Oleoresins: Will The Individuals Embrace A New Cooking Experience?

Industry : Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods    

Traditionally, cooking methods involved a tiresome and cumbersome job as they had to collect the spices sequentially to arrive at final flavors. Recent advances in technologies such as solvent percolation and super critical fluid extraction have enabled the production of pure spice extracts, which are termed as “oleoresin”.

Oleoresins are spice and herbs which essentially include active compounds and oils in its purest form. These oleoresins in liquid form are very useful for different industries such as food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and health ingredients.

Oleoresins are primarily traded and distributed by ingredient companies since their usages are mainly in, processed foods and pharmaceutical application segments. Also, turmeric oleoresin types are widely used in household culinary applications nowadays.

Usage of oleoresin is not without its limitations. There is a low awareness of the product, especially in the Indian market. Although India exports different oleoresin types to North America and European countries, its usage in Indian consumer market is not clearly defined.

Home users use spice oleoresins in a very small quantity. There are a lot of logistic hassles involved with the distribution of oleoresins in small quantities. E-commerce can be an option, but most Indian consumers are not at all tech savvy which creates a negative impact on the overall oleoresin market.

While oleoresins can be used for Mexican, Italian, and other continental dishes, surprisingly there has not been much done for its usage in Indian kitchen owing to its high price levels. This is a major stumbling block and is expected to affect the market demand for oleoresins negatively in future years. There have also been sub-optimal research advances done to explore the use of oleoresin in dishes such as lassi, sambhar and much more.

Despite all these limitations, oleoresins have bright chances to get replaced by ground spices. Shifting consumer preferences towards convenience cooking style in today’s life is anticipated to benefit the oleoresins market growth over the forecast period. They not only change the taste and aroma of the dish but also has an impact on its texture and appearance.

Oleoresins are increasingly used in pharmaceutical applications owing to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has its applications as a counterirritant, antiseptic and rubefacient. Hence, the real disadvantages or limitations which we pointed are all covered up eventually.

Concluding, the world is moving towards incorporating natural products in their daily life and oleoresin prove to be an excellent preservative which possesses therapeutic and antioxidant powers. The extraction of pesticide residues in oleoresin extraction should also be addressed immediately which can mitigate some of its problems.

There is scope for market expansion by including caterers, industrial canteens, housewives and wedding catering agents. Research advances are being implemented to fill the gap for new applications that can be incorporated into this market.

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