Sodium Silicate Market: Widespread Application Scope Of Sodium Silicate And Its Derivatives Is Expected To Drive Industry Growth

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Sodium silicate is a key source of reactive silica which has high demand in numerous applications industries including detergents, rubber, food & beverage, and paper & pulp. The soluble sodium silicate solutions can be modified using various techniques including acid addition and ion exchange process in order to form silica sols, silica gels and precipitated silica. These products find application across numerous industries including detergents, water treatment, construction, tire and many others. 

Increasing demand for sodium silicate in electrode coating industry as a binding agent is expected to have a positive impact on the industry growth. The product has the potential to combine chemically in electronic coatings, harden, thus improving the overall toughness of the coatings. In addition, the product offers good flux action in welding rod covers. As a result, the demand for sodium silicate in welding application is expected to have a positive impact on the industry growth. 

Growing demand for soluble silicates in waste treatment and soil stabilization is expected to have a positive impact on the industry growth over the projected period. Furthermore, increasing demand for sodium silicate in the textile industry to manufacture peroxide bleach and dyes is expected to have a positive impact on the industry growth. 

Sodium silicates are alkaline in nature. As a result, they have the ability to emulsify oils & fats, neutralize acidic soils, and disperse proteins. As a result, the product is anticipated to gain significant market share for manufacturing detergents and cleaning products such as soaps and dish wash powders. 

Increasing demand for sodium silicate in the paper industry as an adhesive or bonding agent is expected to have a positive impact on the industry growth. Growing demand for sodium silicate coating, beaching, and paper sizing application is expected to drive sodium silicate demand over the next eight years. 

Precipitated silica is one of the key products obtained using sodium silicate finds wide application scope in the production of silicone rubber compounds. The product reduces the overall cost of silicone elastomers. In addition, the product improves fatigue resistance, tensile and tear strength of elastomers, as a result, is anticipated to gain significant demand in elastomer industry. 

The market is characterized by high level of integration. Companies that manufacture sodium silicate also offer soda ash, a key raw material for the product. In addition, a major share of sodium silicate, especially liquid sodium silicate is used by the manufacturers themselves for the production of its downstream products including precipitated silica, silica gels, and zeolites to meet the rising consumer demand. 

Asia Pacific, especially China is expected to remain a major hub for market players owing to rapid growth of end-use industries including automotive, oil & gas, textiles, and paper in the region. The manufacturers from developed economies are anticipated to expand their sales network in the developing regions including Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific to strengthen company presence in the market. 

Europe accounts for over 20% of the total sodium silicate production in the world. The region has reached the state of maturity in the sodium silicate market thus is expected to grow at a sluggish rate over the projected period. The majority of the share of sodium silicate manufactured in the region is used for the production of downstream products including precipitated silica and zeolites. Growing demand precipitated silica in tire and cosmetics industries is expected to drive demand for sodium silicate over the next eight years.

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