Honoring World Brain Tumor Day: A Journey of Hope & Resilience

Posted On Jun, 05, 2023

What is the Significance of World Brain Tumor Day?

Every year, World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated on 8thJune to promote global awareness about brain tumors. This was introduced by the German Brain Tumor Association and has progressively become a global campaign. This day is purposed to educate the population about brain tumors and their influence, encourage early detection & diagnosis, offer support for the patients, and endorse increased funding and research for enhanced treatment possibilities. The theme for 2023 is “Together, We Can Make a Difference”.

How do I Contribute to this Global Cause?

If you want to extend your support, you can:

    • Wear a grey ribbon, it signifies brain tumor awareness

    • Extend financial help to a brain tumor research organization

    • Talk to your family and friends about brain tumors

    • Volunteer in a brain tumor support group

Apart from these macro-level support activities, if you personally know someone with the ailment, and if physical or financial help is not needed/possible, moral support, even virtually, does go a long way! Keep checking on your loved ones.

Professional Help, Resources, and Online Communities:

If you or anyone you know need mental & emotional help, the world is ready. Mentioned below are a few organizations that provide moral support, community, and resources for individuals and families of those affected by brain tumor:

    • American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA): The ABTA provides a diverse range of support services, including CareLine for personalized assistance and information, educational resources, online support groups, and events.

    • National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS): NBTS offers support and resources to patients and caregivers. They assist with online forums, support groups, educational materials, and information on clinical trials.

    • The Brain Tumour Charity: Based in the UK, The Brain Tumour Charity provides information, support, and resources for individuals and families of patients. They offer a helpline, support groups, and an online community.

    • Children's Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF): CBTF is devoted to offering support and resources exclusively for children with brain tumors and their families. They offer family support programs, educational resources, and events.

    • CancerCare: While not specifically focused on brain tumors, this organization provides free professional counseling, educational resources, support groups, and financial assistance to individuals and families that are impacted by cancer, including brain tumors.

Please save and share this list ahead and help us spread the word so no one dealing with this ailment ever feels alone.

If you are a brain tumor warrior and this blog has earned your notice, here is a message from our entire team, just for you:

Today, as a global community, we stand together, showing solidarity and raising awareness. Even during the gloomiest moments, we pray you hold on to hope. Know that miracles happen, and medical advancements are attaining new progress every day, believe in the power of healing. You possess an incredible strength within you that is capable of conquering even the toughest of obstacles.

We hope you focus on the present moment and find a little happiness each day in simple things. Take things one step at a time instead of overwhelming yourself in a pool of ‘to-dos’ and ‘not-to-dos’, and celebrate every little victory along this journey. And every little moment of improvement is a testament to your unwavering resilience and strong spirit. Stay connected to the things you love and the people who uplift you. We believe that life will indeed give you solace in the support of those who will never leave your side and the shared experiences that bring you closer together.

Please know that you are not alone in this journey. Research, medical advancements, and breakthroughs are constantly being made, bringing us closer to advanced diagnosis, treatments, therapies, and ultimately, a cure. Your bravery in facing this challenge is contributing to the evolution being made in the fight against brain tumors.

On this World Brain Tumor Day, let's join hands and spread awareness, hope, and understanding. Together, we can make a difference and continue to fight for enhanced treatments, resources, and support for all those affected.

Sending you positive energy, healing thoughts, and all the love in the world :)

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