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Our consulting and advisory services provide a comprehensive, research-based view that is crucial for building business intelligence and overcoming market challenges. With their broad areas of expertise, our team of consultants is united in their commitment to our clients, and passionate about their business goals, which helps foster quick and effective decision-making. Grand View Research also identifies new growth opportunities to help you successfully establish and expand your business. Our client-centric services ensure you can work collaboratively with seasoned experts in order to explore different sectors of the industry and emerge with practical and attainable growth strategies and recommendations.

Key Offerings

Market entry strategy: Market entry is a critical operation for a company, carrying significant risk. You may introduce an existing product in a new regional market, or a new product in an existing regional market. Research insights help form a clear picture of the market and provide meaningful and tangible ideas for future growth and opportunities. Market research expertise enables us to make recommendations for lowering risk and making informed decisions that will lead to a path of sustained growth. Our consulting services offer key analytical insights on the following critical business aspects:

    • Product life cycle
    • Current market position and presence of key participants
    • Pricing strategy
    • Customer buying behavior and decision-making process
    • Regulatory scenario

Route-to-market analytics: Selection of best route for any market is critical for a company’s operations in order to maximize revenue generation. This requires in-depth market analysis and significant expertise in supply chain management and domain knowledge. Some of the key challenges we address in these services include:

    • Best channel to maximize sales
    • Threat evaluation and determent from domestic companies
    • Distribution channel landscape of key competitors
    • Identification and due diligence of potential distributors
    • Risk evaluation and barriers to entry
    • Cost analysis and profitability across the industry value chain

Business portfolio management: With the current global economy in chaos, it has become essential for an organization to diversify its business interests in order to ensure liquidity and profitability. Our team of analysts and consultants can provide a multi-level strategic approach to facilitate optimal portfolio management, focusing on the following points:

    • Macro-level analysis, providing a snapshot of the “big picture” in the industry
    • Granular level analysis, taking each business/SBU on a singular level and providing key market analysis, estimates, and forecasts
    • Benchmarking business segments on key parameters to enable selections based on long-term growth
    • Upstream and downstream growth opportunities

Customer insights: The global business environment has become increasingly customer centric in recent times, with brand equity emerging as a key competitive advantage. Grand View Research provides key insights on customer needs, which help a company, connect with its client and create strong brand recall value. Key issues we address in customer insights include:

    • Identification of target customers
    • Customer need analysis and buying behavior
    • Customer segmentation analysis
    • Customer perception of self and competition
    • Product positioning

Competitive insights: Identification and evaluation competition is critical to corporate strategy planning, in order to acquire and preserve market share. Grand View Research offers comprehensive support to provide competitive edge to its clients. Issues we address in competitive insights are as follows:

    • Competitor profiling including financial performance, products/services offered, distribution channels and strategic initiatives
    • SWOT, PESTEL and Porter’s analysis to evaluate competitive threat
    • Competitor benchmarking for performance measurement
    • Industry best practices
    • Identification of merger, acquisition and partnership targets
    • Strategic recommendations

Partner selection & vendor management: Distribution network management is a vital component in business and the need for efficient product distribution is more critical today than ever before. Our consulting team provides exhaustive research into the distribution and vendor management space, a process that starts with the dissection of the industry value chain. We seek to provide insights for key questions, including:

    • Industry value chain
    • Key market participants along with their presence in the distribution network
    • Profit margins and earning opportunities across the industry with the aid of forward/backward integration
    • Identifying suitable channel partners/vendors
    • Benchmarking vendors to aid in selection while minimizing distribution costs


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