Disposable Diapers Projected To Continue Their Domination By 2024 In The Global Biodegradable Superabsorbent Materials Market

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Biodegradable superabsorbent materials are basically superabsorbent polymers which are biocompatible and are degradable. These materials are a combination of synthetic and renewable raw materials. Superabsorbent materials are essential components for baby diapers. They are used to absorb and retain fluid even under moderately high pressure.

The global geriatric population is projected to witness steep rise in the future. Such a trend is expected to play a vital role in shaping the global biodegradable superabsorbent market over the forecast period. The total geriatric population is estimated to be more than double from 7% in 2000 to nearly 16% in 2050. This rapid rise in population over 65 years of age is expected to increase the adult incontinence product user base and accelerate the prevalence rates for adult incontinence disorders.

Factors such as constantly developing medical infrastructure, technological developments, and growing accessibility to medical treatments have resulted in steep rise in life expectancy rates. Increasing life expectancy is presumed to further assist the adult incontinence product market and in turn aid the biodegradable superabsorbent market.

Biodegradable superabsorbent materials are used extensively in the agricultural industry. Their water retention and water absorbing properties make them perfectly suitable for agricultural applications, particularly in water scarce regions. These super absorbent polymers increase crop yield and water use efficiency.

Synthetic polymer superabsorbent materials have penetrated wide range of applications including agriculture, personal care and hygiene, pharmaceuticals and other applications including construction. Therefore, biodegradable superabsorbent materials will need to increase their market presence significantly in order to cover the market and increase their share over the forecast period.

Polyvinyl alcohol was the largest segment in 2015. There is a continuous effort by various companies to manufacture superabsorbent materials with the help of biodegradable synthetic polymers. Polyvinyl alcohol has excellent water retention abilities and therefore has been used in various liquid absorption applications such as baby diapers and adult incontinence products.

The disposable diaper sector is expected to be the largest segment over the forecast period on account of increasing infant population in emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This has led to a significant rise in demand for various baby care products including diapers which has been a major driver for growth over past few years. Europe was the largest market on account of aging population and growing demand for feminine hygiene products.

Archer Daniels Midland Company, Itaconix Corporation, and TryEco LLC, are some of the major players that have a significant prominence in the Biodegradable superabsorbent materials market. SNF Floerger., Ltd., Exotech Bio Solutions Ltd. and JRM Chemicals are some of the other players operating in the market.

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