Exponentially Decreasing Costs for Genetic Sequencing Evolving Trend to Shape Genomic Testing

Posted On Jan, 27, 2017

Predictive genetic testing and consumer genomics have taken an ever-increasing role in clinical practice and translational research for disease prediction over the last two decades. Presymptomatic as well as predispositional tests are anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period.

The test is applicable in the carrier testing, prenatal diagnosis, and predictive testing. Carrier testing enables the detection of an autosomal recessive or X linked recessive disorder. Prenatal diagnosis is applicable for the determination of fetal disorder. Use of the technology for accurate and early identification of disease or genetic risk can aid in reduction of morbidity and mortality through screening, observation, and early treatment or prevention.

However, presence of ethical and moral issues with respect to predictive genetic testing is anticipated to restrain growth to certain extent.

Rising susceptibility of genes to undergo mutations anticipated to drive predictive cancer diagnosis

Breast & ovarian cancer based predictive testing accounted for the largest share owing to the rising susceptibility of the BRCA mutations for development of cancer. The outlook for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is changing over time and is expected to drive growth over the forecast period owing to the introduction of expected advancements herein.

Presence of HER-2 directed therapies that is a type of gene expression testing for determination of the gene that induces tumorigenesis is an ongoing development which is expected to enhance revenue inflow over time.

Technologies such as MarginProbe system which aids in the determination of cancer cells present in margins of the tissues that are removed during surgical intervention are further expected to strengthen available market portfolio. This technology is designed for reduction of the number of surgeries required post lumpectomy.

UK cardiovascular predictive testing market share, 2013-2025 (USD Million)

Predictive Genetic Testing And Consumer/Wellness Genomics Market

Population Screening Driving Awareness Level

A screening program differs than a normal genetic test in a way that it entails logistical planning for ensuring that all the healthcare services needed to actually prevent the disease are available in the screening program. For instance, breast cancer screening program, targeting the women that are above specific absolute risk is useful for the detection and treatment of cancer.

New-born blood spot screening program, practiced across several countries, in order to determine presence of devastating metabolism errors that are in-born. Example of such disease includes phenylketonuria, an autosomal recessive genetic disease.

Consumer Genomics: Driven by Private Companies

Private companies, such as DeCode, 23andMe, Pathway Genomics and Navigenics, offer their genetic testing services at a reasonable price when these tests are ordered through online service The consumer doesn’t need to leave home visit a healthcare provider.

Major objective of genomics is to generate personalized and actionable insights that lead to better health. Demand for large amounts of diverse genetic and phenotypic data amongst the scientists along with unfettered access to those linked data source This is anticipated to drive sector growth significantly over the forecast period.

Consumer genomics covers the sample kits provided to the patients for sample collection and detection of diseases on the basis of whole genome sequencing technology. The test results are provided to the patients through email service or through counselling experts. Such kits are available in different categories.

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