Immunoassay Instruments Market Insights: Automation And Increasing Adoption Of Easy-To-Use Systems In Laboratories Is Driving The Market Growth

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Immunoassay is a test used for measurement of small and macromolecules using antibodies and antigens. Immunoassay assist in diagnosis and detection of infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and therapeutic drug monitoring. 

Immunoassay instruments market

The market includes products such as assay systems and analyzers (chemiluminescence, immunofluorescence analyzers, radioimmunoassay, enzyme-linked immunoassay systems). It also includes consumables such as reagents, paper-based electrochemical devices, and compact portable small kits.

Growth drivers for market:

Immunoassays are widely used in diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer. The increasing burden of infectious diseases is driving the market for these instruments. As per the WHO, around 23% of 56 million deaths worldwide were attributed to infectious diseases in 2012. Globalization resulting in transfer of vectors (bacteria, pathogens and viruses), rising incidences of hospital acquired infections coupled with unhealthy sanitation practices in day to day life are fueling the spread of infections across the globe. Sudden outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola, Zika, and other contagious pathogens are some of the factors contributing to the rising prevalence of infectious diseases. Similarly, as per the data published by the WHO in February 2015, new cancer cases are expected to rise by around 70% over the next two decades. Thus, rising prevalence of infectious diseases and cancer, is propelling the demand for analyzers.

With technological advancement, automated instruments and equipments used in laboratories are rapidly replacing manually operated units. Automation has benefits such as lesser time consumption and use of less labor & space in laboratories. Introduction of automated analyzers in the market is one of the major factor driving the growth of the sector.

Constant product advancement is driving the growth of the sector. For instance, the approval of iStat cardiac Troponin I test cartridge (manufactured by Abbott Laboratories) by the U.S. FDA, which uses enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) method, is expected to contribute toward the growth of the market over the next few years. A number of other major players have also introduced automated laboratory systems, such as automated gram strainers and media fillers, which are positively impacting the market.

Highly developed healthcare infrastructure and high adoption of advanced diagnostic techniques is spurring the demand for immunoassay instruments in the U.S.:

Highly developed healthcare sector in the U.S. is fueling the adoption of immunoassay analyzer techniques in the country. In addition, well-defined regulatory framework and presence of giant players in the country are supporting the growth of the sector in the U.S. 

Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region over the forecast period. Japan is one of the leading countries with strong technological development and higher usage of immunoassays for the detection and measurement of specific proteins or antigen-antibodies in various applications. In addition, China is expected to hold a significant share in the adoption of automated laboratory systems over the forecast period which would result in the growth of the sector.

Key Players:

Huge potential of this segment is attracting various players to invest in the immunoassay instruments sector. In addition, existing players are investing heavily in research and development aiming at the introduction of technically advanced products in the market in order to remain competent. Some of the major players operating in the space include bioMerieux, Inc.; Roche Diagnostics; and Abbott Laboratories. Some of the other prominent players operating in the space include, but are not limited to, Becton Dickinson & Company; Diasorin S.p.A; Bio Rad Laboratories; and Siemen Healthcare GmbH.

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