Medical Animation: Application Of Novel Visualization Technologies To Aid Medico Marketing

Industry : Healthcare IT    

Medical animation offers better visualization of complex biological procedures, which helps in communicating healthcare-related information to the target audience. The market is evolving as the demand for real-time animation for product promotion and marketing by life science companies is increasing.

Medical animation helps in marketing of pharmaceutical products

Traditionally, pharmaceutical products were sold by word-of-mouth approach; medical representatives visit doctors and elaborate upon the product features by sharing power point presentations or product brochures. As technology has evolved over the time, the way of marketing has also evolved.

Introduction of advanced technology such as computer graphics and 3D animation are proven to be the better alternatives for medico marketing. This technology helps doctors better understand product information; it also helps in educating patients about their health conditions. Life science and medical device manufacture companies prefer to promote their products by medical animation to attract more consumers, as the information presented by this technology is more appealing and can easily communicate the message.

Addressable medical animation market

Medical animation has the potential to impact traditional way of pharmaceutical marketing, research studies, patient-engagement solutions & services, and disease-treatment optimization in many fields. However, the technology could expand beyond the applications in pharma marketing and research study to patient education, surgical training, medical simulation, and emergency care instructions. 

Key players

As digitalization in healthcare industry is growing, several companies have begun investing in the development of medical animation technology for gaining competitive advantage, and to withstand existing competition, well-established organizations are planning launch of new technology. For instance in April 2014, ZWSOFT; China based company launched 3D product design software use in medical animation that helps in designing product development projects.

Currently, there are hundreds of medical animation service providers in this space, which offer animation services for healthcare industry: Infuse Medical; Ghost Productions, Inc; Blausen Medical Communications, Inc.; Viscira; and are some of them.

Medical animation market outlook

This market is a million dollar opportunity, because increasing adoption of 3D computer graphics in healthcare is increasing over the forecast period. The rapid advancements in technology resulted in higher penetration of computer animation. Increasing popularity of medical animation, widespread availability of internet, and demand for animated education are factors that can be attributed to the growth of this industry.

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