Promising Signs For U.S. Frozen Food Industry

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Shifting trends in the U.S. are bound to benefit the frozen food in the country. More frozen ingredients are being produced such as pre-cut herbs. Packaging techniques have enabled to display more advice about cooking and usage. Also, perfect cooking from the frozen state can be achieved due to packaging advancements.

The growth of service sector and increasing female participation is a major demographic characteristic of the U.S. This has resulted in a need to create greater convenience, particularly regarding food preparation. Frozen foods are ready to cook and require less or no time prior consumption. As the economic participation in the country increases, the frozen food industry is expected to benefit from this trend.

The U.S. consumers have a strong desire for convenience. However, this desire is constrained by budgetary limitations. Hence there has been a rising demand for affordable yet nutritious food. Frozen food is relatively cheap and locks in all the nutritious value due to advanced freezing techniques employed.

The growth of convenience retail in the U.S. is widening access to new products and services. Online shopping has revolutionized the complete shopping experience. Frozen foods are showing promising sales on online portals since online consumers are mostly of younger age and they are more prone to the use of internet. A wide variety of frozen foods is catering to this demographic section in the U.S.

The shift in global economic, demographic and social trends have put up a lot of strain on food production. Raw material sourcing is a major impediment in the frozen food industry. However, companies have increased the involvement level of raw material suppliers in their value chain. Agreements, higher purchase price, strict quality checks and accessibility to manufacturing are some of the characteristics of this level of involvement.

Fortification of frozen foods by nutritional additives is a majorly unexplored segment. Tailor made fortified food in frozen state suit different categories such as children, seniors; allergy specific demography pose a huge market opportunity.

There is a strong desire among people to know more about the food they eat. There is a tendency to trust the food that people already know. This has catered a rise in ethnic food category in the frozen food category. Also, companies are providing more information on ingredients and products used to create more transparency to serve the consumer need to learn more about the food.

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