Pipeline Press Releases

With the increasing offshoring of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services, managing data security and prohibiting data breaches are becoming the need of the hour

Outsourcing legal services to third-party providers helps law firms to reduce the cost of legal services without compromising on service...Read More »

October 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic proved disastrous for the catering service providers with businesses shutting down and festivities being postponed due to social distancing norms

The COVID pandemic resulted in businesses being closed, events being postponed, and eateries being shut down. As such, the catering services were negatively...Read More »

October 2021

Pharmaceutical companies are heavily depending on Contract Research Organizations to design decentralized clinical trials post Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the adoption of decentralized clinical trials due to its critical benefits of contactless virtual trials and improving the patient and physician...Read More »

September 2021

The blister packaging industry has started to work on evaluating alternatives of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a key raw material

Blister Packaging Market has run into a shortfall of PVC, the traditional choice offering low prices & strong durability, due to the COVID...Read More »

September 2021

At present, mergers and technological evolution are the two biggest trends in the contact centers industry

The pandemic has resulted in contact center companies partnering and acquiring other firms, leading to a higher degree of market...Read More »

September 2021

Rising adoption of electric vehicles due to high fuel prices has propelled the need for procurement of Electric Vehicle batteries with high range and low charging time

Increased adoption of EV due to the COVID 19 pandemic & high fuel prices has lead to technological innovations by manufacturers of EV...Read More »

September 2021

Increasing sale of electric vehicles to drive the procurement need for electric vehicle charging connectors

Electric vehicles are turning out to be the go-to alternative to counter the global inflation in fuel prices, in-turn, propelling the growth for EV charging connectors...Read More »

September 2021

Patient engagement solutions procurement need to upsurge with Increasing investment in mHealth and improving patient experience

Government investments along with development of mHealth and EHR to drive the procurement and adoption of enhanced patient engagement...Read More »

September 2021

Home care contract manufacturing market predicted to grow, attributed to enhanced demand for homecare and sanitation products due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Home care contract manufacturing  market to grow at a 11.4% CAGR from 2020-2025, with homecare product manufacturers expanding...Read More »

September 2021

Public notions of multivitamins being capable of reducing the severity of COVID-19 symptoms to propel the demand for vitamins and dietary supplements

Vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturers are entering the food and snacks business as demand for multivitamins increase amid the COVID-19...Read More »

September 2021

Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations based outside China to be re-evaluated for steady supply of APIs as a result of the supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic

Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations based outside China are likely to contribute in order to maintain a steady supply of APIs...Read More »

September 2021

Third-Party Logistics suppliers are collaborating with software development companies to automate warehouse operations

The continuous shift to e-commerce due to pandemic have fueled the need of robotics and automation solution across third-party logistics services for global organizations. However, these automation integrations take months largely because the software that operates them must be manually configured to work with an individual warehouse management...Read More »

August 2021