Medical Lifting Slings Market: Home healthcare offers opportunities for the market

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Medical lifting slings are mobility devices which help safe lifting of patients who are weak, obese, or disabled. As per the data published by the World Health Organization, these are vital devices, especially for nurses who suffer from strain injuries due to patient lifting, accounting for an estimated one-third of all annual reported injuries.

"Medical lifting slings: Factors affecting the lifespan of reusable lifting slings"

The usage of slings is greatly influenced by various factors mentioned below. These factors may affect the performance of slings, thus risking patient safety. Hence, periodic check of these slings is recommended to avoid a mishap.

The following list includes the factors which impact the performance of lifting slings:

  • Patient weight

  • Frequency of usage

  • Frequency of cleaning

  • Drying temperature

  • Nature of detergent and disinfectant used

Disposable lifting slings are the preferred choice amongst healthcare professionals due to cross infection and other hygiene issues associated with other non-disposable slings.

"Medical lifting slings: Segment overview"

The medical lifting slings are segmented based on product type, application, usage, and end-use. In the product segment nylon-based lifting slings are the most used devices. Durability and resistance to infection are the governing reasons for the growth in their demand.

Patient lifting and transfer being the primary application of these products dominated the application segment. Also, universal slings with multiple utility are rapidly gaining popularity. Slings by usage type are categorized as reusable and disposable. As mentioned earlier, disposable slings are the preferred choice amongst the healthcare professionals.

The government along with healthcare associations is striving to lower healthcare costs. Home healthcare services are growing rapidly as these services offer efficient long-term patient care at a lower cost. Usage of all patient handling equipment including patient lifting slings is promoted in these settings. Hence, the emergence of home healthcare is exerting a substantial impact on the market dynamics.

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