UK Population Health Management Market: Growing Adoption of Healthcare IT Solutions such as Population Health Management (PHM) for Value-based Compensation Expected to Drive the Market Growth

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The UK healthcare system is struggling with rising demand for patient-centric care services and funding issues due to longer life expectancy, chronic disorders, unmet health needs, and the availability of novel medicines & therapies. Life expectancy is rising for around 10% of the population but has plateaued or decreased for the poorest 10%. In addition, some National Health Service (NHS) providers are struggling financially, endangering social care.

The UK healthcare industry is adopting healthcare IT solutions such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Population Health Management (PHM) for value-based compensation. Healthcare providers can benefit from PHM solutions, resulting in financial savings and improved care models. Numerous small & medium-sized healthcare practices and independent physicians need more awareness about the EHR and PHM systems. For better clinical outcomes, PHM solutions offer analytics, reporting, and healthcare data integration with EHR systems. Healthcare providers and public health agencies can benefit from data sharing enabled by the PHM software.

The NHS in the UK is transitioning from a competitive healthcare model to a collaborative one with the introduction of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), fueling the growth of the market. This model utilizes the strengths of different organizations and providers to improve patient care. ICSs were initially formed as unofficial alliances of local governments, social care commissioners, and NHS providers for a specific region. However, after the Health and Care Act 2022, each ICS comprises of Integrated Care Board (ICB) responsible for NHS budgets and an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) that addresses patients’ needs.

The implementation of various policies has supported the use of digital technologies in healthcare. These policies establish and revise standards for the introduction, procurement, and design of digital systems, creating opportunities for PHM providers to cater to the growing demand. For instance, in June 2022, the UK Government announced USD 2.18 billion (Euro 2 billion) investment under the new health and social care digital strategy. This investment is expected to allow NHS patients to access health records, communicate with GPs, and attend virtual meetings from the NHS app by 2023.

Population health management software plays a crucial role in facilitating a robust care management system with a risk stratification structure. PHM aims to leverage data-driven healthcare at the population level by segmenting patient data based on common conditions and attributes.

PHM software is typically integrated into Electronic Health Record (EHR) suites and includes data aggregation, risk stratification, care coordination, and patient outreach functions. Leading PHM providers in the UK, such as Health Navigator and Veradigm LLC offer customizable PHM software that enables continuous screening of new data, and identification of gaps in the healthcare industry, along with adapting new trends to cater to the need for software module modification.

Health reforms, including the enactment of the Health and Care Act (2022), are the key factors driving the PHM industry in the UK. The NHS Long Term Plan’s meaningful use criteria have accelerated the installation of health IT systems across the medical spectrum. This has also prompted clinicians to seek out PHM software solutions and revenue cycle management systems to enhance collaboration with healthcare payers. The aging baby boomer generation has resulted in a higher number of seniors in need of geriatric treatments, while an increase in chronic medical conditions has increased the emphasis on PHM.

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