Rising Construction Spending Is Expected To Drive Geomembranes Market Demand

Industry : Advanced Materials    

Rising construction spending in China, India and Middle East countries in light of regulatory support for infrastructure improvement is expected to fuel the demand geosynthetic materials such as geomembrane in the near future. Geomembrane acts a lining system to prevent contamination from pollutants and grounds in residential structures, commercial buildings and infrastructure including airport and metro stations.

Geomembrane is used as solution ponds and heap leach pads for providing containment control in mining industry.Moreover, this product is also used in pond liner for checking leak detection as well as preventing the migration of effluent as well as gas.

Regulatory bodies including the U.S. EPA and European Commissions have framed numerous acts and rules, aimed for mandating the use of waste management and disposal practices to control environmental pollution in mining industry. Therefore, geomembrane is expected to remain one of the most important tool for solid waste management in mining industry. Growth in mining industry is expected to remain a major driving factor in the near future.

Geomembrane is used to provide line storage and disposal ponds for freshwater required during hydraulic fracturing in exploration and production of unconventional sources such as shale gas and tight oil. The product also finds application in providing the lining to flow back water, a by-product comprising high level of salt, chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing process.

Geomembranes are also used to line fracking chemical tanks and well pads during shale gas exploration and production process. The product is used in the production of shale gas on account of exhibiting properties such as good chemical resistance and excellent stress crack resistance.

The global shale gas production (Excluding North America) was 5 billion cubic meter in 2013 and is expected to reach 75 billion cubic meters by 2022. Countries including China, Russia, Brazil and Middle East nations including Saudi Arabia and Oman have framed numerous regulations aimed at promoting the production output from unconventional sources such as shale gas.

Majority of geomembrane manufacturers have penetrated the market through annual supply contracts with buyers. Geomembrane manufacturers have increased R&D expenditure for the development of products specifically tailored for applications including solar PV. Growth of the construction sector in China, India, and Middle East countries is expected to result in the establishment of geomembrane manufacturing units in vicinity. 

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