Nano Calcium Carbonate Market: Shifting Trend Towards Nanomaterials

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Calcium carbonate is one of the most commonly used fillers in thermoplastics, especially polyolefins. It is inexpensive and can be used at high loadings. Originally used as a cheap extender, fine grades of precipitated calcium carbonate i.e. nano calcium carbonate is now being produced in nanometer size and this nano calcium carbonate has the potential to be an important functional filler in polypropylene composites.

The surface of the nano calcium carbonate filler is usually treated with fatty acids such as stearic acid, to modify the filler surface to become hydrophobic. The main purpose of this surface coating is to reduce moisture absorption and hence particle agglomeration during storage, as well as to improve the dispersibility of the polar filler when incorporated into non-polar polymer melts. Improved dispersion of the nanofillers within the polymer matrix is a prerequisite for any improvement in mechanical properties, particularly impact strength.

Nano calcium carbonate is being widely used in end use applications including automotive, pharmaceutical, adhesives and sealants. The product is used in various applications of plastics compounding as reinforcing functional filler in extruded weatherable profiles, conduits, and pipes. It can substitute up to 20% of existing reinforcing additives such as CPE, MBS or SBS. Rising application scope of nano calcium carbonate in various types of plastic processing including PP, PE, PVC, ABS resin on account of superior surface activeness, high whiteness, and good dispersing ability.

Growing use of nano calcium carbonate in plastic industry as filler material and reinforcing agent in the nanostructured form to manufacture high-grade plastic products is likely to drive the demand over next eight years. Calcium carbonate is used in plastic processing as one of the most important inorganic powder additives. Calcium plays an important role in the plastic processing which in its inorganic mineral powder form helps reduce raw material costs, improve performance and reduce the white pollution.

Also, rising demand from paper and rubber industry and surging technological advancements are expected to drive this market. Growing use of nano calcium carbonate in the Asia Pacific region owing to growing demand from end use industries coupled with cheaper production is expected to have a positive impact on the market.

The manufacturers in this market are constantly engaged in R&D and are purely focused on improved product development to increase their market share.

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