Peracetic Acid Market To Witness Enhanced Usage In Sanitizer, Disinfectant And Bleaching Agent Among Key Applications

Industry : Disinfectants & Preservatives    

"Peracetic acid- The new champion amongst disinfectants"

Peracetic acid market comes with its basic set of advantages. It is the new champion of the disinfectant scenario. Pulp and paper, water treatment, food & beverages, or healthcare. The demand is growing thanks to its effectiveness.Peracetic acid possesses pungent odor. It is colorless and can be used to eliminate pathogens such as fungi and bacteria. The formula for the compound is CH3CO3H. It is highly corrosive and is comparatively weaker than its parent acetic acid.

"Peracetic acid- Better than alternatives"

Chlorine was the disinfectant preference for many years. But the chemical had severe disadvantages. Gas leaks of the chemical can have adverse effects on the surroundings. Also, it posed a grave threat to aquatic flora and fauna. Same goes with Sodium Hypochlorite. It is toxic and faces off-gassing issues.

Peracetic acid is safe and does not possess an immediate threat to aquatic life. Furthermore, it does not degrade into harmful by-products thus causing little or no harm to immediate environments.

It possesses more oxidation potential than other alternatives except for UV technology. However, UV technology is costly to implement. On the other hand, peracetic acid can be used in the existing infrastructural setup. Also, the acid possesses higher shelf life thus making it suitable for long storage periods.

Reasons For Global Demand Rise

                                   Peracetic Acid Market

"Asia Pacific - The region of focus for industries"

Asia Pacific region is booming with activity. Government interventions in the region have resulted in the growth of water treatment as well as healthcare industries in the region. Also, the pulp and paper industry also has a significant presence in the region. Food & beverages sector is already predominant in the region. Thus, to cater to this regional demand from these key end-use industries, major industry participants are setting up manufacturing plants in this region thus increasing their regional footprint. The market share of the region is increasing due to this trend.

"Global peracetic acid market- favorable scenario for new entrants"

Peracetic acid has attracted a lot of attention in the past few years. Major industry participants in key end-use industries are favoring peracetic acid usage. They are entering into agreements, partnerships and collaborations with governments to increase the awareness regarding peracetic acid usage. Favorable regulatory scenario and viable, environmentally sustainable alternative in the form of peracetic acid, is contributing to increasing in market size.

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