        ...Read More »

Facades Market - Six Key Trends Governing The Industry

The facades market is anticipated to grow swiftly over the forecast period owing to the development of advanced materials with capabilities that offer safety as well as a visually appealing texture. The product is slowly penetrating the U.S., UK, German, Japanese, and Chinese markets and is expected to witness a modest growth over the forecast period. The industry is governed by the following six key trends:      ...Read More »

Isoflavones Market Future Outlook - Analyst view

Isoflavones compounds & extracts were initially discovered owing to their ability to disrupt the function of estrogen in animals. They belong to the class of organic compounds & biomolecules, and are classified as the members of flavonoid family. Flavonoid is a member of plant constituents known as polyphenols. These phytoestrogens are naturally occurring plants chemicals with estrogen-like properties. Major sources for obtaining ...Read More »

Dental Practice Management Software Market: Market Players Are Investing In Expanding Geographical Reach And Development Of New Software To Commercialize The Untapped Potential Market

Rising geriatric population coupled with the increasing oral healthcare expenditure are anticipated to boost the industry growth over the forecast period from 2016 to 2024. According to the WHO, caries is still a huge problem among the 60% to 90% of school children and majority of adults in industrialized countries. World Population Aged 65 and Over, 2015-2030 (Million)              Design and...Read More »

Immunohematology Market: Sector Players Investing In Expanding Geographical Reach To Commercialize Untapped Potential By 2024

Rising prevalence of target diseases, such as bleeding disorders, sickle cell anemia, and cancer is contributing to the market growth. These patients require regular and recurrent blood transfusions, thus making a definitive market for immunohematology. The daily requirement of the same in the U.S. is 36,000 units;7,000 platelet units; and 10,000 units of plasma. Approximately 21 million components are transfused per year in the U.S. This opportunity can be commercialized by industry players. Rising awareness about...Read More »

Disposable Syringes Market: Increase In Blood Donation Volumes Calls For High Demand Of Disposable Syringes

Use of sterilizable syringes and needles in undeveloped countries is one of the key causes for transmission of HIV and Hepatitis B. It also requires additional costs for maintenance, which adds to the government’s expenditure amidst scarce resources. As a result, governments of different countries are shifting to non-sterilizable ones, thus boosting the demand for the same. Disposable syringe market players recognize Africa as an attractive market as it has high prevalence of infectious diseases and does not...Read More »

Automotive LiDAR Market Future Outlook: Analyst View

The global automotive LiDAR market size is estimated to reach USD 223.2 million by 2024.The automotive LiDAR market is driven by advancements in technology and increasing R&D spending. Stringent global regulatory scenario associated to automotive safety is also expected to fuel the market growth. Automotive manufacturers have been focusing on passenger safety by adopting high-volume mainstream implementations. This has led to modifications in the legal framework in order to regulate a balance...Read More »

BIPV And BIOPV Market: Increasing Adoption Of Aesthetic Solar Energy Harnessing Systems Is Expected To Drive Demand

Building integrated photovoltaics typically comprise a stacked solar panel that is amalgamated onto the surface of a building. The solar panels can be installed on roofs, facades, walls, and glass windows. The demand for building integrated networks has witnessed a significant growth over...Read More »

Power Over Ethernet Market Future Outlook - Analyst View

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is gaining the attention within the market owing to the ability of combining the networking and electrical power into one cable. The cable provides both the data connection and electrical power to the powered devices in a single data cable, CAT6, CAT6A or CAT5e. The increasing demand for cost-effective and fast communication owing to growing number of internet users is expected to drive the market growth. The technology implementation helps in transferring of data signals which further saves the costs of installing different network of cables. The increasing adoption and implementation of optical fiber cable for communication is expected to contribute to the market growth over the...Read More »

Logistics Insurance Market Future Outlook: Analyst View

Insurance is the data driven industry comprises of structured and unstructured data. The company achieves cost savings and significant ROI using big data analytics. The market is majorly driven by the digitalization of the customer relationship management. The market players are achieving additional premiums, better risk selection, increasing governance and improved customer experience by adopting cloud and mobile based technologies. The legacy applications are modernized through various distribution channels Underwriting is a process that the insurance company adopts to assess the eligibility of the clients for the coverage. In this process, the insurers evaluate the risk and...Read More »

Level Sensors Market Outlook And Trends: Analyst View

The level of liquid and fluidized solids such as powders, granular materials, and slurries are measured by the sensing technologies. The different environments vary from vacuum to high pressure and from high temperature to below zero degrees Celsius. The measurement level can be of continuous or point values whereas the substances to be measured stays in natural form or inside a container. The growth of the industry is supposed to be stimulated due to the favorable regulations of the industries such as International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) directives in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, the regulations laid by the environmental protection agencies for power plants have resulted in the increase in industry demand for monitoring gas...Read More »

Carbon Capture & Storage: Technology For Maintaining A Clean And Healthy Atmosphere

Carbon capture and storage is an imperative resolution in the contest against the global changes in the climatic conditions. The technology’s significant request to the capture and storage of carbon emissions from various industries mainly from the power stations, the CCS plays an essential part in controlling greenhouse gas emissions along with maintaining the supply security. Recent estimates from the International Energy Agency (IEA)revels that the CCS is expected to contribute to one-fifth of the...Read More »

Blood Screening Market: Development and Commercialization of Blood Screening Methods is Expected to Propel the Market by 2024

Rising incidence rate of infectious diseases along with the increasing awareness about blood donation and safety of donated blood is likely to boost the industry growth over the forecast period from 2016 to 2024. For instance, according to the WHO, an increase of about 10.7 million voluntary donations from 2008 to 2013 has been registered in 159 countries. Development and commercialization of newer tests that are more sensitive, specific, and have a lower window period are facilitating the market growth and could help increase the market share during the forecast period. For instance, in March 2015 Roche launched next-generation assay to detect hepatitis B virus (HBV) load. COBAS HBV assay is highly robust, sensitive,...Read More »

General Surgery Devices Market: Rising Surgical Procedures To Propel The Market By 2024

Globally, increasing number of surgical procedures is likely to boost the general surgery devices market during the forecast period. Developments in the field of surgery such as the introduction of minimally invasive procedures and robotic and computer-assisted surgeries, increasing patient affordability, supportive government initiatives, and sufficient reimbursement available in developed countries are the key factors to propel the number of general surgeries. By product, robotic and...Read More »

Petrochemicals Market: Rapidly Evolving Industry

Petrochemicals products are derived from petroleum distillates. They are segmented into two classes such as olefins (ethylene, propylene, and butadiene) and aromatics (benzene, toluene, and xylene) Primary raw material used for production of petrochemical products are natural gas and oils. Technology deployed for the production of petroleum derivatives are steam cracking, ...Read More »

High Prevalence Is Expected To Drive The Demand For Cancer Diagnostics

Cancer-related deaths are majorly associated with risk factors including excessive smoking, intake of tobacco, and exposure to environmental pollution and predispositions such as genetic mutations. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016, the number of commonly occurring new cases is on a significant rise. This is anticipated to further raise the high global prevalence level of oncology. Hence, its early diagnosis and prevention are of paramount importance. The following chart depicts estimated cases of most common cancer types in 2016:  ...Read More »

Antimicrobial Coatings Market: Technological Breakthrough For Household & Industrial Cleaning Products

"Antimicrobial Coatings Market: Analyst Perspective" Antimicrobial germ resistant coatings are an important technological breakthrough for household products. Homemakers are looking for cleansers that help in providing long lasting protection against germs, especially on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Rising population and growing health awareness would also insist on healthy and safe products and be prepared to pay for products & services that offer considerable health benefits. These factors are expected to drive ...Read More »

Smart Polymers Market: Rise In Research & Development Of Stimuli-Responsive Polymers To Open New Avenues For Their Utilization In The Fields Of Textile And Automotive Sectors

Stimuli-responsive polymers also known as smart polymers are considered as a family of efficient performance materials which are capable of altering its original physic-chemical properties by application of any form of external stimuli, such as temperature, moisture, pH, electric and magnetic fields are referred to as smart materials. Poly-N Isopropylacrylamide (PNIPAAm), ...Read More »

Specialty Polyamides Market -The Group Of Modern-Age Polyamides

Specialty polyamides are used as an alternative to synthetic polyamides and include polyamides 6/10, 6/12, 10/10, 10/12, 11, and others. Higher polyamides such as PA 11 and 12 provides improved humidity resistance, superior thermal and mechanical characteristics and offers additional resistance to the majority of commonly used aids & solvents. These two polyamides can be molded, extruded and made into films, or utilized in fibers. Such types of engineered nylons have tightly controlled particle size distributions...Read More »

HIV-1 Therapeutics Market: Novel Additions To The HIV-1 Pipeline

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) continues to be a major threat to public health across the globe as no permanent cure for HIV is available at present. HIV attacks the immune system, which if left untreated progressively damages the human defense system leading to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in patients. With early diagnosis and timely antiretroviral therapy, HIV patients can live a healthy life. HIV strains are classified as HIV-1 and HIV-2, however, the former one is found to afflict the world population more commonly. HIV can be transmitted through unprotected sexual contact, use of infected syringes and needles in drug administration, perinatal HIV exposure during pregnancy and breastfeeding, etc. ...Read More »

The Need To Decipher Insights From Customer Data Is Expected To Drive Speech Analytics Market Growth

One of the primary advantages of the speech analytics technology is the ability to reveal the reason for customer issues or concerns, resulting in increased sales as well as improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the rising need to manage risk and compliance across different industry verticals, including BFSI, IT, and telecom, as well as increasing the number of contact centers has resulted in the development of speech analytics solutions by market players to help...Read More »

Set-Top Box (STB) Market: 4K STBs Expected To Make Steady Inroads Into The Viewers’ Living Rooms

Analyst Perspective" Technological proliferation, reduced prices of smart TVs, and the introduction of HD channels are anticipated to boost the global STB market growth. The increasing awareness pertaining to Internet-based STB devices, such as IPTV and OTT, is expected to present substantial opportunities for the growth of these technologies over the next few years. The growth in the global ...Read More »

Waterproof Breathable Textiles Market: Multifunctional Fabrics Gaining Preference In The Sports Sector

Increasing consumer preference toward comfortable and high-performance apparel has been one of the major factors driving the global waterproof breathable textiles demand. These textiles are primarily used in manufacturing casual, athletics, ski, or outdoor apparel. Furthermore,...Read More »

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: A Way To Faster Wound Healing Process

A rising prevalence of chronic and acute wounds has been witnessed worldwide. This in turn has led to advancements in wound care management to meet the growing demand efficiently. A wide array of treatments, such as compression therapy, topical dressings, adhesive bandages, bioengineered skin grafts, foams, gels, and antimicrobial dressings, is available for wounds. However, ...Read More »

Healthcare Predictive Analytics Market - Pressure To Curb Healthcare Costs And Increasing Demand For Personalized Medication Are Driving Factor

"Healthcare Predictive Analytics Market: What lies ahead?" Predictive analytics is the field of advanced analytics, which is used to make predictions about future events. Historical data can be used to predict probable outcomes and accurately inform businesses about future trends. Predictive analytics helps in setting realistic goals to achieve them through effective planning. In healthcare, it can be applied in areas such as operations management, financial management, population health management, and clinical applications. "Predictive analytics: How is it helping healthcare industry?" Patients,...Read More »

Steam Turbine Market - Powering The World From Decades

Steam turbines are popularly known for their use in thermal power plants for generating electricity. Many thermal power plants came into existence in the time of electricity crunch in developed as well as developing countries in the past. Coal being the primary fuel used in powering these plants have raised many environmental issues in today’s world. Most of the developed countries have started replacing the coal power plants with cleaner options such as gas power plants, renewable energy sources, etc. ...Read More »

Aprotic Solvents: More Reactive Than Protic Solvents

Solvents are chemicals that are used to dissolve materials. They can be made from natural sources or can be derived from petroleum and other such synthetic sources. They can be distinguished into two types, namely, protic and aprotic. Solvents that contain a hydrogen atom and can donate it during chemical reactions are known as protic. On the other hand, aprotic solvents do not have the ability to donate a hydrogen atom during chemical reactions. However, as compared to protic solvents, aprotic are more reactive. Raw materials required for manufacturing ...Read More »

Electric Scooters Market: Fluctuating Fuel Prices Have Led To A Decrease In The Sales Of Fuel-Powered Vehicles

Electric scooters are two or three-wheeled vehicles powered by electricity. This power is stored in a rechargeable battery, which drives the functioning of electric motors. The slow charging time required for electric scooters is one of the major concerns among the users. To address this concern, manufacturers are investing heavily in research and development to improve the charging time and range of these vehicles. For instance, Power Plan Plus has announced the development of a...Read More »

Heating Equipment Market - Energy Saving And Reduce Dependency On Fossil Fuels

"Energy saving heating equipment given political priority" Favorable government initiatives supporting the implementation of energy saving solutions are projected to augment the development of eco-friendly and energy-efficient products. At the Climate Action Program (COP21) held in Paris, 196 countries agreed to limit global warming and submitted plans for how they will contribute to this green transition. These projects include initiatives to improve energy efficiency through district energy systems that produce steam, hot water, or chilled water at a central plant. Space heating and cooling solutions are major contributors to global warming....Read More »

Powder Coatings Equipment Market Is Likely To Witness Substantial Growth Owing To Rising Demand For Powder Coatings In Automotive Sector

Powder coatings equipment are used in various products including shock absorbers, battery trays, refrigerators, air conditioner cabinets, water heaters, doorframes, mobiles, computers, satellite dishes, and fire extinguishers. Growing demand for these products in China, India, South Korea, Brazil and South Africa on account of growing population and rising income levels is expected to drive market growth. Increasing demand for ...Read More »

Copper Tubing - An Evolving Trend In Medical Gas Supply System

U.S. Medical Copper Tubing Market: Segmentation Medical copper tubing system is used for the supply of oxygen, medical air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, medical vacuum, and other gases. Type K, Type L, and DWV are types of medical copper tubing and these are...Read More »

3D Scanning Market: Provide Enhanced Interactive And Immersive Experiences

The global 3D scanning market size is estimated to reach USD 8.04 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.The 3D scanning market is driven by increasing R&D spending and advancements in technology. The emergence of structured light technology, counter to the customary laser dot or laser line technology, is also estimated to fuel the market growth. The convergence of these technologies may provide enhanced interactive and immersive...Read More »

Healthcare CRM Market: A Step Towards Patient Driven Care Delivery

With government authorities across the globe emphasizing the need for higher attention towards improvement of healthcare facilities and quality of care, the healthcare CRM market promotes just that! As mentioned across various management books, a problem well understood, is a problem half solved. Healthcare CRM allows for interaction between patients and healthcare personnel’s, acting as a catalyst in the process of communication and care delivery. As of...Read More »

Rising Incidences Of Candidiasis And Aspergillosis, To Increase Adoption Of Antifungal Drugs Market

Fungal infections encompass both systemic and superficial infections including infection of the skin, eye, mouth, and vagina. Antifungal products with fungicidal activity are mostly used to treat awide array of diseases,such as athlete's foot, fungal meningitis, and ringworm, caused by fungal agents.Considerably large range of antifungal preparations, both topical and oral agents such as creams, sprays, tablets, and injections, are commercially available in this sector. The huge demand for these products and their subsequent adoption is predicted to support ...Read More »

Coagulation Analyzers Market To Witness Enhanced Usage In Medical Conditions Such As Pulmonary Embolism & Atrial Fibrillation

"Point of Care Coagulation Analyzers: Paving the way for faster diagnosis" Coagulation analyzer or a hemostasis analyzer is a device that is used in testing a hemostasis system. These analyzers aid in measuring the coagulation factors as well as identifying the abnormalities that are likely to result in thrombosis. The common tests performed by the ...Read More »

Nuclear Medicine Market - Opportunity For Emerging Industry Participants

As per the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition, nuclear medicine are the specialized medicines containing radioisotopes intended to be used for diagnostics and therapeutic purposes. High activity and long term adverse effects increase their demand which imposes stringent production and distribution regulations on these medicines. The increasing R&D activities in this industry is fostering influx of new molecules as well as the new treatment options for various conditions such as respiratory...Read More »

Clot Management Market: Early Detection And Treatment Of Blood Clot Can Significantly Reduce The Death Rate Due To Stroke And Vascular Diseases

The number of people with clots in the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems is rapidly increasing globally. The development of clots in the human body leads to severe conditions such as hypertension, damage to blood vessels, stroke, and can also cause death. The number of patients suffering from Pulmonary Embolism (PE) and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which are collectively known as Venous Thromboembolism (VTE), is more than the number of patients suffering due to AIDS, cancer, and road traffic accidents. The major risk factors promoting clot formation inside the body include cancer surgeries; hospitalization; post-surgery inactivity & sedentary lifestyle; and spinal, hip, & knee injuries. Additional...Read More »

Immunotherapy: Promising Treatment Option For Multiple Myeloma

Large number of research and development projects to tap unharnessed opportunities in multiple myeloma therapeutics market indicate the future growth potential. The following research insights focus on details of the market opportunities as well as new therapeutic avenues for patients suffering from the disease for a longer and healthier life. "Therapeutic market opportunities present through the different stages of the disease" ...Read More »

Peracetic Acid Market To Witness Enhanced Usage In Sanitizer, Disinfectant And Bleaching Agent Among Key Applications

"Peracetic acid- The new champion amongst disinfectants" Peracetic acid market comes with its basic set of advantages. It is the new champion of the disinfectant scenario. Pulp and paper, water treatment, food & beverages, or healthcare. The demand is growing thanks to its effectiveness.Peracetic acid possesses pungent odor. It is colorless and can be used to eliminate pathogens such as fungi and bacteria. The formula for the compound...Read More »

Significant Development Of Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, And Polymers Industries Is Expected To Fuel White Oil Market Demand Over The Next Eight Years

White oil is a highly refined and decolorized mineral oil that is obtained from paraffinic crude and naphthenic feedstock. The product is highly hydrophobic, odorless, colorless, and chemically inert, due to which it is suitable for use in a broad range of industrial applications. ...Read More »

Biodefense Market: The Rising Threat Of Potential Biological Warfare And Increasing Government Funding Are The Key Drivers Of This Market

The large presence of government and private funding coupled with product acquisitions is one of the factors accounting for its market position. Many government legislations such as project BioShield offers countermeasures against anthrax and smallpox agents and also against chemical, nuclear, and radiological agents. The growing number of projects to create various funding authority to make research & development programs and build next generation counter measures. Based on the reports published by the federal funding for Health Security in 2016, it was stated that the U.S. government mainly spends its funding in five critical domains, namely biodefense programs, pandemic influenza and emerging infectious disease programs, chemical programs,...Read More »

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Market: Provide Efficiency And Accuracy

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices enable monitoring of patients outside the conventional settings, which increases efficiency and access to healthcare. RPM devices are used for the purpose of managing and monitoring a wide array of health conditions. These systems provide alerts when health conditions decline, allow patients, caregivers, and clinicians to intervene and modify treatment plan. The RPM devices market is segmented on the basis of products, applications, and end...Read More »

Congestive Heart Failure Treatment Devices Market: Emerging Technology In Healthcare

The Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) treatment devices market is highly competitive with the top market players accounting for almost similar revenue shares. Companies have adopted strategies including mergers & acquisitions and strategic alliances to gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, market players are more focused on the development of technologically advanced products, which deliver greater accuracy and efficiency. Entry of new players is posing a threat to the existing market players thereby maintaining the...Read More »

Window Film: Fostering Energy Performance In Construction Industry

Window films, at the time of introduction, were nothing but “a sticky plastic”. With the evolution of technology and rising awareness regarding benefits of these films, the market has galloped to new heights. The intricate and demanding technologies used in the manufacturing process has led to the innovation of high quality and performance window films. These films have penetrated into the construction industry at a brisk pace with widespread application scope including reduction of solar heat gain, improving...Read More »

Growing Focus On Renewable Energy Expected To Drive Wind Energy Foundation Market Demand

Wind energy foundation is a base for the wind turbine which is responsible for supporting the structure against all static and dynamic load conditions. They help in erecting the wind turbines and provide a strong base for various operations. Foundations must be able to support hydrodynamic loads combined with aerodynamic loads which is transferred by the turbine. Wind energy foundation market can be segmented on the basis of site location which includes onshore location and...Read More »

Stainless Steel Forgings: Providing Lightweight And Strength

Stainless steel forgings form an important component of the machinery or application in which they are used. The forging industry majorly comprises of two components such as forging and casting. The major product types manufactured under stainless steel forgings are cold/hot forged parts, castings and sintered parts. Cold forged products are manufactured by either by truly closed die forging or impression die forging with circular dies and lubricant at ambient temperature. The major advantage of this method...Read More »

Fertilizer Additives: Promoting The Efficiency Of Agricultural Output

Fertilizer additives are chemicals or materials that are used to inhibit the loss of essential macro and micronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese, and iron from fertilizers. Loss of these nutrients can result in deterioration of the quality of the fertilizers used on the soil, eventually affecting its productivity. Additives can also be used as ...Read More »

Growing Electronics & Telecommunication Industry Is Expected To Fuel Thermal Interface Materials Market Demand Over The Next Nine Years

Thermal interface materials market is expected to witness significant market growth owing to rising usage of light emitting diodes (LEDs), automobile electronics, computing devices and sophisticated electronics. Thermal interface material is inserted in between two components to enhance the thermal coupling and heat dissipation. ...Read More »

Functional Foods - The Elixir For Good Health

Gone are the days, when you could rely only on your staple food for your body requirements. The quality of the farm yield, changes in crop pattern, soil nutrition value and genetically modified grains may be the reasons for the change. Functional Foods come into the picture in this rapidly changing scenario. Functional foods are a type of foods that provide health benefits when consumed. They are fortified, they are whole and are capable of providing nutrition other than vitamins and minerals....Read More »

Doxorubicin Market: Growing Number Of Manufacturers And Distributors Are Expected To Drive Doxorubicin Market

Johnson and Johnson was the first company to introduce a doxorubicin formulation in the market, Doxil. In 1995, J&J received the U.S.FDA approval for the treatment of Kaposi’s sarcoma, breast cancer, multiple myeloma, and ovarian cancer. In 2007, few changes in drug formulation were made as there was a lot of adverse reactions reported. Doxil was distributed and marketed by Janssen Products, LP and was manufactured by Ben Venue Laboratories. However, in 2013, Ben Venue Laboratories announced the shutdown of its manufacturing unit by the end 2013. Currently, it is manufactured by TTY Biopharm for the U.S. market. Some of the listed doxorubicin manufacturers are Ortho Biotech Products, LP, APP Pharmaceuticals...Read More »

U.S. In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) And Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) For Autoimmune Diseases Market: The Growing Prevalence Of Autoimmune Diseases And Subsequently Increasing Adoption Of Diagnostic Tests By 2024

The growing awareness regarding diagnostic tests for autoimmune diseases is one of the crucial attributes that can be accounted for the market growth in the coming years. The increasing prevalence of various autoimmune diseases in the U.S., such as Addison’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, and uveitis is one of the key factors impelling the market growth over the forecast period. Based on the estimates of the National Institutes of Health, autoimmune diseases affect over 23.5 million Americans, whereas heart diseases are estimated to impact over 22 million, and varied cancer types are expected to impact over 9 million. It was also reported that the direct healthcare costs...Read More »

Pneumatic Nebulizer Market: Increasing Number Of Acquisitions Undertaken By Market Competitors In The Respiratory Business Is Expected To Spur The Demand By 2025

Healthcare systems across the globe are undergoing a major transformation as the governments in developing economies, such as India and China, are strongly encouraging technology adoption. As this new initiative is contributing toward a better healthcare ecosystem, the importance of preventive care is likewise increasing, thereby driving the need for pneumatic nebulizers. In the present day, technological advances, which can shorten the length of hospital stay, reduce overall patient expenditure,...Read More »

Medical Holography Market: Increased Adoption In Medical Imaging Applications

Medical holography includes production of 3D holographic images in form of video stream or real-time still images. It is believed that medical holography is anticipated to provide new avenues for growth especially in diagnostic imaging and medical education. The images produced by holographic technology are high in resolution and is presumed to help in reveal potential and complex information, unexplored in conventional imaging alternatives. In addition, holographic displays are equipped with 3D modalities, navigation...Read More »

Laboratory Informatics Market: Electronic Medical Information Management

Laboratory informatics is the specialized branch of information technology for the optimization of laboratory operations. It is fastest growing application in lab related technology. There are various types of laboratory informatics are available in the market place including laboratory information management...Read More »

Genitourinary Drugs Market: Exploring Untapped Opportunities In Emerging Economies

Genitourinary drugs are incorporated in the treatment of disorders pertaining to urinary tract and reproductive organs. Bladder spasms, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, a wide range of genitourinary cancers and benign prostatic hyperplasia are some of the major indications for which these drugs are generally prescribed. These medications include impotence agents, tocolytic agents, urinary pH modifiers, uterotonic agents, antispasmodics, urinary pH modifiers and miscellaneous agents. ...Read More »

Cardiac Prosthetic Devices Market: An Urge For Healthy Living Is Driving Sales

"Cardiovascular disorders, one of the leading causes for deaths" Cardiovascular diseases are a major health concern driving the growth of cardiac prosthetic devices market. Heart disorders including stroke, dyspnea, and prosthetic valve failure are resulting in increasing number of deaths. This has increased the requirement for cardiac prosthetic devices. Valve substitutes are increasingly useful for heart valve...Read More »

Ionic Liquids: A potential Replacement For Industrial Solvents

Ionic liquids are special molten salts in the liquid state with high melting point. The properties of ionic liquids are low combustibility, chemically and thermally stable, volatility and good solvating properties. These liquids have the ability to act as solvent and catalyst to speed up performance in industries. For some applications, ionic liquids offer the advantage of both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts. Ionic liquids market is anticipated to grow significantly owing to its potential of...Read More »

Practice Management Systems Market Insights: Increasing Efficiency of Healthcare Services

Practice management systems are subsets of the healthcare IT market and are predicted to witness lucrative growth over the forecast period owing to reforms in the healthcare industry, rising number of physician facilities across the country, financial incentives offered to practices incorporated with these systems, and rising demand for digitalization & automation of healthcare facilities. Over the last decade, the U.S. has identified a rising expenditure over healthcare provision. Furthermore,...Read More »

Titanium Dioxide Market Insights: Rising Demand In Automotive Coatings Is Expected To Drive Market Growth

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a poorly soluble white inorganic non-flammable metal oxide of titanium, sourced from ilmenite, rutile, and anatase. Zircon is the co-product of mining from ilmenite and rutile deposits and is the another resource utilized in the manufacturing TiO2. The global titanium dioxide market is growing significantly owing to its increasing use in end-use industries such as paints & coatings and ...Read More »

Increasing Usage Of Radiological Imaging Expected To Augment Inorganic Scintillators Market Demand

Inorganic scintillators are materials which emits photon after exposure to radiation. The process of emitting light post exposure to radiation is called as scintillation process. Inorganic scintillators market can be segmented on the basis of product, material, end use and region. The product segment includes alkali halides, oxide compounds, and rare earth metals. The material segment includes Sodium Iodide, Cesium Iodide, Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate & Lutetium–Yttrium Oxyorthosilicate, Bismuth Germinate and the end use segment includes...Read More »

Water Soluble Fertilizers Will Witness Substantial Growth Owing To Rising Demand For Fruits & Vegetables In Light Of Growing Population

Water soluble fertilizers are available both in powdered and liquid form and find high usage in the plantation, field, medicinal and aromatic crops. These products enhance the quality and quantity of food crops and protect plants from diseases and crop-damaging insects. Water soluble fertilizers include NPK, ...Read More »

Chemical Indicator Inks Market: Triggering New Opportunities In Sterilization

Chemical indicator inks are color changing inks employed primarily for sterilization monitoring processes. These inks undergo a permanent change in color when exposed to specific sterilant or predefined temperature conditions. Change in the ink color reveals that the sterilization process is complete and the surgical accessory is safe for use. Chemical indicator ink immediately indentifies the completion of sterilization process by changing color. These inks are designed to react in specific sterilization...Read More »

Asia Pacific To Be The Fastest Growing Region In Hydrophobic Coatings Market

The global hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years on account of the growing application industries. The increasing demand for the coatings in different industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, marine and others is expected to drive demand. The rising penetration of hydrophobic coatings in the automotive industry is expected to drive the market growth across the globe. The increasing demand for vehicles in Asia Pacific,...Read More »

Growing Population And Increasing Construction Of Residential Buildings Is Expected To Fuel Ready-Mix Concrete Market Demand Over The Next Eight Years

Ready-mix concrete (RMC) market is extensively used for the construction of various infrastructure development applications which include residential and commercial buildings, airports, runways, ports, energy generation facilities, production plants, and roads. Significant growth in the construction sector and cement output is anticipated to augment industry growth over the upcoming years. Moreover, rapid growth in social infrastructure, government accommodation and defense infrastructure will promote industry expansion over the next few years....Read More »

Aerosol Propellants Market Insights: Increasing Demand For Metal Aerosol Cans Is Expected To Drive The Market Growth

The aerosol propellants are the materials used to propel active ingredients in various physical forms such as sprays, foams, and liquid. The demand for aerosol propellants is expected to grow in the wake of high consumption of aerosol based products. The demand for aerosol propellants witnessed an increase on account of increasing demand for ...Read More »

Population Health Management Market Is Driven By Increasing Emphasis By Government, Providers And Payers To Contain Healthcare Costs

The term population health is still an evolving concept and its usage has doubled since 2003. Factors responsible for this change are healthcare “payers” such as insurance companies and providers, which include hospitals, clinics, etc. These payers and providers are transforming from fee-for-service model to the new Obamacare model, a value-based accountable care model in which both parties share the risk. This has led to the need for providers and the payers to share and collaborate on patient-centric data. Private and public policymakers in the U.S. and globally are introducing disease management programs to assist in the treatment of chronic illnesses for select patients. These multidisciplinary efforts...Read More »

Insulin Delivery Devices Market - Product Advancement Will Present New Opportunities For Sector Growth

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects a large percentage of the population worldwide. According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in 2015, about 415 million of the world population was suffering with diabetes and it is projected that this number will reach 642 million by 2040. Healthcare expenditure on diabetes care is very high in developed economies, such as the U.S. and Canada, compared to developing countries like South Africa and India. American Diabetes Association stated that the total expenditure on diabetes control and management had risen to USD 245 billion in 2012 from USD 174 billion in 2007, and is expected to continue to increase in the near future. Obesity and diabetes share an integral...Read More »

Immunoassay Instruments Market Insights: Automation And Increasing Adoption Of Easy-To-Use Systems In Laboratories Is Driving The Market Growth

Immunoassay is a test used for measurement of small and macromolecules using antibodies and antigens. Immunoassay assist in diagnosis and detection of infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and therapeutic drug monitoring.  ...Read More »

Sodium Silicate Market: Widespread Application Scope Of Sodium Silicate And Its Derivatives Is Expected To Drive Industry Growth

Sodium silicate is a key source of reactive silica which has high demand in numerous applications industries including detergents, rubber, food & beverage, and paper & pulp. The soluble sodium silicate solutions can be modified using various techniques including acid addition and ion exchange process in order to form silica sols, silica...Read More »

Rising Construction Spending Is Expected To Drive Geomembranes Market Demand

Rising construction spending in China, India and Middle East countries in light of regulatory support for infrastructure improvement is expected to fuel the demand geosynthetic materials such as geomembrane in the near future. Geomembrane acts a lining system to prevent contamination from pollutants and grounds in residential structures, commercial buildings and infrastructure including airport and metro stations. Geomembrane is used as solution ponds and heap leach pads for providing containment control in mining...Read More »

Waste To Energy: The Opportunity To Produce Tomorrow’s Energy

The unpredictability and fluctuations of crude oil price in past two years and turmoil in energy markets has led countries to look for alternate energies such as recovering energy from solar, the wind, fossil fuels, biomass, and waste. Waste to Energy (WTE) is the process of recovering energy from waste usually in the form of electricity and steam, with/without the presence of oxygen converting. There are two main technologies for converting energy using thermal and biological. Gasification, pyrolysis, and...Read More »

Agricultural Films And Bonding Market Insights - Photo-Selective Shade Netting Improves The Performance Of Horticulture Crops

Agriculture has been the means of living for human population since ages. With an increase in the global population, which is expected to reach over 9 billion by 2050, agricultural waste & crop damage needs to be minimized and distribution of agricultural products needs to be improved.  Advancements in ...Read More »

Scaffold Technology: Increasing Complexity In Biomedical Engineering Is Expected To Drive The Demand For Development Of Novel Scaffold Structures

Industry: Biotechnology Scaffold technology facilitates thousands of surgical procedures that are performed to repair diseased tissues or organs by providing support to surgically inserted implants. Study of mammalian cell biology relies on cellular models to examine specific biological mechanisms under different test conditions. Characteristic properties of such models play a crucial role in influencing their...Read More »

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) Market - Increasing Patient Awareness About Disease & Diagnosis Will Drive Growth

Pulmonary hypertension is increase in blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries, veins and capillaries. As per the classification given by the Dana Point, WHO Group I represents PAH. There are many causes of PAH which may be idiopathic, drug and toxin associated, heritable, associated with diseases such as HIV infection, connective tissue disease, and portal hypertension. Group I is the largest subgroup, and there is no complete cure for this disease. Currently approved medications are largely limited improving on symptoms, quality of life, and...Read More »

Neurovascular Devices Market Insights - Technological Innovations Will Drive Growth

Vascular structures of the nervous tissues and blood vessels are majorly affected in the patients suffering from neurovascular disorders and can lead to moderate to severe damage to the brain, resulting into conditions such as strokes and cerebral hemorrhage. Stroke is the third leading cause of disability and deaths worldwide. The weakening or blockage of intracranial arteries can lead to serious consequences. Owing to the increasing prevalence and incidence of neural vascular disorders in conjunction with rising lifestyle disorders such as obesity, the demand for ...Read More »

Genetically Modified Technology: A Major Boost in the Beta-Carotene Market

Beta-carotenes belong to a group of provitamins, which are related to vitamin A, called carotenoids. Carotenoids are plant pigments, which are mainly responsible for bright colors (red, orange, and yellow) in many fruits & vegetables. Carotenoids also have fat soluble nutrients with antioxidant properties. There are over 500 types of carotenoids. The most common ones are beta-cryptoxanthin, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, and more.  ...Read More »

Flame Retardants: First Line Of Defense

Look around you; our houses, offices, working locations and transport are flooded with inflammable material. A small spark, a mishap can cause large scale destruction. Flame retardants are very important at this crucial point of time. Almost all major calamities have a focal point, a point where it all could have been prevented if proper resistance would have been present. Flame retardants are these types of resistances, if present, can prevent a catastrophe. Flame...Read More »

Monoclonal Antibodies Market Insights - Enhanced Adoption In Diagnostic Applications To Drive Industry Growth

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are proteins produced by plasma cells in response to specific antigens. These can be used as diagnostic and therapeutic for various disease indications including, rheumatoid arthritis, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, hypercholesterolemia, asthma and macular degeneration. Monoclonal...Read More »

Listen To The Voice of Acoustic Insulation

Sound waves can leak inside a closed environment through structural members, air passages, and exterior walls. High noise level seeping inside a room or closed environment can affect human health and efficiency. Sound isolation is of utmost importance to achieve comfort, human health & safety, privacy and to comply with regulatory standards. Acoustic insulation materials demand has been mainly driven by the regulations pertaining to noise control and...Read More »

Mining Activities To Drive Explosives Market Demand Over The Next 8 Years

Explosives & pyrotechnics are commercially available as solutions for easy and direct application in mining, military, and construction industry. They are available in various forms which include high explosives, and low explosives. High explosives are further classified into primary, secondary and tertiary explosives such as blasting agents. High explosives include dynamite, ANFO (ammonium nitrate-fuel oil mixture), nitroglycerin, TNT (trinitrotoluene), picric acid, and PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate). Low explosives include propellants and the fireworks. Growing construction sector primarily in the U.S. and Mexico is expected to drive the demand for explosives in North America over the forecast period. The...Read More »

Asia Pacific Fuel Dispenser Market: CNG And Hydrogen Fuel Dispensers To Drive Market Growth Over The Next Eight Years

The Asia Pacific fuel dispensers market has been witnessing significant growth in recent years, primarily on account of the growing automotive industry in the region. The growing per disposable incomes of consumers is also expected to have positive impacts on the overall demand for fueling stations and dispensing systems in the region over the forecast period. The fuel dispensers market demand is expected to surge owing to the growing population in the region with demand for vehicles. In addition, high...Read More »

Increasing Penetration Of Photovoltaics Is Expected To Fuel Polyvinyl Butyral Market Demand Over The Next Eight Years

Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) resin is extensively used as an interlayer in laminated safety glasses on account of its superior properties including optical clarity, strong binding, excellent adhesion, flexibility, toughness, durability, noise reduction, resistance to UV radiation and harsh weather. These laminated glasses find their application in automobile windshields and architectural glasses. Growing construction spending owing to rapid urbanization coupled with government infrastructural plan is expected to increase industry size over the upcoming years. Moreover, the increasing number of hospitals, schools, office buildings, government accommodation and defense infrastructure will propel market size. Rising government...Read More »

Increased defense expenditure in emerging economies is expected to fuel ammunition market demand over the next eight years

Ongoing development in the economies in Asia have emerges as an opportunity for the defense companies. Countries such as China, India, Pakistan, and South Korea are building up military capabilities to ensure the law and order and protect international borders. This defense expenditure in the region varies significantly from country to country. For instance, Indonesia has almost doubled its defense spending in the last 5 years, whereas Laos and Cambodia have expanded their budgets slowly. Ammunition mainly consists of bullets, rockets and mortars. All these ammos have different technologies, raw materials and manufacturing patterns. The size of the ammunition is measured in caliber which is diameter of the projectile (in...Read More »

Americas Plastic Compounding: Polymer Compounds To Be Used As Metal Substitutes In Automotive Component Fabrication

The automotive industry is undergoing rigorous evolution, and the plastics industry has a pivotal role in shaping the future. Plastics utilization in the automotive industry transformed in 1950’s, when thermoplastics were the first material to make the debut, opening with ABS and then moving ahead with polyamide, polyacetal, and ...Read More »

Automated Dispensing Machines Market: An Alternative To Reduce The Overall Cost Of Hospital Operations And Minimization Of Medication Errors

"Reduction in inventory management costs" Rising inventory cost is one of the biggest concerns faced by healthcare establishments across the globe. According to a study conducted by Stanley Healthcare it has been identified that the implementation of hospital inventory management systems enables organizations to reduce their inventory value by 15% to 35%. Additionally, inventory replenishment costs can be reduced by 95% with inventory reduction by 50%. These are further expected to reduce storage space by 22% which results in reduced storage costs and subsequent energy costs associated. "Reduction in number of medication errors"...Read More »

Stringent Regulations To Drive Powdered Electrical Insulation Coatings Market

Increasing electricity demand has resulted in upcoming projects focused on capacity expansions with increasing investment in power generation projects. These factors are likely to positively influence the demand for electrical influence coatings market. Positive growth rate of the global transmission and distribution equipment market is one of the major factors which are anticipated to play a key role in the growth of electrical insulation coatings market. Electrical...Read More »

Neurodiagnostics Market - R&D Initiatives Will Generate New Avenues For Growth

Diagnostic tests are vital tools that facilitate the diagnosis of neurological disorders. The neurodiagnostics market is categorized into neuroimaging technologies, in vitro diagnostics, and neuroinformatics. Neuroimaging technologies include various imaging techniques such as computed tomography, magnetic...Read More »

Industrial Lubricants Market: Lubricating Oil Creating Its Importance In The Manufacturing Space

Industrial lubricants market is expected to play an important role in easing manufacturing, processing, and fabricating processes. Lubricants in the form of process oils are utilized in chemical and technical industrial applications in the form of a processing aid...Read More »

Increasing Oil Production To Boost Bleaching Clay Market

Bleaching clay plays an important role in refining, bleaching, and decolorizing edible oil. It is also used for removal of phospholipids, sulfuric acid, sludge, sulfonic acid, free fatty acids, and traces of metal in oils. Besides these applications, it is used in effluent treatment plants and as an ingredient in cosmetic products. Raw materials used in formulating bleaching clay include fuller’s earth, ...Read More »

Encryption Software Market: Brand Reputation And Privacy Concerns Emerged As Key Market Drivers

An organization’s brand image or reputation is a crucial part of its marketing mix and therefore requires as much protection as any other core asset or property owned by the company. Issues, such as contaminated products, could be dealt with relatively fast by eliminating the product from shelves; however, data leaks are far more critical as a lot of confidential customer records are at the risk of being leaked in seconds. A personal affront such as this can create a lot of disharmony among the customers and must...Read More »

Carnauba Wax: Automotive Industry To Emerge As The Largest User For The Product

Carnauba wax is a derived from the leaves of the Brazilian palm tree and is extensively used as a coating and glazing agent to impart a characteristic shine on the product. The wax is predominantly manufactured in Brazil and transported to the rest of the world depending on the demand. The demand for the product is expected to be driven by increasing use in application industries such as cosmetics, food, and automotive. Carnauba wax type 3 is the most widely used...Read More »

Produced Water Treatment: Rising E&P Of Shale Gas Is Expected To Promote The Usage Of Produced Water Treatment Services

Growing importance of water management in the oil & gas sector as a result of stringent environment regulations aimed at reducing effluent is expected to have a favorable impact on the market. Furthermore, rising expenditure towards the development of nanomaterials in the formulation of membranes for the oil-water-gas-separation process is projected to promote the application of produced water systems as a tool for increasing productivity. Regulatory support in the U.S. and Canada for E&P of alternative sources including shale gas and tight oil to reduce the impact of depletion in crude oil reserves is expected to play a significant role in promoting the usage of ...Read More »

Cool Roof Coating: Save Energy; Save World

High solar reflectance plays a vital role in the functioning of cool roof coatings. The low rate of thermal absorption along with high rate of emittance help the rooftop absorb less heat and stay up to 28-32° cooler than the conventional materials during the peak summer seasons. A cool roof can benefit from several aspects. Below is a list of advantages: Lowers inside temperature by 6 to 10 degrees ...Read More »

Chiral Chemicals: Providing New Opportunities For Agriculture Chemicals Industry

Chiral chemistry was discovered in 1884 by a French biologist when he separated two isomers of sodium ammonium tartrate. This phenomenon of chirality was then found to play a key role in plants, animals, as well as in pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. All the proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates, amino...Read More »

Bioactive Ingredients & Products Market – They Are Here To Stay

Gone are the days, when you could depend on your daily food supplies to complement your body with the essential nutrients. The crops have lost their nutrient value, there is impurity everywhere, and adverse effects of industrialization are evident everywhere. In definition terms, bioactive ingredients are those that have a good and positive effect on the living tissues. "Straight out of Nature’s cabinet:" Nature is abundant with sources of ...Read More »

Smart Thermostat Market - Energy Saving And Home Automation To Be The Biggest Growth Avenues

The smart thermostat market size is estimated to reach USD 2,992.4 million by 2022, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Smart thermostats facilitate the effective and remote management of temperatures in the residential as well as commercial avenues. With the increasing average unit rate of power, the ...Read More »

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene - The Way Ahead

Gone are the days, when mending bones or replacing them was a hard task. Rigorous methods, evasive surgeries and usage of metals, ensured that people opted out of replacement surgeries. In comes ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), the ideal replacement for bones. It is light weight, is cost effective and has superior properties such as high abrasive strength, and shows extended inertness when it comes to reactivity. "The...Read More »

Isobutene Market - Stringent Regulatory Norms To Have A Defining Impact

Isobutene as a chemical is bound by stringent regulatory norms owing to its extremely toxic property. Key regulatory bodies influencing isobutene market dynamics include Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), Clean Air Act (CAA). ...Read More »

APAC Radiopharmaceuticals Market: Improved Healthcare Infrastructure & Government Initiatives To Act As Key Drivers

The increasing demand for radiopharmaceuticals in Asia Pacific region is backed by improving healthcare infrastructure along with an increasing number of healthcare facilities, rising prevalence of chronic disorders and active role played by the government organization in controlling ...Read More »

Polycarbonate Capacity Additions In Import Reliant Markets Is Crucial For Maintaining Trade Balance

Polycarbonate is one of the widely traded resins with its import value estimated at USD 10.34 billion in 2015. Comparatively, its global export value was only USD 7.50 billion during the same period. This denotes a trade deficit scenario further indicating that production capabilities are concentrated in very few regions. China is a major consumer of ...Read More »

Advanced Composites Market – Rising Application Scope In Aerospace & Defense Sector Expected To Drive Growth

Advanced composites are lightweight materials with diversified characteristics including high strength & stiffness, low density, high heat and impact resistance. The product is manufactured with the utilization of high performance resins to enhance the properties of the composites. High performance efficiency delivered by the advanced fiber composites is expected to drive the demand in aerospace & defense, automotive and marine industry. Growing demand...Read More »

Headsets Market – Novel Technologies Catering To Diverse Consumer Base Will Drive Growth

The headsets market size is estimated to reach approximately USD 20.46 billion by 2024, according to a new report conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. The emergence of ground-breaking technologies such as NFMI and bone conduction serves as a major revenue opportunity for the market. The integration of these technologies has led to the development of truly wireless headsets, which are gaining high popularity among fitness and sports enthusiasts. Industry participants are...Read More »

Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Market: An Evolving Trend In Sport Medicine

"Increasing focus on sports-related injuries" Soft tissues frequently injured during sports and physical training include muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Knee injuries are one of the most common musculoskeletal traumas among people. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is a frequently occurring knee injury and the standard treatment for this is surgical reconstruction. Increasing incidence of sports-related injuries has become a leading cause of soft tissue injuries worldwide. Athletes are most likely to injure their ACLs disabling complete stretching of their legs. Athletes participating in soccer and baseball are mostly affected by such type of injury. Meniscal tear is also a common soft...Read More »

Flight Simulators Market Majorly Driven By The Need To Improve Safety

The emerging middle class primarily in the emerging economies of Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East significantly instigates the airline companies to escalate the aircraft frequency among varied destinations. This in turn results in increasing adoption of flight simulators by airline companies in an attempt to reduce pilot training cost and offer superior training to pilots as well as the flight crew. Passenger air travel, 2009 – 2016 (Billions) Airline companies generally install Full Flight...Read More »

Protective Relay Market Driven By Growing Electricity Demand

"ANALYST PERSPECTIVE" Growing investments in the transmission & distribution infrastructure to meet the ever-increasing demand for electric power, is a major factor instigating global protective relay market demand. A noticeable shift towards renewable energy is further expected to fuel protective relay demand in the near future. Increasing demand for protection devices across power industry in order to avoid any major losses will...Read More »

Increasing Data Center Traffic To Drive Application Delivery Controller Market

Rapidly-increasing data traffic has led to a surge in the data storage demand, which is resulting in continuous expansion of the global datacenter market. Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented growth in services and technologies driven by the data center. Now-a-days many organizations are sourcing their computing to “cloud-based” infrastructures. Therefore, large scale data centers and associated ...Read More »

Earphones & Headphones Market: The Demand For Trendy Designs To Drive The Growth

Fitness wearables successfully paved way for the popularity of wearable technology. The wearable technology/devices market is growing at a rapid pace from emerging to developed countries and is expected to drive the adoption of smart headphones/earbuds over the coming years. Despite the hesitation pertaining to wearables that exists even today, the apprehensions associated have significantly declined as consumers are becoming even more comfortable with the...Read More »

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Market - Growing Consumer Preference And Stringent Safety Regulations To Drive Industry Growth

The global demand for AEB system installations is expected to reach 46,860 thousand units by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Automotive safety systems, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB) mitigate the impact of accidents on vehicle occupants and pedestrians and systems alongside, enable reduction in the number of accidents. Rising need for security from consumers and surging government initiatives are expected to drive AEB systems...Read More »

Greater Productivity Along With Improved Workplace Safety Is Fueling The Adoption Of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) Across Various Industries

Growth in the e-commerce industry is acting as a primary factor for the increased demand for the autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) market for logistics applications. Furthermore, the AGVs adoption at distribution centers and warehouses is on a rise on account of increasing preference being laid on workplace safety, enhanced productivity. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) Market - Technology Evolution ...Read More »

Increasing Electricity Demand In The GCC To Drive GCC Protective Relay Market

Population growth has ensued upsurge in the demand for infrastructure and electricity. To fulfill the ever-growing demand, GCC has witnessed a rise in the power generation capacity over the past 4 years as indicated graph below. This has subsequently led to the installation of the protective relay in power systems to ensure safety & security of the manufacturing plants equipment, and the personnel as well. Power generation capacity in GCC by country,...Read More »

Gum Rosin: Binding Markets Since Decades

The adhesives industry growth in Europe and China has prompted increase in the demand for ingredients used for manufacturing hot-melt and structural adhesives. The paper industry growth has decreased primarily in the developed economies such as the U.S., the UK and Russia with the growth being driven by the increasing development of the paper sizing industry in China. In addition, the ink industry is expected to grow with the growth of the printing industry, globally. The product forms an inherent part of the...Read More »

Disposable Diapers Projected To Continue Their Domination By 2024 In The Global Biodegradable Superabsorbent Materials Market

Biodegradable superabsorbent materials are basically superabsorbent polymers which are biocompatible and are degradable. These materials are a combination of synthetic and renewable raw materials. Superabsorbent materials are essential components for baby diapers. They are used to absorb and retain fluid even under moderately high pressure. The global geriatric population is projected to witness steep rise in the future. Such a trend is expected to play a vital role in...Read More »

Pulse Flour Market: Harboring The Upcoming Nutrition Trend

The increasing health awareness among the consumers has led to the high adoption of a gluten-free diet. People are realizing its importance and taking significant steps towards inculcating this diet into their lifestyle. The gluten free products also have high concentrations of calories, fat and sugar as their staple base is made up of either wheat, tapioca or rice flour. However, the major problems faced by the gluten-free manufacturers are low concentrations of iron, vitamin B, and fiber. Pulses which are rich in protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins can fill the nutrient gap required for these products. The ...Read More »

9-Decanoic Acid Methyl Esters: A Perspective Into Green Solvents

9-DAME is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid and has a number of commercial uses which include flavorings, supplements, cosmetics, soaps, dietetics, etc. Coconut oil and palm oil are the key raw materials used for manufacturing 9-decanoic acid methyl...Read More »

Increasing Solar Panel Installation To Drive The Demand For Piling Machines In Foundation Work

Rising awareness towards energy generation from unconventional sources including solar and wind in place of furnace oil and natural gas is expected to promote the installation of PV panels and new wind power stations. Companies are striving towards manufacturing application specific products. For instance, in June 2012, Vermeer introduced a new pile driver under the brand name, PD 10, which utilizes an inclinometer with laser controlled post-depth control feature for ensuring every post installed with exact specific configurations. The government of Germany amended the Renewable Energy Sources Act in August 2014, which is expected to result in increasing installation of wind turbines and ...Read More »

Thermal Barrier Coatings: Evolved Heat Shielding Technology

Thermal coatings have been in use for several decades now, with their function being to insulate metallic components of gas turbines and aero-engine parts, among others, thereby enabling these components to function at elevated temperatures with minimum efficiency loss. Turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes, and combustor cans are typical examples of components which are coated with thermal barrier products. These coatings facilitate exhaust heat management, of which heat shield, ceramic paints, and heat wrap are the previously-used forms. However, heat shields are typically used owing to their low costs, have been under scrutiny due to the air gaps found between the surface of the component and the shield. Thus, extensive research was conducted to address...Read More »

White Biotechnology: Eco-friendly Technology As Opposed To The Traditional Chemical Pathway

White biotechnology refers to the use of numerous enzymes, microorganisms and other metabolic processes for industrial manufacturing. This technology is employed in numerous applications including biofuels, food & feed additives, personal care and household products and pharmaceuticals....Read More »

Influenza Diagnostics Market – Enhanced Acceptance Of In Vitro Diagnostic Tests Will Drive Market Growth

Influenza is a seasonal disease caused by influenza virus. In the US, influenza is prevalent in the fall of winter, with major activity being reported in the month of October. The disease burden for children aged 5 years or older is high and is reported to be the key reason of death in the elderly population. In the U.S., CDC through its national influenza surveillance system, tracks the disease growth, death percentage, hospitalizations, etc. "A large number of diagnostic tests available for the diseases" The diagnosis of influenza is done mainly by Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests (RIDTs), reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), culture,...Read More »

Metal Aerosol Cans: High Customizability Associated With These Cans Expected To Drive Growth

The global packaging industry is rapidly advancing towards the use of light-weight packaging alternatives. The conventional method for application of bug sprays, insecticides, and mosquito repellants involved the use of misters and spray pumps that posed significant health hazards due to contact of the toxic chemicals with human skin. Also, the global ...Read More »

Medical Disposables: Effective Infection Control Measures

Disposable medical products are crucial to healthcare facilities since they reduce the risk of residual contamination and infection acquisition from hospitals and other healthcare settings. In terms of safety, disposable devices are safer as compared to reusable devices. According to a study published in ‘Infection Control Today’, disposable gastroendoscopes proved to be more efficient in clinical practice than the conventional reusable gastroendoscope. Hence, increasing awareness in hospitals for the prevention of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and growing demand for technologically advanced medical products is bolstering the growth of the ...Read More »

Solar Control Window Films: Protecting Interiors Of Buildings And Vehicles

The primary function of solar control window films is protecting the interiors of vehicles and buildings from fatal IR and UV radiations. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), dyes & adhesives and metals such as stainless steel and aluminum are some of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of solar control window films. Solar control window films control the amount of heat penetration through the windows, keeping the interiors cool. This reduces energy spent on cooling appliances such as air coolers and...Read More »

Lightweight Materials: Material Innovation For The Future

Lightweight materials have become an integral part of product design as they are considered to possess the potential to reduce CO2 emissions and improve resource efficiency in application industries. The new lightweight metals and non-metals are emerging as materials for application in vehicle and aircraft manufacturing. Recently, Boeing constructed the 787 Dreamliner using carbon reinforced plastic for the external body. However, the major challenge faced by end-user industries is...Read More »

Fluid Dispensing Systems: A Crucial Aspect For Industry Automation

Fluid dispensing systems are equipment and related accessories that are used for automating or mechanizing fluid application processes. These systems are used for a plethora of fluids that include lubricants, adhesives, sealants, coatings, inks, oils, solder...Read More »

Drug Device Combination Market – Innovation Towards Novel Products To Act As Key Growth Drivers

Drug device combination products are the amalgamation of certain medical devices and drugs or biological products to facilitate enhanced drug delivery. These products act as a single entity to meet desirable efficacy, typically lacking in traditional methods of drug delivery. The combination products are required to go through stringent regulatory process to ensure high safety standards. These products are needed to be monitored consistently during the...Read More »

Energy Management Systems: The Efficient Way To Conserve Energy

"Why there is a need of EMS?" Energy is the main fuel for social and economic development. The industrial sector needs high power. There is a rising need for optimizing the use of energy and conserving energy. In addition, various industries are taking efforts to use energy more efficiently due to the market pressure and public awareness about environmental sustainability. The need to conserve and optimize energy usage is becoming the focus for the industrial and residential sector. ...Read More »

Cryotherapy Market – Alternative To Conventional Treatment Procedures

"Overview" Cryotherapy involves the use of low temperature cryogenic gases for the treatment of various disease conditions in oncology, cardiology, dermatology, and pain management. It is mainly used in the treatment of varied cancer types including prostate, skin, and cervical cancer; benign tumors; and in pain management. There are various types of devices available in the cryotherapy market for ...Read More »

LPG: A Cost Effective And Clean Energy Source

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has emerged as a significant source for energy use in cooking, and heating & cooling applications. Growing population coupled with increasing the need for portable heat source in industrial facilities and residential establishments have steered its penetration in urban areas. In addition, the ease of access and portability of LPG cylinders has further enhanced its prominence as an eco-friendly substitute to coal, and heating oil in off-grid areas. Low...Read More »

Neurorehabilitation Devices Market - Helping Patients Regain Control Over Their Lives

Neurorehabilitation is a progressive recovery treatment mode, whereby patients suffering from motion impairment resulting from neurological disorders restore their lost abilities. Neurorehab devices ensure functional restoration for patients with neurological disorders. Neurorehab process facilitates reduction in impairments and disabilities, ultimately improving quality of patient’s life. Neurological diseases affect around 1 billion people across the world. These alarming statistics create a potential demand for the novel and innovative rehabilitation technologies aimed at treating several neurological disorders. "Neurorehabilitation devices facilitate restoration of lost functions in disabled...Read More »

Biological Safety Testing Market – Enhanced R&D Expenditure And Innovative Product Line Up To Drive Growth

Biologics are products manufactured from different biological sources comprising complex combination of substances that may be composed of living entities such as cells and tissues. It includes a wide range of products such as blood components, tissues, gene therapy, and recombinant therapeutic proteins. The wide-ranging applications of this market include the detection of virus contaminants in products that hold a high commercial value and pose a potential health risk to the target population. ...Read More »

Pharmacovigilance Software Market – Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions

Pharmacovigilance (PV) is the process of identifying risks associated with drugs, medical devices, and biologics to prevent adverse drug reaction (ADR) events in patients. This is responsible for the increasing demand for software applications required by companies to maintain huge clinical research data and reduce maintenance costs. The market is evolving due to increasing incidence of ADR reporting. PV softwares used during the study comprise ARISg, Argus,...Read More »

Cold Form Blister Packaging: An Effective Choice Of Pharmaceutical Industry

Increasing healthcare products demand on account of positive outlook of pharmaceuticals & medical industries has developed the global cold form blister packaging industry. This trend is expected to continue over the forecast period. Growing end-use industries including electrical & semiconductors components, cosmetics & personal care products, and pet food, particularly in the emerging economies such as Asia Pacific is also expected to impact the global market positively....Read More »

Knee Implant Market – Innovative Designs To Drive Growth

"Industry: Medical Devices" The knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to replace the damaged knee or knee part with artificial components (implant) to relieve disability and pain. It is usually performed in patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and other knee diseases. The selection of implant is depend on patient need and considering some other factors such as knee condition and knee anatomy, weight, age, and activity level. "Implant components and procedure types" Total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and revision knee replacement are three main...Read More »

Clinical Microbiology Market: Automation And Adoption Of Easy To Use Instruments In Laboratories Is Driving The Clinical Microbiology Market

"Clinical microbiology market" The clinical microbiology product includes laboratory instruments such as autoclaves, incubators, culture systems and modern automated systems such as gram strainers, culture filler, automated colony counters. The market also includes microbiological analyzers systems for investigation of specimens and samples. The microbiological analyzers segment includes molecular diagnostic kits, high-end...Read More »

Poly Alpha Olefin: The New Age Material To Reduce Emissions And Improve Fuel Efficiency

Poly alpha olefins are primarily employed as compressor oils, metal working fluids, engine oils, transmission oils, heat transfer fluids and gear oils, to provide seal protection, reduce component failure, and to increase drain intervals. The increased use of PAO...Read More »

Growing Demand For Cosmetics To Drive Lanolin Demand

Rising lanolin demand from the personal care & cosmetics industry owing to its ability to act as an emollient is touted to positively impact market dynamics over the next eight years. The product finds use in the preparation of beauty products such as perfume, oral, ...Read More »

Kombucha: A Living Health Drink

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly sweetened black or green tea drink majorly used as a functional beverage due to its exceptional health benefits. Kombucha was initially home brewed, however, in the 1990’s kombucha was made commercially available in local health stores and supermarkets. Made from sweetened tea that has been fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (a SCOBY, also known as ‘’mother’’ because of its ability to...Read More »

1-Decene: An Overview Of Disruptive Petrochemical Industry

Increasing popularity of synthetic lubricants as they offer better lubrication has triggered poly alpha olefin demand over the recent past. Poly alpha olefin is prepared by oligomerization of linear alpha olefins (C-10 and higher). 1-Decene is the most...Read More »

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic: Revolutionary Material For Transportation Industry

Stringent regulations related to vehicle CO2 emissions will be widely adopted across the globe.Weight reduction being the key factor for emission control, automakers are facing an urgent need for manufacturing light-weight cars. In such scenario, it is more likely that carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) will replace high-tension steel. CFRP structures weigh half of its steel counterparts and around one-third of aluminum. However, irrespective of benefits offered,...Read More »

Medical Billing Outsourcing Market – New Era Of Medical Billing

Implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has led to an increase in the medically insured population. Although this act has ensured better quality of life and facilitated people in receiving quality care, as well as helped implement a better payment model, it has subsequently burdened the medical providers (hospitals, clinics, and physicians). Reimbursement reductions and shift in patient volumes has led to medical service providers, especially hospitals, facing a 25% decline in their revenue. The challenge lies in persisting bad debts and uncollectible accounts. The medical billing process is more complex and demands to stay up-to-date with the changing guidelines and upgraded and rewritten codes for diagnosis &...Read More »

Frozen Food Market: Lunch And Dinner At My Desk!

Frozen foods are the most convenient option for working consumers nowadays. They come in numerous varieties to satisfy the needs of the consumers. These products are always easy to use during any joyful event, plan parties or a get-together. Aren’t they the correct option when there is sudden arrival of guests at your home? Many debates have been raised about the fresh versus frozen product items. Although there has been evidence, which rightly proves that frozen foods are good for health as they capture nutritious elements inside it directly after harvest, sometimes there is, an inescapable truth attached to it- their dubious products. Sometimes they are stored in warehouses...Read More »

Urolithiasis Management Devices Market – Latest Development In Renal Stone Treatment And Removal Procedures

Urolithiasis refers to formation of renal stones in the urinary system including kidneys, ureters, and bladder. Urolithiasis can impose adverse effects due to a blockage in the flow of urine from the kidney or bladder toward the urethra. It can be severely painful for patients and often necessitates immediate medical attention. On the basis of size and anatomical location of the stone in the urinary system, various approaches can be employed for their effective removal. These include extracorporeal...Read More »

Ultraviolet (UV) Curable Resins Market – Photoinitiators Are The Latest Trend In The Industry

UV curable resins are believed to be one of the fastest growing technologies within the graphic arts, coatings, adhesives and other related industries. Various end-use product manufacturing companies now rely on UV cured coatings to achieve customer satisfaction and environmental compliance. UV curing technology exhibits a superior chemical resistance and physical properties. The development of new and improved photoinitiators is believed to the latest trend in the UV curable...Read More »

Bone Grafts And Substitutes Market Driven By Growth In Orthopedic Surgeries

“Wide availability of natural as well as synthetic products is propelling the demand for orthopedic surgeries using bone graft and substitutes (BGS).” The natural bone grafts include autografts and allografts, of which autografts are considered as a gold standard in which patients own bone is used. Thus, no commercial product is available for autografts in the market. Allografts include demineralized bone matrix which have better osteoconductive and osteoinductive activity than other allografts. Synthetic bone graft include grafts made of ceramic, composite, polymer and ...Read More »

Decreasing Price Of Displays Coupled With The Growing Trend Of Reaching Customers Through Digital Images And Videos To Drive The Adoption Of Digital Signage

Digital signage six trends   The digital signage market is anticipated to grow swiftly owing to the technological advancements, which makes it a perfect fit for promoting products. The incumbent companies are concentrating to reduce the prices of the digital signage display owing to the...Read More »

Technical Ceramics: Effective Alternatives To Plastics And Steel

Technical ceramics, also known as industrial, fine, engineered, or advanced ceramics, are reinforced compounds characterized by excellent magnetic, thermal, electrical and optical properties. Due to these properties, the products have emerged as effective alternatives to high-performance plastics and steel in various applications. The global technical ceramics market has been witnessing significant growth over the past few years on account of its superior...Read More »

Are We Moving Towards ‘Probiotics A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away’ Scenario?

There is a lot of talk surrounding probiotics owing to its association with the term bacteria. Anything remotely connected to bacteria is harmful, is a general perception. Probiotics, however, defy this perception. Probiotics are especially ‘good bacteria’ the ones that are beneficial to the human body. Not all aware, but there lies an entirely proactive, flourishing colony of bacteria in our body. The total number of bacteria cells in our body outnumbers human cells. ...Read More »

Nano Calcium Carbonate Market: Shifting Trend Towards Nanomaterials

Calcium carbonate is one of the most commonly used fillers in thermoplastics, especially polyolefins. It is inexpensive and can be used at high loadings. Originally used as a cheap extender, fine grades of precipitated calcium carbonate i.e. nano calcium carbonate is now being produced in nanometer size and this nano calcium carbonate has the potential to be an important functional filler in ...Read More »

Medical Lifting Slings Market: Home healthcare offers opportunities for the market

Medical lifting slings are mobility devices which help safe lifting of patients who are weak, obese, or disabled. As per the data published by the World Health Organization, these are vital devices, especially for nurses who suffer from strain injuries due to patient lifting, accounting for an estimated one-third of all annual reported injuries. "Medical lifting slings: Factors affecting the lifespan of reusable lifting slings" The usage of slings is greatly influenced by various factors mentioned below. These factors may affect the performance of slings, thus risking patient safety. Hence, periodic check of these slings is recommended to avoid a mishap....Read More »

Styrenic Block Copolymers: A Versatile Compound for Polymer Modification

Styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) are one of the most widely consumed members of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) family. They are used for a broad range of applications which require high performance polymers. SBCs process like polymers but exhibit properties similar to that of rubber. They are the lowest priced TPEs owing to the bulk consumption in diverse end-use industries such as adhesives & sealants. SBCs, introduced more than 40 years ago, have reached their saturation point not only in terms of consumption...Read More »

Distributed Natural Gas-fueled Generation, A Perfect And Reliable Source Of Energy: Will Grow Exponentially In Years To Come

“Centralized Vs Distributed Generation” Distributed generation (DG) of power typically refers to an approach of providing a useable energy at or near the energy consumption area. It covers a variety of small-scale generation technologies such as fuel cells, wind turbines, and solar panels, large-scale technologies are termed as centralized power generation which is often located miles away from the centers of population and industry. Despite facing lot of challenges,...Read More »

Bio Vanillin Market To Grow On Account Of Rising Awareness Regarding Environment Conservation

Increasing demand for biotechnologically derived flavoring agents over those obtained from non-renewable sources is expected to boost the market growth of bio vanillin over the next few years. Bio vanillin is derived from the ferulic acid that is present in crops such as wheat bran and rice bran as well as from tea leaves. Hence, this product has the potential to be a key substitute for synthetic vanillin in the near future. Furthermore, the growth of key end-users of primarily pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries is considered to be another key driving factor of the ...Read More »

Developments In Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Market

Optical coherence tomography is a technology introduced in late 1990’s as a useful tool in ophthalmological diagnostics. Time domain based OCT devices were then available with a scanning speed of 400 scans per second and resolution up to 10-15 microns. Over the last decade, other technologies that have been developed are: Frequency Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (FD-OCT) Spectral Domain...Read More »

China Stationary Lead Acid Battery Market Will Witness Growth Owing To Rising Demand For Energy Storage Systems

Increasing usage of lead acid batteries in stationary applications owing excellent properties such as remarkable performance, long life, high energy density and ease of installation will stimulate market growth. Rising adoption of these batteries in UPS, oil & gas, energy, and railway sector owing to its low cost will fuel industry expansion over the forecast period. Lead acid batteries have been used extensively for ...Read More »

Increasing expenditure on nanotechnology research is expected to open new opportunities within the advanced carbon materials industry

Significant gains in conductive polymers market in light of rising awareness towards protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) in electronic devices is expected to promote the usage of carbon materials with excellent properties including good conductivity. Furthermore, increasing R&D expenditure for the development of carbon foam to resist sulfation and corrosion in battery plates by electronics manufacturers including Firefly International Energy is expected to open new opportunities for growth over the forecast period. Growing...Read More »

Increasing usage of conductive polymers in smartphones to drive demand

Conductive polymers are expected to remain one of the lucrative segment of electroactive polymers industry in light of their growing importance for providing excellent electrical conductivity and good corrosion resistance. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polycarbonate (PC), and polyphenylene polymer resins...Read More »

Demand for premium & customized consumer goods to drive pearlescent pigments demand in India

Pearlescent or ‘pearl’ effect pigments have gained immense popularity in recent years owing to their high sustainability, brilliant color effects, and a wide range of variations. These pigments are increasingly being incorporated into various paints, coatings, printing inks & even cosmetics to provide highly appealing, durable & unique color effects. Product appearance & aesthetics remain a major driving factor for industry growth along with increasing consumer focus on durability, performance characteristics such as thermal stability, barrier effects, and corrosion resistance. Additionally, the development of waterborne technology has also presented various opportunities for special effect...Read More »

Growing demand for hexane from rubber and petrochemical industries

Hexane has gained popularity over the past few years, particularly as an industrial solvent owing to its exceptional performance characteristics such as easy miscibility, low solubility, low impurities and colorless nature. Qualities such as color preservation of original material along with the ability to remove unwanted taste provide a competitive edge to the market growth. Hexane finds wide application scope in various end-use industries such as edible oil extraction, industrial solvent,...Read More »

Regulatory Intervention Promoting Environmental-friendly Products Driving Biolubricants Industry Growth

Bio-based products have gained immense popularity in recent years owing to increasing global awareness regarding the sustainability, biodegradability & environmental compatibility of such products. Biolubricants are one such product that has been introduced as a sustainable alternative to conventional lubricants in the automotive & manufacturing industries. Numerous regulations such as the Clean Water Act & Code of Federal Regulations (Oil Spill Protection) in the U.S., and the Product Stewardship (Oil) Regulations 2000 in Asia Pacific are encouraging biodegradable lubricants & industrial oils in place of conventional lubes that tend to pollute water bodies & the environment in case of a spill or...Read More »

Photomedicine Market – Redefining Medaesthetic And Laser Therapy Procedures

Photomedicine is a medical discipline that entails the use of light for detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Photonic devices encompass light emitting diodes, lasers, and fluorescent lamps. The market is evolving due to the rising demand for the treatment of skin-related diseases. "Photomedicine facilitates the diagnosis of various diseases" Light is used in various therapeutic fields, such as surgery, dermatology, cardiology, oncology, and optical diagnostics. The application of ...Read More »

Regulations play an important role in framing the demand for low smoke halogen free flame retardant polypropylene

Low smoke halogen free flame retardant polypropylene (PP) products have gained popularity over the past few years. Qualities such as restricting the spread of fire, protect the immediate environment and extend the escape time provide a competitive edge to the growth of halogen free flame retardant polypropylene demand. The presence of regulatory norms such as ISO14001, ROHS, WEEE & others helped in the growth of non halogenated flame retardants. These regulations impose guidelines, according to which manufacturers...Read More »

A Shifting Trend For Heavy Duty Aftermarket Parts

Nowadays, consumers are gaining interest in the longevity of their vehicles than ever before. As a result, industry participants such as Clarcor and Donaldson provide customers with detailed information regarding vehicle maintenance steps. Growing environmental concern regarding air pollution across countries such as India and China is expected to benefit the aftermarket filtration products over the forecast period. Countries across the various region have focused their attention to curb air pollution. Filters were an efficient solution used in automotive sectors that could help in preventing global warming and ozone depletion. The aftermarket world sometimes can be quite murky. The fact that the manufacturer makes the same part can be available in different boxes is...Read More »

Epoxies Resins: Polymers For Numerous Applications

Epoxy resins are thermosetting polymers which are known for their exceptional mechanical properties as well as their performance characteristics. These resins are produced by a chemical reaction known as curing. Curing process involves epoxides and other chemicals which are generally known as hardeners. Polyamines, phenolic compounds, etc. are some of the substances which can be used as hardeners. Depending on the application, epoxy resins can be manufactured in a...Read More »

Promising Signs For U.S. Frozen Food Industry

Shifting trends in the U.S. are bound to benefit the frozen food in the country. More frozen ingredients are being produced such as pre-cut herbs. Packaging techniques have enabled to display more advice about cooking and usage. Also, perfect cooking from the frozen state can be achieved due to packaging advancements. The growth of service sector and increasing female participation is a major demographic characteristic of the U.S. This has resulted in a need to create...Read More »

New Era Of Neurostimulation Therapy

Neurostimulation is purposeful modulation of the activity of nervous system using invasive or noninvasive means to modulate motor function or treat neuropathic pain. Neurostimulation provides pain relief by breaking the pain signals transmitted between the brain and the spinal cord. The complete implantable neurostimulation system contains several components, including neurostimulator, leads, physician’s programmer, patient’s programmer, and charger. "Neurostimulation helps in pain relief" The neurostimulator is a device that is implanted in patient for pain relief. It transmits electrical impulses to the spine...Read More »

The Market Outlook For Medical Gas And Equipment

Medical gases and its associated equipment find a broad range of applications in various industries including medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. On the basis of type, the market is classified into the following two main categories: medical gases and medical gas...Read More »

Orthodontic Consumables Market In A Booming Phase

#BrightSmilesBrightFutures tag was used by Colgate to promote dental health and spread awareness. The growing awareness about maintaining good oral health is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice of the general population worldwide. Increasing incidence of gum or periodontal diseases and the threat of oral cancer is also responsible for a positive market growth. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry related to dentofacial enhancement. In simple words, orthodontics is related to correcting the alignment between the upper and lower jaws, while the jaws close. Teeth that are incorrectly aligned are difficult to maintain and have high chances of developing tooth decay...Read More »

Bio Based Construction Polymers: Environmental Friendly Solution To Conventional Polymers

Bio-based polymers are eco-friendly and provide durability that improves performance in various applications. This material contains carbon originating from a renewable plant source and thus reduces the use of fossil fuels. Increasing need for green friendly polymers on account of a strong alter in the trend towards reducing reliance on petroleum-based polymers has urged the industry participants to shift towards bio-based polymers. Governmental bodies such as the REACH and EPA have implemented stringent rules and guidelines regarding plastic waste disposal. Increasing dependency on ...Read More »

Savory Ingredients: Flavor Enhancers Widely Used In Processed Food

Sweet, salty, sour, and bitter have been recognized as the four basic tastes for centuries. It was assumed that other tastes originated from the combination of these flavors. Umami also known as the savory taste was identified by a Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda in 1908. Umami is a combination of Japanese words “umai” which means delicious and “mi” which means taste. It can also translate into “pleasant savory taste”. ...Read More »

Coronary Stent Market: Biodegradable Stents Are Expected To Grow Progressively

Coronary stents are the small tube-shaped devices that are placed in arteries that supply blood to the heart. The coronary stents are mainly prescribed in coronary heart disease and are placed through a procedure termed as percutaneous coronary intervention. The composition of these stents can be metal or biodegradable polymers. Coronary stents: Are they used ethically? ...Read More »

Polyamide-imide: Shifting Trend Towards Lightweight Materials In Automotive Industry

Polyamide-imide is categorized as a product with high price and low market penetration among other high performance polymers. Raw material procurement and technology involve high costs to the manufacturers. Major raw materials such as n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP),...Read More »

Tuberculosis Diagnostics Market: Tapping The Potential In High Burden Geographies By 2024

Introduction of novel diagnostic tools and devices within the developing geographies, such as Brazil, India, South Africa, and China, are anticipated to witness an alarming rise in the volume of tuberculosis cases, which is expected to unleash the tuberculosis diagnostics market potential. The industry is working relentlessly toward developing novel diagnostic tools and tests to meet the key Target Product Profile (TPP) characteristics. Additionally,...Read More »

Medical Animation: Application Of Novel Visualization Technologies To Aid Medico Marketing

Medical animation offers better visualization of complex biological procedures, which helps in communicating healthcare-related information to the target audience. The market is evolving as the demand for real-time animation for product promotion and marketing by life science companies is increasing. Medical animation helps in marketing of pharmaceutical products ...Read More »

Preventive Healthcare: Being Prepared

Preventive healthcare technologies and services include measures to reduce the risk of playing host to several fatal diseases. The measures comprise assessment of risk factors to determine the chances of contracting common as well as rare diseases, detection of diseases in their early stages, monitoring treatment progress, and improving the efficiency of healthcare services with reduced errors. Preventive healthcare methods are...Read More »

Obesity Treatment Market: Obesity Is A Critical Global Issue Progressively Impairing Health

Obesity, A Global Issue High rate of obesity is a global burden. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 50% of the global population is obese. In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these, over 600 million were found to be obese. Obesity is associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and orthopedic disorders. Thus, escalating rate of the obese population is fueling the prevalence of chronic diseases. As a result, need for effective ...Read More »

Healthcare Biometrics: Whether A Good Investment For Infusing Security & Efficiency In Patient Care Or Not!

Application of biometric systems to healthcare facilities and participants has witnessed a rise over the last decade. Unprecedented progress in digitalization, centralization of health databases, and automation of healthcare services along with the introduction of telehealth solutions have collectively led to the growth of the ...Read More »

Revolutionized Automotive Sector To Drive Base Oils Market

Conventionally, base oils are the lubricant grade oils which are produced through different processes such as crude oil refining and chemical synthesis. They are attained from secondary processing units of the refineries. The American Petroleum Institute developed a classification system, which segments the base oils in five key groups depending on the sulfur content, saturates percentage and the viscosity index. Base oil finds wide application scope as automotive oils,...Read More »

Oleoresins: Will The Individuals Embrace A New Cooking Experience?

Traditionally, cooking methods involved a tiresome and cumbersome job as they had to collect the spices sequentially to arrive at final flavors. Recent advances in technologies such as solvent percolation and super critical fluid extraction have enabled the production of pure spice extracts, which are termed as “oleoresin”. Oleoresins are spice and herbs which essentially include active compounds and oils in its purest form. These oleoresins in liquid form are very useful for different industries such as food...Read More »

Liquid Biopsy Market Outlook: Will Liquid Biopsy Chart New Frontier In Cancer Diagnostics Industry?

Broadly speaking, a liquid biopsy is a non-invasive alternative to traditional tissue biopsy. The term liquid biopsy has become a buzzword in the healthcare sector, more specially in clinical genomics. This field is continuing to evolve and grow in near future, driven by physician adoption and payer support. This technology is initially being focused on cancer. Limitations of Traditional Tissue...Read More »

Telehealth/Telemedicine Market - Unlocking Significant Clinical Value & Transforming The Healthcare System

Telehealth is at the cusp of breaking into the mainstream driven by convergence of regulatory and technological change at the backdrop of a fast evolving healthcare landscape. The terms telehealth and telemedicine are often used interchangeably, but both describe the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve the patient’s health status. It is also described in few healthcare circles as Virtual Medicine or VirtMed. ...Read More »

Disruptive Forces Of The Healthcare Industry - 2016 And Beyond

There are three major disruptive forces that will shape the healthcare industry in 2016 and beyond. Disruptive Force #1: The Shift to Value-Based Care The Affordable Care Act of 2010 is ushering fundamental shift in healthcare delivery. This represents a seismic shift from the traditional volume based reimbursement model to a value-based system, where payments are based on the value...Read More »

The Market Outlook For Robotic Surgery

Overview RAS devices, also known as computer-assisted surgical devices, are used by trained physicians in an operating room environment for laparoscopic surgical procedures in general surgery, cardiac, colorectal, gynecologic, head and neck, thoracic, and urologic surgical procedures. These medical devices enable the surgeon to use computer, software, and robotic technologies to control and move surgical instruments through the mouth or through one or more small incisions in the patient's body for a variety of surgical procedures. Some common procedures that may involve RAS devices include gallbladder, uterus,...Read More »

The Evolving Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO) Landscape

The pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO) industry valued at $26 billion in 2015 is expected to grow at a 7% CAGR to $40 billion by 2020. Industry estimates suggest that only 40% of clinical development is currently outsourced. This is expected to rise to 50% by 2020 amid rising cost and complexity of therapeutic development in an increasingly burdensome reimbursement and stringent regulatory environment. The CRO industry is highly...Read More »

The Future of Ophthalmology Drugs Market

The worldwide ophthalmology drugs market was roughly valued at USD 11 billion in 2015 and estimated to reach USD 16 billion by 2020. The strength and attractive view of the market is supported by (1) Favorable macro trends, (2) Scientific innovation, and (3) increasing interest and focus on ophthalmology. Macro Trends The aging global population especially people over 65 will grow from 630 million today to 1.2 billion in 2030. The aging population in developed countries represents a strong market opportunity for ...Read More »

Next Generation Sequencing: Market Dynamics

  Analyst Perspective The speed at which next-generation sequencing (NGS) has integrated with other fields of clinical life sciences such as molecular...Read More »

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medical practice refers to a private form of practice where the patients are charged an out-of-pocket retainer fee for accessing the doctor’s services. In these practices the doctors generally bypass the insurance companies to provide the personalized healthcare services and charge a flat fee (membership and consulting) on a monthly or annual basis. These practices are turning out to be a relief to several doctors as against traditional care policies, majorly governed by the insurance providers and the government regulations. Furthermore this kind of practice renders fewer patients coupled with increased income in comparison with conventional medical practices. The primary care services or concierge medical practices render a comprehensive...Read More »

Healthcare Cyber Security: New Age Warfare

The healthcare industry is witnessing a significant increase in the cyber attacks over the past few years owing to the weak security infrastructure with unsecured medical devices and systems, lack of awareness about imminent cyber threats, inadequate investments allocated for effective cyber security measures, and the heightened vulnerability associated with high-value assets owned by the healthcare organizations. The pharmaceutical, ...Read More »

Increased R&D Investment In New Agricultural Machinery Is Projected To Boost The Agricultural Machinery Market In Near Future

The global agricultural machinery market is projected to witness significant growth from 2016 to 2020 and is expected to be valued over USD 200 billion by 2024 on account of upcoming technologies in the industry coupled with improved economic conditions and rising farm income. These factors are expected to boost industry growth over the next eight years. Applications that make use of agricultural machinery include soil cultivation, loading, irrigation, traction and power, planting, milking,...Read More »

Increasing Vehicle Demand Is Supporting The Growth Of Automotive Air Filters Market

The global automotive air filters market is expected to grow at a significant pace over the next eight years. This growth can be attributed to the increase in vehicle production, growing health concerns, rising annual miles were driven and emission strict norms in various regions. Air filters improve horsepower and mileage of a vehicle as well as engine airflow and emission control system which helps in the proper ignition of the fuel. The incoming air that...Read More »

Cancer Metastasis: Attempting To Detect The Undetectable

Development of cancer therapeutics in the latter half of the past decade has made it possible to bring a number of malignant cases under control and improve patient quality of life to some extent. These cancer types include prostrate, breast or other vital organs related cancers. However, ‘under control’ does not mean cured, a considerable amount of cases that undergo such therapy do continue to be at a high risk of recurrence and require strict constant feedback...Read More »