Animal Feed Organic Trace Minerals Market - Taking Care Of Animal Health

Posted On Mar, 24, 2020

We all are encouraged to have a healthy diet in our lives. Milk and other dairy items, along with meat and poultry products, are all said to help us in maintaining a fit lifestyle. What the most crucial aspect is here, is that the health of the animals, who are the source of these products, should be optimum, and this is where animal feed organic trace minerals come into the picture. We may not know a thing about them; however, this is a very important part in a farmer’s handbook. How, you might ask?

The answer is, organic trace minerals are added to animal feed in order to improve its quality. They are made by connecting minerals to organic molecules such as polysaccharides and amino acids, and are also referred to as chelates. Animal feed organic trace minerals offer multiple benefits, in terms of immunity, reproduction, growth and digestion. They are found in both organic and inorganic sources, and include zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt. When added to animal feed, they provide enhanced gut absorption and improved bioavailability.

A Boon For Animals!

Animal feed organic trace minerals, when fed to cows, can lead to birth of healthy calves with string immune systems. Additionally, they can also help in production of optimal quality colostrum, while also helping cows in recovering from calving quicker. These minerals are of greater importance during stressful events or when the environment conditions are not suitable. These conditions include pre-calving, when a cow transfers nutrient to her developing calf; during bull development and pre-breeding for improving the quality and quantity of semen.

So, which are the major products involved in the animal feed organic trace minerals market? The important ones include:

  • Zinc - Zinc, in the form of zinc oxide, can be used as a trace element for livestock. Zinc, besides iron, is the most important trace element and plays a critical role in the functioning of more than 300 hormones and enzymes, while also having an important function in defense enzymes. Deficiency of zinc causes poor growth, appetite loss, and poor feed conversion rate.

  • Iron - Is an important animal feed organic trace mineral. It is found in ample amount in most of the animal feeds, and is necessary for hemoglobin formation. Iron deficiency can be an issue in young suckling pigs, who require an iron injection or fresh soil access in order to meet their iron needs.

  • Copper - A very vital component for enzyme systems that are involved in iron transport and metabolism, immune function and red blood cell formation in animals. Countries such as United States have made it a common practice to supplement broiler and swine diets with 125-250 ppm additional copper to enhance growth and health.

  • Selenium - This has become an essential trace mineral for ruminants, as it is essential for fertility and normal growth, as well as preventing health disorders such as mastitis and calf scours. Selenium being a component of glutathione peroxidase which prevents cell damage, is necessary in animal feeds. However, a large dosage of selenium as an animal feed organic trace mineral can prove toxic, so proper care should be taken.

  • Manganese - This animal feed organic trace mineral is commonly used in the form of its oxide in mineral mixes. It is necessary for normal reproduction in the animals, and fetal and udder development.

  • Cobalt - This mineral is very necessary in the diet of ruminants such as sheep, cattle and goats, for the synthesis of vitamin B12, which is essential for energy metabolism and red blood cell production. Cobalt deficiency in soil causes vitamin B12 deficiency in livestock.

A large number of raw material suppliers are present in the animal feed organic trace minerals market. Korea Zinc Group, Nyrstar, Codelco, and BHP Billiton Ltd. supply raw materials, such as zinc, copper, iron, and manganese, to this industry. The market is driven by the growing demand for animal feed. Increasing per capita consumption of meat was one of the major factors propelling the growth of animal feed organic trace minerals. In 2016, the U.S. led the market in per capita meat consumption with 97.1 kg, and was followed by Australia with 94.8 kg. Argentina, Uruguay and Israel rounded off the top 5 per capita meat consumption countries.

A Necessity For Cattle All Across The Globe

Asia Pacific witnessed the highest demand for organic trace minerals in animal feed in 2016 owing to high demand from the poultry and swine segments. This region was characterized by the availability of cheap labor and abundant raw materials. An increase in the demand for organic trace minerals from China, India, and Japan has played a key role in the growth of the animal feed organic trace minerals market in this region.  North America was one of the largest consumers of compound feed in the dairy cattle segment in 2016.

Certain factors such as production efficiency, cost control, and scale of operation determine the profitability of this industry. New technologies and systematic supply chain management have driven the dairy industry globally. Growing market for products such as butter, yogurt, ice cream, and cheese has provided a boost to this segment, which, in turn, has positively impacted the demand for animal feed organic trace minerals.

Feed law in Europe allows for a wide range of trace mineral additives to be used in cattle nutrition, while also regulating the maximum inclusion level in the final feed. Even though the past few years have seen multiple reductions in the maximum feed inclusion levels of some trace minerals, there have been factors which have led to increased demand for animal feed organic trace minerals: teat canal keratinization, regeneration after calving, and physiological and environmental stress. The European market has seen the introduction of several categories of animal feed organic trace minerals of manganese, copper, zinc and iron since the 1990s.

Global animal feed organic trace minerals market

Industry Developments

The global animal feed organic trace minerals market is characterized by the presence of a large number of manufacturers having a strong technical know-how and dense distribution networks. Biochem; Tanke Biosciences Corp.; Mercer Milling Co., Inc.; Novus International, Inc.; Royal DSM NV; and Zinpro Corp. are some of the well-known players. Major organic trace mineral manufacturers, including Alltech, Inc.; Archer Daniels Midland Company; Cargill, Inc.; and Kemin Industries, are headquartered in the United States.

Some of the major developments in the animal feed organic trace minerals industry include:

  • Alltech launched an in-vitro fermentation laboratory, called the Alltech IFM™, in collaboration with the Harper Adams University, in the U.K., in February 2020. Alltech IFM is a nutritional tool that simulates rumen fermentation and evaluates digestibility of forages and feed within the animal. The tool can help farmers and feed manufacturers identify barriers to achieving the optimal rumen function, while helping to reduce energy losses and feed wastage.

  • Kemin Industries announced its Ruminant Essentialities portfolio of products for the Europe, Middle East and North Africa region. The company had completed the portfolio with its KESSENT product range and the CholiGEM in October 2019, with the former making them the only provider of Methionine and Lysine, while the latter supports animal health improvement.

  • In October 2019, Nutreco signed a deal to acquire the compound feed business of Cargill in Portugal. The deal involves Cargill’s compound feed production for the Portugese market, while its two plants in the country will also be transferred to Nutreco as part of the deal. The business would become a part of Nanta, which is Nutreco’s Iberian animal feed business.

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