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Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Animal Type, By Product (Devices, Consumables), By Measurement Type, By Modality, By Technology, By End-use, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2024 - 2030

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  • Forecast Period: 2024 - 2030 
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Pet BP Monitoring Devices Market Trends

The global pet blood pressure monitoring devices market was estimated at USD 126.19 million in 2023 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.74% from 2024 to 2030. The market is primarily driven by factors such as the global upsurge in pet adoption and ownership, the increasing risk of hypertension among pets, the rise in expenditure on pet healthcare, and rising support initiatives.

North America Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market size and growth rate, 2024 - 2030

Hypertension, or high blood pressure (BP), is commonly monitored among humans. However, when it comes to pets like dogs, cats, and other pets, high BP often goes unnoticed by the pet owners. In dogs, renal disease/failure and diabetes mellitus, among others, are the primary causes of hypertension. In cats, ailments like hyperthyroidism and renal disease/failure, among others, often lead to hypertension. Unlike in human medicine, BP assessment is not one of the primary diagnostic methods in veterinary medicine; however, it is often taken in animals suffering from a disease known to cause hypertension.

In recent years, an upsurge in adoption and ownership of pets like dogs and cats can be seen globally. Dogs & cats globally are being adopted by individuals for companionship. As per April 2024 data published by Dogster, around 6.3 million animals enter an animal shelter annually in the U.S. Out of this number, about 3.1 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. Among these companion animals in the shelters, approximately 2 million dogs and 2.1 million cats get adopted into homes. Furthermore, as per the 2021-2022 American Pet Products Association (APPA) survey, the adoption rate for cats rose from 31% in 2017-2018 to 43% in 2021-2022. In addition, according to the same survey, the adoption rate of dogs rose from 28% in 2017-2018 to 40% in 2021-2022.

This trend can be seen not only in the U.S. but in other regions of the world as well. As per 2023 data published by GlobalPets, over 46% of all households in the European region own at least one pet. The adoption rate for cats & dogs in the region goes hand-in-hand, with approximately 26% and 25%, respectively. Asia is also still catching up regarding adoption and ownership of pets like dogs & cats. Countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia have shown very high pet ownership rates recently, with rates being 83%, 76%, 73%, and 72%, respectively.

These global figures indicate a rise in adoption of pet care products like BP monitoring devices. BP assessment is mostly conducted using human BP monitors. However, these devices need to be calibrated per the pets' recommended parameters and are prone to inaccurate readings. With a rise in pet ownership, pet owners are likely to invest time and money in ensuring that standardized devices are used to assess their pets' basic vital signs. As a result, a growth in demand for these BP monitors will boost these devices' demand.

Another important driving factor for the market is the rising number of support initiatives globally to increase awareness about the importance of BP assessment in pets. A 2022 study published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery was aimed at collecting information related to blood pressure information for cats across several countries in the European region. This initiative was called "The Mercury Challenge," where blood pressure data of cats from approximately 16 countries in Europe was collected. This data was then sorted into categories like breed, sex, country, and type of BP assessment technique used. The database was also sorted based on various categories of blood pressure (normotensive, pre-hypertensive, hypertensive, and severely hypertensive) in a variety of diseases like chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hyperthyroidism, among others. For example, in most cats with CKD, normotensive, i.e., <140 mmHg systolic blood pressure (SBP), was recorded in 28.3% of the cases, and 24.5% of the cats were severely hypertensive. In addition, the assessment duration for each cat using BP devices like Doppler and oculometry, among others, was assessed alongside the cat's demeanor during the measurement.

Such initiatives contribute to developing thorough reference databases for pet BP assessment, which can be crucial in categorizing the acquired BP measurements and help differentiate the normal readings from the abnormal readings. Manufacturers can refer to these databases for designing accurate and reliable devices tailored to specific needs. In addition, assessing parameters, such as demeanor, highlights the importance of user-friendly and efficient devices that can conduct measurements without causing discomfort to the pet. This will motivate manufacturers to develop devices that minimize stress and measurement time. Support initiatives such as this are carried out on a country level in other species like dogs and birds. In that case, industry players will be able to enhance the device's accuracy and, hence, boost the penetration of these devices.

Market Concentration & Characteristics

Companies that offer pet blood pressure monitoring devices, such as multiparameter monitors, are attempting to penetrate niche markets by developing a chain of local distributors. This strategy lets companies enhance the accessibility of their products to underserved areas and helps them achieve multi-pronged market penetration into multiple markets at once.

Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Concentration & Characteristics

Manufacturers in this industry are affected by the presence of many substitutes for their products. This competition mainly comes from the use of human blood pressure monitors to assess the blood pressure of pets. Despite this method's known inaccuracies, some veterinary practices choose to use human BP monitors due to availability and low-cost considerations. Such activities lower the demand for the dedicated device designed for veterinary use. This is one of the major concerns of product penetration in this industry.

Major players operating in this industry are attempting to enhance their product development and penetration capabilities by acquiring other industry participants. Such activities allow companies to improve their portfolio by inculcating the technologies of the acquired company. In addition, the existing customer base of the acquired company will act as a doorway for the company into that regional or country market.

Manufacturers are employing innovative strategies to increase the adoption and penetration of these devices among veterinary professionals. They are trying to incorporate multiple functionalities into one device to ensure maximum diagnostic coverage with minimum effort. These multiparameter monitors cover a vast array of features, including ECG, BP, capnography, and pulse oximetry. Even though technologies like these already exist, companies are trying to achieve higher accuracy by creating veterinary species-specific workflows.

Regulatory authorities like the USFDA, EU, and other country-wise authorities regulate these veterinary devices. The manufacturers are needed to provide accurate and easy to understand labeling and instructions. Structured regulations help set transparent standards and guidelines and promote innovation for developing novel and improved devices that are safe to be used by both pet owners and veterinarians. Strict regulations protect users from false claims and ensure manufacturers provide truthful information about the device. Standardizations promote innovation and user protection and help boost the quality of pet BP monitors manufactured.

Animal Type Insights

The dogs segment held the largest market share of over 52% in 2023. This can be attributed to dogs being the most owned pets in the world. A 2024 article from Forbes suggested that over 65.1 million houses in the US own a dog as opposed to 46.5 million houses owning a cat. Furthermore, in the UK, approximately 23% of individuals (23%) own a dog.

This popularity can be due to the numerous health benefits it offers to the owner, such as combating depression, reducing stress, and lowering blood pressure. Many of these owners further invest in ensuring that their pet dog remains healthy by conducting various diagnostic tests like BP monitoring and ECG measurement on a routine basis.

Product Insights

The devices segment held the largest market share in 2023. The devices segment is further divided into multiparameter monitors and BP monitoring devices. The growth of this segment can be attributed to the rising demand for devices that can perform multiple functionalities, such as measuring, distributing, and recording data, including blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen saturation level, etc. These devices are subject to constant technological breakthroughs to enhance their features and are, therefore, dominating the market.

Under the devices segment, the multiparameter monitors subsegment dominated, with the largest revenue share in 2023. This share is due to the multifunctional nature of these devices, which can assess many parameters like ECG, BP, oxygen concentration, etc., and display them simultaneously.

Measurement Type Insights

Based on measurement type, the non-invasive (NIBP) segment held the largest market share of over 64% in 2023. This can be attributed to the fact that this method is more widely employed than invasive (arterial) measurement. These devices are less expensive and easier for veterinary professionals and pet owners. They are non-invasive and do not require stress & discomfort causing needle punctures or catheters. Considering factors like convenience, affordability, accuracy, and reduced stress, NIBP devices have greater adoption in the market.

Modality Insights

Based on modality, the portable segment held the largest market share of over 67% in 2023. This large share can be attributed to the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and portability offered by these devices. These devices are more convenient, especially for pets requiring frequent BP assessments. They can also be easily transported to various areas of the hospital or clinic as needed. Portable BP monitors are comparatively cheaper, more compact, and more lightweight than benchtop models.

Technology Insights

Based on technology, the automatic segment held the largest market share in 2023 and the fastest CAGR over the forecast period, owing to the accuracy and swiftness of results. These devices use oscillometric technology to measure blood pressure, eliminating human errors that can occur in manual auscultation methods used in the aneroid devices. Continuous monitoring capabilities and fewer training requirements are some of the additional benefits of this technology.

End-use Insights

By end-use, the veterinary hospitals segment held the largest market share of over 51% in 2023, as they are the primary point of consultation and care delivery for pets. These institutions are the frontrunners in adopting these monitoring systems due to the large caseload of routine and complex ailments like surgeries. Veterinary hospitals often buy such devices on a large scale, so manufacturers also offer benefits like customizable settings, warranties, etc., to gain customers easily. All these factors contribute towards the lucrative growth of the segment.

Global Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market share and size, 2023

The other end-use segment is anticipated to witness the fastest CAGR over the forecast period. This growth is attributed to numerous end-users, such as home care settings, veterinary research laboratories, equine farms, pet adoption centers, etc. This wide variety of end-users presents a lucrative opportunity for companies to expand their customer base and ultimately benefit the overall market growth.

Regional Insights

The North America pet blood pressure monitoring devices market held the largest global share of 36.15% in 2023. This large share is due to the region's well-established veterinary healthcare infrastructure and vast awareness among pet owners about routine health monitoring of their pets. The region is home to key industry players such as Suntech Medical, Midmark Corporation, and Baxter (Hillrom), which boosts product innovation. Also, world's leading organizations that shape animal health policies are present in the region. All these factors contribute towards lucrative growth for the market.

U.S. Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Trends

The pet BP monitoring devices market in the US held the largest share in the regional market in 2023. The U.S. is home to one of the largest pet owners in the world. Over 86.9 million homes in the country own at least one pet. This huge number naturally translates to a higher adoption of routine health monitoring of these pets, boosting the market growth.

Europe Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Trends

The pet blood pressure monitoring devices market in Europe held a significant market share in 2023. The expansion of pet healthcare technologies has been rendered attainable by the expected growth of the European market, which will be attributed to upgraded veterinary health procedures and increased healthcare concerns. Since EU regulations do not directly regulate veterinary medical devices, a special emphasis on national accreditation and market entry techniques fosters the rapid implementation of novel technologies like pet blood pressure monitors. In addition, major players' partnership and growth strategies indicate opportunities for the widespread adoption of innovative technologies throughout Europe, which indicates additional market growth.

The UK pet blood pressure monitoring devices market held the largest share among the European region in 2023. Rising veterinary health spending, a growing workforce of veterinary professionals, and an increasing number of veterinary hospitals and clinics are driving a lucrative expansion of the market. These elements deliver the potential for advancing technologies in pet healthcare and foster an environment that is beneficial to the application of devices such as blood pressure monitors.

The pet blood pressure monitoring devices market in Germany has a favorable environment for the acceptance and growth of advanced pet healthcare solutions, including blood pressure monitoring devices, owing to rigorous regulations and an increasing comprehension of the significance of animal health. Pet healthcare technologies are likely to expand as a consequence of the positive government and private initiatives for veterinary advancement that are driving the market growth.

The France pet blood pressure monitoring devices market is anticipated to grow at a lucrative CAGR due to numerous key factors. One of the key factors contributing to the growth is the increasing emphasis on appropriate pet health management. Pet owners in the country focus on providing preventive healthcare to their pets by ensuring continuous monitoring of vital signs like blood pressure. This trend is highlighted by the growing number of households in France that own a pet. According to 2024 data by PetRelocation, more than 50% of French households own some or other pets like dogs and cats, among others.

Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Trends, by Region, 2024 - 2030

Asia Pacific Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Trends

The pet BP monitoring devices market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness the fastest CAGR over the forecast period. The pet owners' growing awareness of the significance of frequent examinations and preventive measures is the primary driving force of the market in the region. The growing phenomenon of pet humanization, in which animals are considered family members, also plays a major role in the market's expansion. The need for regular monitoring due to the increasing incidence of chronic pet diseases such as kidney disease and hypertension is driving up demand for blood pressure monitoring devices. In addition, as more veterinary clinics and hospitals open up, the provision of complete pet healthcare becomes more accessible, which raises the need for blood pressure monitors in the region. These factors indicate an expanding customer base in Asia-Pacific for pet healthcare technologies, with plenty of potential for future development and innovation.

The India pet blood pressure monitoring devices market is poised to witness a lucrative CAGR over the forecast period. The country in recent times has seen a rise in hypertension cases among dogs in different states of the country. According to a 2024 study by PV Narasimha Rao Telangana Veterinary University (PVNRTVU) in Telangana, about 56% of the male dogs and 43% of the female dogs aged more than six years were diagnosed with hypertension, which indicates the need for proper health monitoring equipment as well as services to ensure timely diagnosis, facilitating the market growth in the country.

The market for pet blood pressure monitoring devices in China held the largest share in the Asia Pacific region. This is attributed to the regulations regarding animal care standards and medical care and initiatives designed to encourage pets' health and welfare. Supportive rules and regulations can motivate pet owners and veterinary professionals to invest capital in medical equipment and services, such as blood pressure monitors. Leading players from the country, like Mindray, are at the forefront of such initiatives.

Latin America Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Trends

The pet BP monitoring devices market in Latin America is primarily driven by the rise in awareness of pet health and wellness, as well as the growing demand for portable and wireless blood pressure monitoring devices. Due to rise in overall pet adoption in countries like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, pet parents need diagnostic devices to monitor the health of their pets. In addition, with growing expenditure on pet healthcare, pet owners are increasingly willing to invest in preventive diagnostic devices that can measure ECG, BP, SpO2, and other parameters.

The market for pet blood pressure monitoring devices in Brazil has consistently improved its veterinary care standards, reflecting global trends. As a result, more veterinarians are using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and technologies in their pet healthcare facilities to give pets optimal treatment. The market is experiencing an increased demand for BP monitoring devices as they become an essential part of this diagnostic toolkit.

Key Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Company Insights

Industry players are using multiple strategies to improve their market presence. These activities encompass innovative product launches, product portfolio enhancement through mergers and acquisitions, and expansion through promotional activities. Furthermore, players are concentrating on developing multi-functional products. Together, these initiatives assist in boosting the market to meet the changing needs of veterinary professionals and pet owners.

Key Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Companies:

The following are the leading companies in the pet blood pressure monitoring devices market. These companies collectively hold the largest market share and dictate industry trends.

  • Suntech Medical
  • Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
  • TooToo Meditech Co Ltd.
  • New Gen Medical
  • CardioCommand Inc.
  • Panlab, S.L.U
  • Baxter (Hillrom)
  • KeeboVet Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment
  • AD Instruments
  • Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics (Mindray Animal Care)
  • Midmark Corporation

Recent Developments

  • In January 2024, Suntech Medical launched Vet40 Monitor, which is designed for measuring vital signs like ECG, BP, and others among companion animals.

  • In February 2024, Midmark Corporation launched two new multiparameter monitors for application in animal care environments.

  • In May 2023, Suntech Medical moved into a new facility in Morrisville, North Carolina

  • In September 2022, Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics (Mindray Animal Care) donated variety of medical devices like vital signs monitors, ultrasound devices, & others to the Beijing TaiDaQuan Stray Dog Care Center in order to enhance the animal care in China.

  • In September 2022, Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics (Mindray Animal Care) opened its first branch in Europe in the Netherlands

Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Report Scope

Report Attribute


Market size value in 2024

 USD 133.99 million

Revenue forecast in 2030

USD 198.15 million

Growth Rate

CAGR of 6.74% from 2024 to 2030

Base year for estimation


Historical data

2018 - 2022

Forecast period

2024 - 2030

Quantitative units

Revenue in USD million and CAGR from 2024 to 2030

Report coverage

Revenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors, and trends

Segments covered

Animal type, product, measurement type, modality, technology, end-use, region

Regional scope

North America; Europe; Asia Pacific; Latin America; MEA

Country scope

U.S.; Canada; UK; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; Sweden; Norway; Denmark; Japan; China; India; Australia; South Korea; Thailand; Brazil; Mexico; Argentina; South Africa; Saudi Arabia; UAE; Kuwait

Key companies profiled

Suntech Medical; Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd.; TooToo Meditech Co Ltd.; New Gen Medical; CardioCommand Inc.; Panlab, S.L.U; Baxter (Hillrom); KeeboVet Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment; AD Instruments; Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics (Mindray Animal Care); Midmark Corporation

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Global Pet Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market Report Segmentation

This report forecasts revenue growth at global, regional, and country levels and provides an analysis of latest industry trends in each of sub-segments from 2018 to 2030. For this study, Grand View Research has segmented the global pet blood pressure monitoring devices market report based on animal type, product, measurement type, modality, technology, end-use, and region:

  • Animal Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2018 - 2030)

    • Dogs

    • Cats

    • Others

  • Product Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2018 - 2030)

    • Devices

      • Multiparameter Monitors

      • BP Monitoring Device

    • Consumables

  • Measurement Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2018 - 2030)

    • Non-Invasive (NIBP)

    • Invasive (Arterial)

  • Modality Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2018 - 2030)

    • Benchtop

    • Portable

  • Technology Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2018 - 2030)

    • Aneroid

    • Automatic

  • End-use Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2018 - 2030)

    • Veterinary Hospitals

    • Veterinary Clinics

    • Other End-use

  • Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2018 - 2030)

    • North America

      • U.S.

      • Canada

    • Europe

      • UK

      • Germany

      • France

      • Italy

      • Spain

      • Sweden

      • Denmark

      • Norway

      • Rest of Europe

    • Asia Pacific

      • Japan

      • China

      • India

      • Thailand

      • Australia

      • South Korea

      • Rest of Asia Pacific

    • Latin America

      • Brazil

      • Mexico

      • Argentina

      • Rest of LA

    • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

      • South Africa

      • Saudi Arabia

      • UAE

      • Kuwait

      • Rest of Middle East & Africa 

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