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Posted On Dec, 04, 2020

Dietary fibers, found in plants, are an essential component of the human diet. These are one of the essential nutrients to the human body. Their major benefits include normalizing the bowel movements and maintaining bowel health, thus decreasing chances of constipation. Besides, soluble fibers found in oats, beans, and oat bran help in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Posted On Dec, 04, 2020

Population growth, developing living standards and growing consumer awareness regarding health disorders is expected to drive the demand for nutritional products, and dietary supplements. The abovementioned factors are expected to drive the application of digestive enzyme supplements over the upcoming years. In addition, increasing number of sports events, such as La Liga, Big Bash League, English Premier League, Indian Premier League and tennis tournaments, are likely to promote digestive enzyme supplements market growth.

Posted On Dec, 04, 2020

Flavonoids are plant chemicals that are found in almost all vegetables and fruits. They are also known as phytonutrients and are responsible for imparting colors to vegetables and fruits. Besides, flavonoids have anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties, which have increased their importance in the pharmaceuticals industry. 

Posted On Dec, 04, 2020

What if somebody told you, you can have multiple health benefits and you won’t have to hit the gym or run several miles for it? Yes several people will jump at this opportunity, and several people do. Vitamins have a way of improving health like no other nutrients could. All of them are important, but Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid has its own place. Let’s dive in further to understand more about this important vitamin and how its market is flourishing.

Posted On Dec, 04, 2020

Polydextrose, is particularly a newer type of soluble fiber is a synthetic polymer derived from glucose. Fiber intake serves many benefits for our body. There are two types of fibers, soluble fiber which is generally used as a bulking agent and helps with constipation, other is insoluble fiber that acts like a broom to sweep our digestive track.

Posted On Nov, 30, 2020

Diabetic Food is the diet which is recommended for individuals with high blood glucose or diabetes mellitus. It usually consists of edible products which are rich in refined carbohydrates and have low sugar content. Different individuals living with diabetes are recommended different types of diet based on their condition.

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