Headsets Market – Novel Technologies Catering To Diverse Consumer Base Will Drive Growth

Industry : Electronic Devices    

The headsets market size is estimated to reach approximately USD 20.46 billion by 2024, according to a new report conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. The emergence of ground-breaking technologies such as NFMI and bone conduction serves as a major revenue opportunity for the market. The integration of these technologies has led to the development of truly wireless headsets, which are gaining high popularity among fitness and sports enthusiasts.

Industry participants are accentuating on product innovation and technological developments to meet the evolving demands and changing consumer preferences. Technological developments are primarily aimed at improving style, fidelity, and audibility of these products. Furthermore, the emergence of active noise cancellation techniques, which consequently provide a better listening experience to consumers, is estimated to fuel the industry growth.

The adoption of VR headsets for gaming and entertainment applications is further expected to contribute in maintaining the industry growth prospects upbeat. Gaming headsets facilitate better gaming experience through improved competitive game-play and crystal clear audible game sounds such as enemy footsteps and bullets. Moreover, the demand for in-game communications used for communicating with teammates is contributing to the adoption of these products.

The popularity of Bluetooth technology in wireless headsets has continually increased since they were first introduced. The adoption of this technology has come a long way since its launch in 2000 to the water resistant Bluetooth-enabled headsets for swimmers. The following info-graphic represents the evolution of Bluetooth headsets:

Technology Evolution- Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets Market

key  In-depth report on global headset market by Grand View Research:


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