Smart Bathroom Industry Data Book - Smart Toilet, Smart Bathroom Soap Dispenser, Faucets, Showers, Mirrors and Smart Bathtubs Market Size, Share, Trends Report

Smart Bathroom Industry Data Book - Smart Toilet, Smart Bathroom Soap Dispenser, Faucets, Showers, Mirrors and Smart Bathtubs Market Size, Share, Trends Analysis, And Segment Forecasts, 2023 - 2030

  • Published Date: Jul, 2023
  • Report ID: sector-report-00205
  • Format: Electronic (PDF)
  • Number of Pages: 350

Database Overview

Grand View Research’s smart bathroom industry data book is a collection of market sizing information & forecasts, trade data, pricing intelligence, competitive benchmarking analyses, macro-environmental analyses, and regulatory & technological framework studies. Within the purview of the database, such information is systematically analyzed and provided in the form of outlook reports (1 detailed sectoral outlook report) and summary presentations on individual areas of research.

Smart Bathroom Industry Data Book Scope



Areas of Research

  • Smart Toilet Market
  • Smart Bathroom Soap Dispenser Market
  • Smart Bathroom Faucets Market
  • Smart Bathroom Showers Market
  • Smart Bathroom Mirrors Market
  • Smart Bathtubs Market

Number of Reports/Presentations in the Bundle

1 Sector Outlook Report (PDF) + 6 Summary Presentations for Individual Areas of Research (PDF) + 1 Statistic eBook (Excel) + 6 Individual Databook (Excel)

Cumulative Coverage of Countries

15+ Countries

Cumulative Coverage of Products

15 + level 1 & 2 Products

Highlights of Datasets

  • Application Data, by Country
  • List of Major Retailer/Distributors, by Country
  • Demand/Consumption Data , by Country
  • Statistic e-Book
  • Competitive Analysis

Smart Bathroom Industry Data Book Coverage Snapshot 

Markets Covered

Smart Bathroom Industry

USD 6,573.9 million in 2022

12.0% CAGR (2023-2030)

Smart Toilet Market Size

USD 2,664.8 million in 2022

11.5% CAGR (2023-2030)

Smart Bathroom Soap Dispenser Market Size

USD 564.2 million in 2022

12.7% CAGR (2023-2030)

Smart Bathroom Faucets Market Size

USD 1,762.8 million in 2022

13.1% CAGR (2023-2030)

Smart Bathroom Showers Market Size

USD 1,125.4 million in 2022

11.8% CAGR (2023-2030)


Smart Bathroom Mirrors Market Size

USD 339.1 million in 2022

11.2% CAGR (2023-2030)

Smart Bathtubs Market Size

USD 117.7 million in 2022

10.3% CAGR (2023-2030)


Smart Bathroom Sector Outlook

The growing interest among consumers in home automation and the incorporation of smart devices is a significant driver for the growth of the smart bathroom market. Consumers are actively seeking innovative and user-friendly solutions that can enhance their bathroom experiences.

Smart Bathroom Market Size, by Region, 2020 - 2030 (USD Million)

The advancement in technology, notably in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and voice recognition have led to the integration of various smart features into bathroom fixtures and accessories. The development of features like automated temperature regulation, voice-activated lighting, and smart showers, have enticed consumers to consider upgrading their conventional bathrooms.

The growth of smart bathroom solutions is propelled by fast-paced urbanization and ongoing infrastructure development in numerous regions. This progress encourages the widespread adoption of smart technologies in commercial buildings, hotels, and public restrooms. By seamlessly integrating these innovations, such spaces benefit from elevated functionality, improved hygiene standards, and enhanced efficiency.

The demand for smart home devices is growing among consumers due to their convenience, time-saving capabilities, and the enhanced control and safety they provide. A survey conducted by in 2021 revealed that approximately 70% of homebuyers are actively seeking out smart homes, and 78% are willing to pay a premium for a home equipped with smart devices in the U.S. The desire for smart home devices was found to be higher among millennials compared to older generations. This data underscores the increasing popularity and acceptance of smart home technology as an integral part of modern living, driven by the desire for improved efficiency and security in residential settings.

As the market matures and technologies become more accessible, the cost of smart bathroom products has been decreasing. This affordability, coupled with the wider availability of smart bathroom solutions from various manufacturers, has led to increased adoption by both residential and commercial customers.

Smart Toilet Market Analysis And Forecast

The rising demand for convenient sanitary hygiene products is driving the demand for smart toilets. Consumers are increasingly seeking ceramic toilet arrangements with built-in features such as air dryers and warm water options, making intelligent bathroom products a symbol of style, particularly in developed nations like the U.S., UK, Germany, and France.

Smart Toilet Market Share, by Application, 2022 (%)

One of the key factors fueling the smart toilet industry’s growth is the growing demand for water-saving solutions. With water conservation and sustainability becoming crucial global goals, smart toilets equipped with water-saving technologies play a vital role in reducing water consumption. As the world population continues to grow, the importance of water resources and sustainable practices has heightened. Consequently, the integration of smart water-saving technology in smart toilets helps address these concerns by minimizing total water consumption.

Furthermore, the construction boom in both commercial and residential buildings is contributing to the market's growth trajectory. The increased adoption of smart toilets aligns with the growing trend of smart homes and the rapid advancements in technology. The acceptance of smart technologies, including voice-activated systems and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, has expanded in corporate, residential, and commercial spaces, further driving the demand for smart toilets on a global scale.

To enhance the bathroom experience, industry players are introducing innovative hygiene technologies, including UV lighting, auto flush mechanisms, Bluetooth connectivity, and automatic seat covers. In January 2023, Withings launched an innovative product called U-Scan, designed to fit discreetly inside the toilet bowl. This compact scanner introduces two distinct cartridges, each catering to different health monitoring needs. The first cartridge serves as a nutrition and metabolic tracker, capable of analyzing pH levels, ketone levels, vitamin C levels, and more. The second cartridge specifically aids in tracking women's luteinizing hormones, assisting in monitoring ovulation cycles. Users can conveniently access their health statistics directly from their smartphones through the accompanying app, eliminating the need to interact with the sensor located within the toilet bowl. 

Smart Bathroom Soap Dispenser Market Analysis And Forecast

Rising concerns about hygiene in developing countries including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa are expected to promote the utility of the product in the near future. Smart soap dispensers are increasingly replacing traditional soap dispensers and containers. Soap bars are considered extremely unhygienic, especially in public toilets, as they can carry germs and other harmful micro-organisms. Hence, there is a drastic shift and adoption of smart soap dispensers in public restrooms. Several industries, like the hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment industries, are adopting smart soap dispensers, especially in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and India. 

Smart Bathroom Soap Dispenser Market Share, by Distribution Channel, 2020 - 2030 (USD Million)

COVID-19 has also driven the demand for smart soap dispensers across the world. Small- and medium-scale players have also entered the market owing to the outbreak of COVID-19. The product demand is driven by the touchless feature of smart soap dispensers owing to the rise in demand for zero physical contact products and the need to wash hands frequently to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria.

Growing concerns about sanitation along with the rising purchasing power of middle-class income groups in emerging economies including China and India is driving the market demand from the residential sector. New construction and remodeling in the residential sector have been witnessing remarkable growth, especially in the developing countries in Asia Pacific. 

Constant research and development in this segment are also fueling the growth of the product. The electric soap dispenser is one such product that is being highly adopted across public places, especially in the hospitality sector. In March 2022, Euronics Industries Pvt Ltd, the largest-selling public washroom automation accessory brand in India, launched automatic soap dispensers. When the user places their hands beneath the machine, it automatically dispenses a predetermined amount of liquid soap. This product's primary goal is to deliver automated touchless functionality that eliminates all germs from the user's hands. 

Smart Bathroom Faucets Market Analysis And Forecast

The increasing adoption of smart home technology in households, driven by the convenience and luxury it offers, is expected to drive the expansion of the smart faucets market. These advanced technologies provide improved monitoring and control over water usage daily, addressing the growing consumer demand for efficient water management. 

Smart Bathroom Faucets Market Share, by Application, 2022 (%)

Consumer preferences have shifted towards incorporating smart faucets, along with other smart home technologies, into their households. These faucets are equipped with motion sensors, touch sensors, and temperature gauges, enabling effective control and monitoring of water consumption in kitchens and bathrooms.

Smart faucets provide hands-free technology through sensors and internet connectivity, enhancing the overall luxury, connectivity, and convenience in customers' lives. Touchless faucets, in particular, contribute to water conservation in both residential and commercial settings by eliminating unintentional water wastage commonly associated with conventional faucets. The expected benefits of these technological advancements are anticipated to drive the adoption and utility of smart faucets in the coming years. 

Smart faucets help consumers save water by automatically turning off the water when they are not in use. This can save them up to 50% of water usage. In August 2022, Moen, a leading manufacturer of faucets and other plumbing products, launched the world's first-ever completely touchless smart faucet. The Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control uses motion sensors to detect when hands are under the tap and automatically turn on the water. The water will then turn off when hands are no longer under the faucet. 

Leading manufacturers are actively incorporating new technologies to enhance connectivity and convenience in bathroom and kitchen faucets. Additionally, they are expanding their product portfolios by offering innovative designs, multiple color choices, and smart connectivity features. Key players in the sanitary ware industry, such as GROHE AG and Kohler Co., have introduced a wide range of faucets that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and cater to the evolving demands of consumers. 

Smart Bathroom Showers Market Analysis And Forecast

The convenience and personalization offered by smart showers are driving their popularity. Smart showers provide users with the convenience of effortlessly customizing water temperature, flow rate, and shower settings according to their preferences. The option to personalize the shower experience by setting pre-determined temperatures and spray patterns appeals to individuals who desire personalized and pleasurable shower experiences. The focus on energy efficiency is another driving factor for the growth of the market. Smart showers often incorporate energy-saving components and technologies, reducing water and energy consumption. This not only benefits the environment but also attracts cost-conscious consumers seeking energy-efficient solutions.

Smart Bathroom Showers Market Share, by Distribution Channel, 2020 - 2030 (USD Million)

The growth of the smart shower market is significantly influenced by the importance placed on water conservation and sustainability. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that by incorporating WaterSense-labeled showerheads into homes, the average American family has the potential to conserve 2,700 gallons of water each year. These water savings not only contribute to reduced demand for water heaters but also lead to energy savings. The average family could save over 330 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, equivalent to powering a house for 11 days. 

Smart showers are designed with advanced features such as flow restrictors, timers, and sensors, which effectively optimize water usage. These eco-friendly solutions cater to the rising demand from environmentally conscious consumers who seek products that promote water efficiency and sustainable practices. With increasing environmental awareness, the emphasis on water conservation has become a driving force in the adoption of smart showers. 

For instance, the VES (Variable Eco-Spray) Showerhead and Handshower, products offered by Kohler Co., are designed to significantly reduce water consumption, using up to 40% less water compared to typical 2.5 gpm showerheads. The low-flow spray of the VES showerhead ensures efficient rinsing coverage while maintaining warmth, addressing the dual requirements of a satisfying shower experience. These showerheads also incorporate Kohler's Katalyst air-induction technology, which enhances the water droplets to feel larger and retain heat longer, resulting in a more luxurious bathing experience while conserving water. 

Smart Bathroom Mirrors Market Analysis And Forecast

The rising focus on personal grooming and beauty rituals has been a significant driving force behind the increasing demand for smart bathroom mirrors. These mirrors offer a range of features designed to enhance visibility and assist individuals in their grooming routines. With built-in makeup lighting, adjustable color temperature, and skin analysis capabilities, smart bathroom mirrors cater to the needs of those seeking improved visibility and personalized assistance for their grooming rituals.

Smart Bathroom Mirrors Market Share, by Application, 2022 (%)

Smart bathroom mirrors equipped with voice control and smart assistants provide users with convenient and time-saving advantages. By enabling hands-free access to information, control of connected devices, and performing tasks, these mirrors enhance efficiency and convenience during the grooming routine. Users can seamlessly multitask and accomplish various activities while getting ready in front of the mirror.

Manufacturers are launching innovative products to provide consumers with advanced features, enhanced functionality, and a superior bathing experience. For instance, BMirror, a smart mirror by Baracoda, provides users with valuable notifications about changes in their appearance, such as a mole on the chin changing color, and recommends scheduling a dermatologist appointment. Additionally, it offers the ability to visualize oneself with different hair shades, allowing individuals to explore new looks. This innovative mirror enhances personal care and assists users in making informed decisions about their health and appearance.

Smart Bathtubs Market Analysis And Forecast

The increasing demand for luxury and wellness and technological advancements are driving the growth of the smart bathtub market. Smart bathtubs provide advanced features and technologies that elevate the relaxation and well-being of users. These include adjustable water temperature, hydrotherapy jets, integrated sound systems, soothing mood lighting, and aromatherapy capabilities. As individuals prioritize self-care and seek spa-like experiences within their own homes, the demand for smart bathtubs with these luxurious features has witnessed a notable surge.

Smart Bathtubs Market Size, by Distribution Channel, 2020 - 2030 (USD Million)

Smart bathtubs provide users with a wide range of options for personalization and customization, enabling them to tailor their bathing experience to their exact preferences. These options include adjusting water pressure, creating customized massage programs, and setting preferred lighting and audio settings.

Home renovation and interior design trends are also driving market growth. Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly seeking contemporary and innovative bathroom fixtures that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of their spaces. Smart bathtubs, with their sleek and sophisticated designs, add value to bathroom aesthetics and attract consumers who are looking to elevate their living spaces through stylish upgrades.

Advancements in technology have significantly contributed to the growth of the smart bathtub market. At CES 2022, Kohler, a U.S.-based bath appliance manufacturer, introduced a line of intelligent bath implements featuring its notable PerfectFill Technology. This technology enables users to fill their bathtub to perfection using voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant. The PerfectFill system includes a digital valve and drain kit, which can be installed by a professional plumber and connected to Kohler's app via a hub for compatibility with voice assistants.

Competitive Insights

The manufacturers aim to achieve optimum business growth and a strong market position through the implementation of various strategies such as acquisitions, new product launches, collaborations, and strengthening of distribution networks in the global as well as regional markets. Smart bathroom product manufacturers aim to intensify their market positions by widening their customer base. Thus, multinational players are aiming to achieve business growth in the regional market through mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic initiatives.

  • In March 2023, Roca Sanitario, S.A. developed the In-Wash Insignia shower toilet equipped with Roca Connect, which features cutting-edge technology for maximum comfort and hygiene. Using the In-Wash Insignia mobile app, users can program and adjust different operating modes and daily functions and also gain information on water consumption and toilet use.

  • In 2023 January, Kohler Co. announced the introduction of the Sprig Shower Infusion System, an innovative aromatherapy shower infusion system, at CES 2023. The Sprig Shower Pods infuse the water stream with various scents like lavender and eucalyptus and other skin-friendly ingredients to deliver a spa-like experience every day.

  • In March 2022, Jaquar-owned Artize launched its flagship retail space Atelier luxury bath gallery to display its retail bath ware. Through this initiative, visitors are encouraged to touch, feel, and experience the Artize bath ware products.

  • In October 2022, Hai introduced a smart in-home spa system showerhead. The showers feature Hai's innovative flow spray technology. Users can seamlessly switch from firm sprays to gentle spa mists, and everything in between. The Hai Shower incorporates a hydro-powered turbine that powers built-in LED lights and Bluetooth technology. The LED light notification system indicates when the water reaches a comfortable temperature and alerts users when a specific water consumption limit has been reached.

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