Metal Aerosol Cans: High Customizability Associated With These Cans Expected To Drive Growth

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The global packaging industry is rapidly advancing towards the use of light-weight packaging alternatives. The conventional method for application of bug sprays, insecticides, and mosquito repellants involved the use of misters and spray pumps that posed significant health hazards due to contact of the toxic chemicals with human skin. Also, the global cosmetics market had witnessed significant growth due to high adoption if the beauty enhancing products by the consumers. However, a growing need for simplification of product application instruments was being realized by the major cosmetics and personal care products manufacturers. This led to the introduction of metal aerosol cans that consisted of a light-weight metal container containing the product and a propellant that provided for the easier use of the container contents.

The product was demanded increasingly by the personal care manufacturers due to increased portability and decrease in the weight of the product. Besides, growth in the adoption of the can based personal care products by the consumers resulted in an increased demand for the product. The demand for the product grew due to increasing use of the product for household cleaning formulations and insect sprays. Also, superior properties of the aerosol cans such as reduced threat of spillage coupled with minimal human contact with the container contents boosted the demand for the product.

The demand for such cans is expected to be driven by the growing use of metal the product by the consumers in Asia Pacific. In addition, growing disposable income of the consumers coupled with significant lifestyle changes is expected account for increasing demand for aerosol cans over the next eight years. The demand for the product is expected to witness significant growth owing to technological advancements pertaining to the production process, and the design of the cans is expected to bolster the demand for the product. Furthermore, an abundance of low-cost raw materials coupled with increasing production volumes is likely to reduce the price of the empty products leading to an increased demand for the product.

Europe and North America emerged as the major producers of the product due to high demand primarily in developed economies such as the U.S., UK, and Germany. However, the aforementioned regions are expected to witness sluggish growth due to the maturity of the market. In addition, the presence of major manufacturers such as Ball Corporation, Crown Holdings, and EXAL Corporation, in the region is expected to translate into high production levels.

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