Bioactive Ingredients & Products Market – They Are Here To Stay

Industry : Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods    

Gone are the days, when you could depend on your daily food supplies to complement your body with the essential nutrients. The crops have lost their nutrient value, there is impurity everywhere, and adverse effects of industrialization are evident everywhere. In definition terms, bioactive ingredients are those that have a good and positive effect on the living tissues.

"Straight out of Nature’s cabinet:"

Nature is abundant with sources of bioactive ingredients. Medicinal herbs, flowers, and plants for that matter can be used to manufacture bioactive ingredients. They are rich in proteins, antioxidants, minerals and phytonutrients that are beneficial to the body. Bioactive ingredients act as neutralizers to a host of harmful bacteria thus proving beneficial for the body.

"Global rise in Demand"

There has been a recent rise in demand for bioactive ingredients in the recent past, and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period. People are concerned more about health. They want to lead and active lifestyle free of any diseases or ailments. Bioactive ingredients cater to this need. There has been a rise in awareness regarding the use of external ingredients or products to fulfill body requirements. This rising awareness is also aiding market growth.

"Enhancement and diversification of portfolio-Key priority"

As days goes by, the market is bound to get flooded with a variety of products. Companies have put a high priority on product portfolio development and diversification. They are doing so to sustain the market competition. Techniques such as oil maceration have been developed to extract bioactive ingredients more effectively from the source. Companies are trying to induct new products in their portfolio as there are a rising demand and preference for product differentiation.

"Advancements in R&D-a boon for the industry"

Recent advancements in R7D are bound to prove beneficial for the overall industry growth. Scientists have been successful in developing methods that allow them to grow ingredients in laboratories that are similar to the natural ones. The focus on sustainability has given results in the form of advances in developing methods to produce bioactive ingredients in large amount without damaging the overall quality.

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