Coronary Stent Market: Biodegradable Stents Are Expected To Grow Progressively

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Coronary stents are the small tube-shaped devices that are placed in arteries that supply blood to the heart. The coronary stents are mainly prescribed in coronary heart disease and are placed through a procedure termed as percutaneous coronary intervention. The composition of these stents can be metal or biodegradable polymers.

Coronary stents: Are they used ethically?

The usage of stents is still a dilemma; studies have proved that stenting can save a patient from sudden cardiac arrest, however, there are questions on longevity due to complications associated with them. Hence, cardiologists believe that optimum way to prevent cardiac arrest is to improve lifestyle.

Furthermore, the usage of these stents is not up to the standard. Incidents have occurred where physicians have performed stenting unnecessarily to inflate bills. In addition, it is mandatory to take stress test before taking a decision on stenting, but many patients do not undergo stress test.

Bioabsorbable stents: Cure of postoperative risks

Stenting is associated with multiple complications; some of the frequently occurring ones are explained below:

Reocclusion: This phenomenon is triggered by the body’s immune response, as the stent is a foreign object to it. At the site of application, scar tissue proliferates and grows rapidly, which may form a clot and result in further blockages. This can be avoided by use of biodegradable or drug-eluting stents.

Restenosis: It is also called as neointima—development of smooth muscle tissue inside the lumen. At the end, it may result in reocclusion of the vessel lumen. It can also be avoided using biocompatible stents.

Considering aforementioned commonly occurring complications, development of biocompatible stents is the focal area interest in this vertical. The advent of Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS) is anticipated to bring a paradigm shift in stenting. Market participants today are highly focused on the development of advanced products. For instance, in July 2016, Abbott Vascular launched first ever BVS “Absorb”. This initiative is anticipated to help the company become a leader in coronary stents.

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