Increasing Data Center Traffic To Drive Application Delivery Controller Market

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Application Delivery Controller Market

Rapidly-increasing data traffic has led to a surge in the data storage demand, which is resulting in continuous expansion of the global datacenter market. Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented growth in services and technologies driven by the data center.

Now-a-days many organizations are sourcing their computing to “cloud-based” infrastructures. Therefore, large scale data centers and associated cloud services are developed and deployed by service providers and various organizations to store huge amounts of data, and enable easy data access as well as computations on the data.

Enterprise data center operators face growing challenges arising from variety of compounding factors which include deployment of complex new cloud data center and virtualization technologies; more users accessing data from a rapidly expanding array of devices; and growth in data volume driven by proliferation of smartphone and broadband wireless.

Key challenges exist to meet business requirements and maintain the efficiency of data center. Maintaining the application availability, keeping networks secure and consolidating resources staff requirements and scaling current infrastructure demands for an efficient solution.

Application delivery controllers (ADCs), help to tackle these challenges by ensuring that data center applications and networks remain secure, accelerated and highly available. As the data center traffic increases with increasing data centers, ADC market will also witness growth over the forecast period.


  • IT & Telecom Sector is anticipated to witness higher growth with a CAGR of over 5% from 2016 to 2024. This is ascribed to the growing telecom infrastructure and bullish growth across the wireless telecom segment.

  • The growing proliferation of cloud services as well as migration of SMEs from manual load balancing techniques to advanced ADC technology is poised to fuel the growth for SMEs

  • Virtual ADCs are expected to witness higher market growth accounting for over 6 % CAGR from 2013 to 2024 ascribed to cost & performance benefits and the improved IT agility offered by the segment

  • Asia Pacific is estimated to emerge as the fastest growing segment over the coming years. The surge in number of small-sized and medium-sized businesses in the region is driving the demand.


The adoption of cloud platform and virtualization is increasing continuously owing to which the application delivery controller is anticipated to witness expansion over the coming years. In addition, webification of enterprise applications have created new opportunities for ADC market players. ADCs also help reduce risks related to IT security and ensure compliance with data security and privacy regulations by providing an integral set of capabilities for network and application level security.

Organizations today are under immense pressure to transform data center into an efficient application delivery solution while lowering the operating cost. Therefore, companies that provide improved scalability together with operational efficiency and deployment velocity may capitalize on this advantage and emerge as leaders in this arena. Customizing the delivery mechanisms to the evolving and unique needs of several applications will further help the industry players gain traction and attain profitability.

Application delivery controllers are emerging as a critical element for the enterprise security enforcing improved mechanism that guards’ sensitive business applications. Further, trends such as SDN, BYOD and virtualization along with consumer demand for security has resulted in ADC requirement in both cloud computing and data center environment.

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