Poly Alpha Olefin: The New Age Material To Reduce Emissions And Improve Fuel Efficiency

Industry : Plastics, Polymers & Resins    

Poly alpha olefins are primarily employed as compressor oils, metal working fluids, engine oils, transmission oils, heat transfer fluids and gear oils, to provide seal protection, reduce component failure, and to increase drain intervals. The increased use of PAO fluids mainly depends on the development of new technology, formulation packages, and additives. The formulation development is being actively pursued by PAO additive manufacturers, producers, OEMs, and formulators.

Different technologies and procedures are used for manufacturing poly alpha olefin. These technologies have been patented by various key market players such as ExxonMobil Corp., Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, The Dow Chemical Company, and INEOS Oligomers has their own patented technology for poly alpha olefin production.

Increasing R&D efforts for the development of poly alpha olefin manufacturing technology and availability of raw materials coupled with low manufacturing costs is one of the factors supporting the production landscape in the region like Asia Pacific.

Different technologies and procedures are used for manufacturing poly alpha olefin. These technologies have been patented by various key market players. Extensive research for the development of manufacturing technologies had been carried out in the past and is also being done presently. Increasing R&D towards the development of bio-based poly alpha olefin is also expected to create new opportunities for market players. Biodegradability is an exciting prospect for these renewable base stocks.

A major source of greenhouse gas emissions is associated with vehicles emission. Growing concern toward CO2 footprint in large-scale manufacturing units has urged the industry players to shift toward bio-based poly alpha olefin. Therefore, it is expected that demand for bio-based poly alpha olefin would rise exponentially in the coming future.

One of the major firms involved in the distribution and marketing of bio-based poly alpha olefin is Novvi Company, which offers 100% renewable PAO in the brand name of NovaSpec base oils.

The renewable product is a direct replacement for conventional Group IV poly alpha olefin base oils derived from petroleum and natural gas. Base oils have about 98% hydrocarbon chemistry when derived from any feedstock, making the farnesene route entirely analogous in result to traditional, non-renewable production methods.

Stringent environmental regulations on fossil fuel products by regulatory authorities such as EPA and REACH coupled with government initiatives to reduce dependency on petrochemicals have been responsible for the development of bio-based alternatives. Bio-based poly alpha olefin market is in its nascent phase and is estimated to witness significant growth in future.

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