Innovative medical device manufacturing start-up

Study Type:

Product positioning analysis of a novel multipurpose disposable nasal CPAP and inhalation anesthesia mask (It is a novel product which is designed to enable high-flow continuous oxygenation and uninterrupted ventilation via the nose, while allowing clinicians to simultaneously work within the patient’s mouth and is the first of its type in the market.

Proposed Deliverables:

After receiving a detailed proposal from the client regarding their requirements we have proposed the following,

  • Market potential of the device for the global and regional market mainly U.S., Canada, Europe Pacific, and Rest of the World, key applications of such product on the basis of the risk type of the procedure and market size for the device on the basis of risk type.
  • Average selling prices associated with such devices across different geographies and key factors influencing pricing patterns.
  • Product positioning matrix and heat map analysis for various players operating in anesthesia or CPAP masks.
  • Market potential for the device in home care setting for the patients suffering from sleep apnea.


Research Methodology:

The market was estimated using three approaches (commodity flow and bottom up approach, top-down estimation, and volume and price variable analysis approach) Primary interviews focused for each region. Sample included a mix of KOLs, doctors, hospitals (small, medium and large sized), distribution channel participants and end-users (laboratory technicians)


Post delivering the promised deliverables the client requested us to provide data points pertaining to the number of procedures undertaken in operation room, emergency room, and dental procedures in the U.S. Furthermore, the client had also requested us to provide opinions of doctors which include pulmonologist, anesthetist, and dentists regarding the potential performance of the product in the near future. In order to provide relevant information our team had conducted brain storming sessions with the doctors in various geographies.

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