Client Testimonials

Each year, Grand View Research completes more than 40 multi-country market, competitor, customer, and sourcing intelligence studies for clients covering

Grand View Research is a U.S. based market research and consulting company, registered in the State of California and headquartered in San Francisco. The company provides syndicated research reports, customized research reports, and consulting services.

Our research and consulting services are tailored specifically to you and your organization in order to explore practical growth strategies and recommendations. We don't adhere to a one size fits all policy.

We understand that your business has specific research requirements, and we are committed to understanding the nuances of your individual research needs so that we can provide you with a tailor-made research service.

At Grand View Research, we are committed to provide the best possible service and recommendations to all our customers. You will be able to speak to seasoned analyst who will understand your research needs accurately. We make it our business to look after yours, with an efficient and friendly team always available to help you.

Contact us at 415-349-0058 to speak to a member of our experienced client engagement team.

Hiroshi Ishikawa - Haagen-Dazs Japan

I was very impressed with your research capabilities and the quick turnaround time. The output is presented in a dashboard format, making it very user-friendly.

- Hiroshi Ishikawa - Haagen-Dazs Japan

We chose Grand View as our new research partner for a global project with IT security professionals. It was a complex brief as we wanted to produce two reports concurrently from the data to make the project efficient. Grand View proposed the most credible and flexible way of delivering the efficiencies we needed without compromising the integrity of the data.

I was delighted at every stage with the team’s approach from pitch through to delivery. As someone relatively new to research methodologies, they helped me to understand the process, and explained the options and pros and cons at the proposal stage to deliver the combined project.  

During the delivery, I was always impressed with how prepared the team was at each stage to plan and mitigate challenges to the point where we didn’t have any issues at all.  The project felt like a collaborative partnership without the egos I’ve experienced in some agency relationships. 

Grand View is a gold-standard expert in research. They brought so much insight and enthusiasm into the research and crafting storylines from the data. I’m delighted with the report we produced. It exceeded my expectations, and I’m looking forward to joining forces with the team again.

- Susi O’Neill | Head of Brand Content B2B, Brand Activation Studio | Global | Kaspersky
Susi O’Neill | Head of Brand Content B2B, Brand Activation Studio | Global | Kaspersky

Alexander Ksugas, Senior Engagement Manager, Alchemy Growth

Grand View Research has been a fantastic partner in conducting specific research with regard to personalized medicine and different related disciplines. They have been very competent and responsive in all the requests to customize our required research and delivered all reports promptly and to a high standard. Our client manager, Farah, did an outstanding job in coordinating all our requests and was a pleasure to work with.

- Alexander Ksugas, Senior Engagement Manager, Alchemy Growth

Thank you ever so much - I really really appreciate all your work!

Just read this report on Postpartum Care: Qualitative Analysis - Fantastic <3

Looking forward to our future co-operation.

- Sari Skott, eGOOD
Sari Skott, eGOOD

GE Healthcare

Grand View Research team quickly grasped our requirements & customized the study as per our needs. They were open to accommodate few changes beyond agreed scope to improve the quality of the study. Interim reports were shared periodically which helped us to review study outcome, avoid misunderstandings and therefore achieve our goals.

Well organized data and very good presentation of the final report, helped to derive insights easily.

- GE Healthcare

Thank you very much for your interest, appreciated.
We were very satisfied with the services rendered by Grand View Research. Therefore should we be in need again, we’d for sure, count on you.

- Martina Manzo, Aqua Industrial Group
Martina Manzo, Aqua Industrial Group

Eli C Neal, Cogence Group PC

I had a great experience with Grand View Research team. They were very quick to respond to my inquiry. The package I finally purchased was different from what I first intended. The clear and prompt information I received helped me in finalizing and purcahsing this package that would suit my requirements perfectly.

It was a great, quick process to get the information I needed.

- Eli C Neal, Cogence Group PC

I am very happy with my experience with Grand View Research.  Puneet was very patient with me as it took much longer for me finalize the purchase of market research than I anticipated.  He was also helpful in determining what I should get that would meet my needs.  And when the report i purchased did not contain the information I requested, he was helpful in quickly remedying the situation.  I would certainly work with your company again if your reports continue to meet my information needs.

- Jamie Alexander, O2OOL LLC
Jamie Alexander, O2OOL LLC

Bart Van Meerbergen, VITO, Belgium

I can share that it was a positive experience wherein Grand View Research demonstrated flexibility to adapt to our needs and delivered an excellent report that fits all our requirements. Personally, I liked the timely follow up by the team and we will definitively reach out in case more research support is required.

- Bart Van Meerbergen, VITO, Belgium

It was nice working with Grand View Research. Especially the fast response and lead times, flexibility and tailored customer approach were highly appreciated. Looking forward to work together in the future.

- Wouter van der Meulen, KPMG, Netherlands
Wouter van der Meulen, KPMG, Netherlands

Tony Wu, Marketing Manager, Textile Coatings, Covestro

Its my pleasure to provide you feedback on the “Waterproof Breathable Textiles Market Research Report” we procured from Grand View Research, Inc..

From my point of view it's a good market report with professional study and statement, the information in the report is comprehensive and exactly what we would like to have includes customization part and it is very helpful for us to use when we do the market study.

I still remember when we express the additional request and the urgency of the report, you discussed with your team and finally make the deliverables to us on time with high quality. We believe in the whole process, your team worked with great efforts and we sincerely express our gratitude to all exertions from your team especially to you Ms. Dipti Pachade who are always kind and patiently contact with us in a professional way.

- Tony Wu, Marketing Manager, Textile Coatings, Covestro

I am extremely satisfied with the report and the services Grand View Research, Inc. offered. The report was good in depth and breadth, yet affordable. I was delighted with instant replies to my queries and the project went very smooth. I could meet my client’s expectation with the help of the research report. Grand View Research, Inc. would be the first market research company I would be contacting when I need insight about another industry while serving my clients. I strongly recommend the firm to anyone for insights about any industry. Best wishes!

- Musthafa A. Bakar, Partner & Chief Consultant, SVP Chartered Accountants, Qatar
Musthafa A. Bakar, Partner & Chief Consultant, SVP Chartered Accountants, Qatar

Marc Tandourjian, Sr. VP Business Development, SiO2 Medical Products Inc.

Grand View Research, Inc. did excellent market research for my company SiO2 Medical. With their reports my company was able to identify new opportunities and has now expanded our business into China. We look forward to using your marketing researching abilities on a continuous basis.

Thank you for all your help.

- Marc Tandourjian, Sr. VP Business Development, SiO2 Medical Products Inc.

After my first experience with Grand View Research I can say I was very pleased with everything about the process. Being apart of a startup there are constantly moving parts and key decisions to be anticipated. Grand View Research was there working with us every step of the way as we went from wanting one thing to another several times. In the end they delivered the report with the customizations we had asked for and with great detail. Post purchase was perhaps the best part as every question we had was answered in an extremely timely manner. Very pleased with the relationship and report with Grand View Research!

- Brian Hunter, Marketing Coordinator, Kaleido Biosciences, Massachusetts, United States
Brian Hunter, Marketing Coordinator, Kaleido Biosciences, Massachusetts, United States

Suganya Chatkaewmorakot, Business Development, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand

It is very important for us, a government organization, to have trusted and insight data to support our plan and expand our opportunity beyond local. We were impressed with the quality of the report from Grand View Research. The service and support from GVR team were very responsive and always go beyond our expectation. The flexibility of the post report purpose support will help us maximize the utilization of the report overtime.

- Suganya Chatkaewmorakot, Business Development, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand

Grand View Research has provided us with quite unique information concerning Conductive Silicone Rubber Market. We were satisfied with the market evaluation performed in the report, which was later on supported by the knowledge of our industry partners. What we also liked is the format of the report submission, which included the extended table with all the market data summarized and the report itself. We were also pleased by the communication with the GVR representatives, their support and the accurate delivery time.

- Mariya Markovets, OCSiAl Group
Mariya Markovets, OCSiAl Group

Nam Cheol Park, MD,PhD

I had an amazing opportunity to receive invaluable data, which helped me completely understand the current statistics of the rapidly growing global sperm bank market.

The GVR report not only helped us meet our research goals but also exceeded our expectations in terms of content, tables, and figures.

These updated facts and contexts further directed us in establishing a sperm bank market assessment and helped us plan the government policy for sperm bank in Korea.

We deeply appreciate the assistance and quick reply of your customer service representative, Shomali.

- Nam Cheol Park, MD,PhD

It is with great pleasure, enthusiasm, and honor that I highlight the most timely and unprecedented U.S. and Global Medical Device Market and Evaluation research that I have seen or experienced in my over 35 years in healthcare and medical research. The entire team under the leadership of Hrishikesh and Aakanksha has exceeded the expectation of Dr. Robert Bishop & I and delivered a quality report within the stipulated timeline. The bottom line is, if I had to select or recommend one organization with the best of the best global market evaluation expertise and leadership, I would select or recommend Grand View Research, Inc.

- Elder Granger MD, FACP, FACHE, MG, USA (retired) President/CEO THE 5Ps
Elder Granger MD, FACP, FACHE, MG, USA (retired) President/CEO THE 5Ps

Dr Al-Saadon, MD Medix Innovators, Canada

I needed research for my medical device, so, I began cautiously searching the internet and I found Grand View Research. I have had an excellent experience with them. It started with Hirshikesh Joshi who was available any time I called, and he explained the service as well as followed up post report delivery. He was always courteous.

The research team provided samples of the report and gave some idea about the content, which according to me was very professional. They gave me a choice to evaluate the relevant sample before I bought it. I was given the opportunity to customize the report.

What is amazing about them, is that they delivered the report within the stipulated time, that is, 3 weeks. It had excellent information that supported my project and helped me write my business plan.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone!

I thank Grand View Research and Hirshikesh; thanks a million!

- Dr Al-Saadon, MD Medix Innovators, Canada

We've worked on a project with Grand View Research and the quality of research met our expectations. We apreciated the help and quick response of our customer service representative, Akshat Bahuguna.

- TuAlly, Spain
TuAlly, Spain


"Grand View customer service is outstanding.  Our Customer Service Representative, Rachel Brown, never tired of our endless questions and requests for additional information even beyond the scope of our project.  Inquiries were nearly always answered with 24 hours, even those made months after the end of a project."


The post report purchase support provided by Grand View Research was excellent.  It was important for us to get some context and a bit more insight than the report provided and they were happy to accommodate that.  The cost of the report included a conversation with the analyst as well as some additional customization which had a lot of value.  The team at GVR was very responsive and went above and beyond to help us maximize the utility of the information and the research for our business purposes.

- Christian Schena, Director, IHS
Christian Schena, Director, IHS

Brian Moore, Vice President, NICCA USA, Inc.

We have worked on several projects with Grand View over the past two years.  Much of the research we requested was customization and difficult to find.  The quality of research on everything they have done for us has been excellent.  Grand View not only met our expectations in every case but exceeded our requests by providing valuable additional data that gave us further insight into the market. 

We plan to stick with Grand View for most or all of our market research needs in the future.

- Brian Moore, Vice President, NICCA USA, Inc.

As a multi-national company in search of specific market insights spanning different sectors and platforms, Grand View Research delivered great research information that met our needs. They were able to customize reports to our specifications, and despite the challenges of coordinating our needs across different time zones, Grand View kept us apprised of pertinent updates in their scheduling, and met all deadlines for delivery. Their reports were comprehensive and nicely indexed. Grand View was a pleasure to work with, and the information they provided exceeded our expectations.

- Afrat Spalding, Mtime, Vice President, Media
Afrat Spalding, Mtime, Vice President, Media

Kim, Heon-Mo (Terry, 金宪模)

"Thank you for the kind support of your team !!! I have received the final report, and the report is really helpful for me. Moreover, I will contact you, if I have any new need for market research materials, of course. Thank you again."

- Kim, Heon-Mo (Terry, 金宪模)

"I must point that your approach in serving us as Customers is very positive. You explore the possibilities to satisfy despite that the requests from our side were not so easy to get. You are very flexible and fast response."

- Noam Urim Enterprises Ltd.
Noam Urim Enterprises Ltd.

Shahnaz Sharifuddin, MYBiomass

“We purchased an off-the-shelf report with additional customization and we found the report to our satisfaction. We appreciate very much the flexibility of Grand View Research in tailoring the scope of work, fees, terms of payment and documentation, to suit our requirements. We are also satisfied with the response we received to our querries, post-sales.”

- Shahnaz Sharifuddin, MYBiomass

We are very grateful to Grand View Research for helping us gather some of the data our team needed on market use of various chemicals. We used the information from their studies “Global solvents market volume share by application, 2013” and “Global solvents market estimates and forecast by application, 2012-2020 (Kilo Tons)”. It was a great experience to work with them.

- Mengya Tao, CLiCC
Mengya Tao, CLiCC

Alexander, Partner, Vadestra Strategy AB

We appreciate your customer service, quick response times and flexibility in terms of customization of reports and nice response in general.

- Alexander, Partner, Vadestra Strategy AB

Dear Pawar, you are serious, professional and precise. Hopefully we can have more cooperation in the future!

- G.Luca, A+ Outsourced Marketing
G.Luca, A+ Outsourced Marketing