Integrated Passive Device Market: A Miniature Marvel

Posted On Dec, 03, 2020

Let’s face it, our gadgets and mobile devices are getting smaller while simultaneously carrying out more functions. All of this has to do with how the hardware for the device has been designed, and Integrated Passive Device are a huge part in this development. So, what exactly are these devices? Simply put, they enable miniaturization of devices by combining various functional blocks, including harmonic filters, couplers, baluns, and impedance matching devices, and integrating them into one silicon wafer, thereby, saving chip space and enhancing device performance.

The devices are instrumental in reducing costs and interconnection complexities in electronic devices and improving tolerance, yield, and reliability. The devices are used in RF modules including cellular and Wi-Fi applications. Technological proliferation, in wireless systems, has led to a reduction in size, improved battery performance, and enhanced signal reception in an Integrated Passive Device. It has four major applications namely EMS and EMI protection, RF, LED lighting and digital & mixed Signal IPD. Their rising demand can be attributed to their advantages, such as enhanced compatibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing them to be used in wireless IoT devices.

EMS and EMI protection IPD enable noise suppression in personal computers and interference suppression in mobile phones. RF IPD are widely used in connected devices including mobile phones and tablets. The products are compatible with various assembly modes, such as micro bumping, wire bonding, and CSP, and provide adequate scope for customization of product offerings as per customer requirements. The use of LED indicators in microelectronics and portable electronic devices is significantly driving the demand for LED IPD. They are also used in healthcare applications, including scanning devices.

EMS and EMI protection IPD: They are widely used in cellular devices. The products occupy lesser board-space and prevent network signal interference. The demand for them is anticipated to witness remarkable growth, owing to the growing adoption of IoT devices and increased demand for implantable healthcare devices.

RF Integrated Passive Device: These are used in wireless applications such as Bluetooth, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Long-Term Evolution (LTE), Ultra-Wide Brand (UWB), and ZigBee. The products are designed to minimize power loss and enhance signal transmission. They integrate passive elements, such as RF couplers, filters, combiners, triplexers, diplexers, and impedance matching, into high-resistive silicon substrates.

LED lighting: The silicon integrated passive device technology used in LED applications enables low power-consumption and has efficient operation capabilities. It is used in various applications including display backlighting, architectural lighting, automotive, and consumer electronics. They are cost-effective and highly compact and have unidirectional as well as bi-directional protection diodes.

Digital & Mixed Signal IPD: Effective packaging technologies, such as wafer level packing and silicon-in-system packing, enable efficient integration of passive devices, such as capacitors and resistors, for application in digital & mixed signal Integrated Passive Device. They offer benefits such as prevention of signal loss and effective transceiver capabilities.

Manufacturing comes in two forms – thick-film and thin-film Integrated Passive Device technologies. Thin-film manufacturing involves silicon-based passive component integration. They find application in a number of areas such as handheld devices, cellular phones, WLAN and RF modules, among others. A typical IPD can effectively replace 13-14 discrete devices, while in certain cases, 2-3 Integrated Passive Devices are sufficient to replace 100 discrete components. These devices can be found in oil drilling and automotive electronics sectors, as well as other such extreme environments.

With rapid advancements in technology, manufacturers are in the race to offer more functionality in as reduced sizes as possible. Some of the factors positively affecting the Integrated Passive Devices market are:

  • Owing to the increased adoption of IPDs in consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, and medical applications such as implantable devices, there is high scope for growth of this product.

  • Miniaturization of components in a system to make it more reliable and compact has led to the growth of this market.

  • There has been a huge growth in the use of RF modules in applications such as wireless monitoring systems, garage door openers, and wireless home automation systems, among others. This is a big factor driving market growth.

  • Vehicle manufacturers attempt to integrate cutting-edge infotainment systems in their products, which offers another avenue for expanded market growth of these devices.

  • Owing to their low power consumption, LED products are a huge demand from consumers and end-users, again offering enough opportunities to enhance market growth.

  • Increasing usage of wafer-based devices in electronics, due to their cost-effectiveness, is anticipated to accelerate market growth in the coming years.

A factor that can hold the market back is that when compared to discrete components, Integrated Passive Devices are more expensive. However, with the inception of 5G on the horizon, as well as growing affinity of consumers towards wearable devices, this factor will most likely be mitigated.

With such a large number of areas for implementation, its no wonder that the there are a number of industry players vying for higher market share. Prominent among them are STATS ChipPAC Ltd., ON Semiconductor, IPDiA, STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies AG, Amkor Technology, Inc., and TSMC Ltd. Industry competitors have made various moves, including acquisitions, opening of new facilities, as well as increased spending on research and development, which definitely points to the fact that they are taking the Integrated Passive Device business very seriously.

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