Regulations play an important role in framing the demand for low smoke halogen free flame retardant polypropylene

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Low smoke halogen free flame retardant polypropylene (PP) products have gained popularity over the past few years. Qualities such as restricting the spread of fire, protect the immediate environment and extend the escape time provide a competitive edge to the growth of halogen free flame retardant polypropylene demand.

The presence of regulatory norms such as ISO14001, ROHS, WEEE & others helped in the growth of non halogenated flame retardants. These regulations impose guidelines, according to which manufacturers are investing highly on minimizing the adverse effect of halogenated products and for developing products which meets the safety & eco-friendly standards.

Over the past few years, the use of polypropylene in industries such as construction, automotive, electrical, textiles, and furniture has increased. A similar trend is anticipated to continue over the forecast period. This trend has amplified the threat of fire in the industrial and commercial application. To overcome these fire outbreaks, companies are developing halogen free flame retardant polypropylene products.

The construction industry is a dominant application for halogen free flame retardant PP products. These products are used in manufacturing materials used in large sheets or granules of polypropylene foam boards or panels to meet fire safety standards. These materials help in insulating walls and ceilings to manage sound and temperature.

North America is one of the largest producers of low smoke flame retardant PP in the world. The region has vast and experienced players. Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest growing market for flame retardant products over the next eight years. Countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and China are believed to be leading the regional demand by 2024.

The flame retardant polypropylene industry is highly consolidated in nature. The presence of a number of mature industry participants results in a highly competitive environment. The initial and manufacturing cost for halogen free flame retardant product is very high, which makes it difficult for new companies to enter the market. The industry is highly product and technology driven.

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