New Era Of Neurostimulation Therapy

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Neurostimulation is purposeful modulation of the activity of nervous system using invasive or noninvasive means to modulate motor function or treat neuropathic pain. Neurostimulation provides pain relief by breaking the pain signals transmitted between the brain and the spinal cord. The complete implantable neurostimulation system contains several components, including neurostimulator, leads, physician’s programmer, patient’s programmer, and charger.

"Neurostimulation helps in pain relief"

The neurostimulator is a device that is implanted in patient for pain relief. It transmits electrical impulses to the spine through leads. Leads are the insulated thin medical wires that generate electrical impulses in the epidural space near the spine. Physician’s programmer is a device used by doctors to adjust and control the neurostimulation system. Patient’s programmer device helps patients customize the stimulation inside the settings a doctor has selected. The charger is required if system is rechargeable in order to recharge generator’s battery.

"Addressable neurostimulation market"

The neurostimulation implant surgery is witnessing high popularity owing to various technological advances, such as minimally invasive transdermalneuromodulation technology and MRI safety built-in devices. Patients with medically refractory epilepsy have few effective treatment options. The ongoing technological advancement have made possible the introduction of an implantable electrical brain stimulator. Recently, NeuroPace received FDA premarket approval for its new NeuroPace RNS System indented to treat medically refractory partial epilepsy. The RNS System is the first device that offers responsive neurostimulation, automatic monitoring of brain signals, and delivers stimulation to abnormal electrical events.

"Key players"

Some of the key players in the market areMedtronic; Boston Scientific Corporation; Cyberonics, Inc.; Nevro Corporation; Uroplasty, Inc.; Codman & Shurtleff, Inc, and IntraPace. Medtronic is the market leader in the neurostimulation devices market with highest market share. Its market share is accounted for by the fact that it has the largest number of FDA-and CE-approved products in the market. Its products like Enterra Therapy System and InterStim Therapy System have proven to be very effective and so generate a great deal of revenue for the organization.

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