A Shifting Trend For Heavy Duty Aftermarket Parts

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Nowadays, consumers are gaining interest in the longevity of their vehicles than ever before. As a result, industry participants such as Clarcor and Donaldson provide customers with detailed information regarding vehicle maintenance steps.

Growing environmental concern regarding air pollution across countries such as India and China is expected to benefit the aftermarket filtration products over the forecast period. Countries across the various region have focused their attention to curb air pollution. Filters were an efficient solution used in automotive sectors that could help in preventing global warming and ozone depletion.

The aftermarket world sometimes can be quite murky. The fact that the manufacturer makes the same part can be available in different boxes is just a part of the problem. There is also no standardization met, when purchased by fleet managers or vehicle owners. All these factors make it difficult for vehicle owners to decide which part is genuine and which is not.

However, there is rules and regulations setup to prescribe the lowest emissions which can be permitted for automotive including heavy-duty aftermarket products. They also have to conform proper functioning of the exhaust system to confirm norms confirmation.

Most OEM’s and large independent distributors are creating their own part brands to speed up the service business into dealerships and offer the new choice to customers. Moreover, the fleet managers nowadays, are comfortable buying aftermarket parts from the internet. Whether looking for parts availability or learning tools, online information plays an important role in the aftermarket.

Though the cost associated with aftermarket product sales is higher, they tend to impart qualities, which are very application specific, and help in reduction of air pollution. Diesel exhaust filters are especially designed by Freudenberg, which can be solely used for underground coal mining industry. These filters mainly help in diesel particulate removal from the exhaust of heavy diesel machinery operating in confined spaces.

There are disposal bags offered to filter owners, which is also an effective way to manage the waste disposal method. With latest innovations, favorable government regulations and novel technology developments are expected to pave the ways for heavy duty road filtration aftermarket products over the next eight years.

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