Market Research Blogs In Bulk Chemicals

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

The global agricultural films market is anticipated to witness rapid growth over the forecast period primarily on account of increasing food demand from an ever-expanding population. Agricultural films are high-quality polymer films used for various agricultural applications including greenhouses, silos, mulching, fumigation, and underlays to protect, preserve and enhance the quality and productivity of farm produce. 

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Carbon black market size is expected to rise at a CAGR of above 3% over the forecast period due to demand from plastics, rubber goods, and tires production. The primary market will be its application in tires as it plays a significant role in increasing rolling resistance and tread wear.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Increasing demand for chitosan in various end-use industries including wastewater treatment, agrochemicals, textiles, cosmetics, food & beverage and pharmaceuticals is expected to drive industry growth over the next eight years.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Increasing world population and surging needs for food across the globe is expected to augment the phosphate fertilizers market demand. Phosphate fertilizers are commonly employed in the agriculture sector as they are used for enhancing the growth of the plants by providing nutrients present in them. Phosphate fertilizers also enhance the soil effectiveness by modifying its water retention and aeration. They are prepared on a commercial scale from phosphate rocks. Phosphate is a crucial element required for the growth of different kinds of crops due to its ability to develop seeds & roots and maturing of plants and commercial crops.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Epoxy resins are accepted to be thermosetting polymers. These thermosetting polymers are utilized as high-performance coatings, adhesives, and encapsulating materials. Epoxies have a huge quantity of compensation over other objects; the most significant is their adaptability coupled with their flexibility. Their main application industry comprises coatings & paintings, electrical and electronics appliances, and compound, amongst many others.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Global polyacrylamide market is anticipated to witness a significant growth over the upcoming years on account of the rising awareness of the waste water management. Polyacrylamide is a water soluble polymer. Thus, these water soluble polymers are used for separation of proteins and water treatment. Polyacrylamides are produced in liquid form or granular form and are available as anionic, non-ionic, cationic and other polymers which include homopolymers and copolymers.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Global sulfuric acid demand is expected to witness a steady growth mainly on account of its broad applications, especially in the phosphate fertilizers manufacturing. Sulfuric acid is a mineral acid having a molecular formula of H2SO4 and is soluble in water at all concentrations. The product is an odorless and colorless viscous liquid. However, it is sometimes dyed brown so that it is easily visible. In ancient period, this acid was named as oil of vitriol. 

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

High performance anti-corrosion coatings refer to advanced materials which are used on concrete and metal components in several manufacturing plants which are unprotected from severe corrosive environments, including acid rain. The key segments of the products of the global high performance anti-corrosion coatings market include acrylic coatings, urethane coatings, and epoxy coatings. These coatings are majorly used up in vital industries. The main end-use segments of the high performance anti-corrosion coatings market consist of tanks & pipes, marine, oil & gas, power generation, and construction.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Metal cutting machine produces parts by removing material from workpiece with the help of cutting tool and machine tools. Common cutting processes includes sawing, broaching, grinding, drilling, turning, and shaping. It provides various advantages to the finished products such as closer dimensional accuracy, surface texture or finish, complex shaping, and required size. The metal cutting machine used for manufacturing components in various industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, construction, electrical, shipbuilding and other heavy equipments.

Posted On Sep, 05, 2018

Global printing ink market was valued at over USD 16 billion in 2015. The increasing popularity of environment-friendly ink for commercial, publication and packaging printing applications is expected to drive the global market. 3D printing technology is anticipated to possess enormous potential in all key industries including healthcare and manufacturing sectors. 

Posted On Dec, 05, 2017

Nitrile butadiene rubber is increasingly being utilized in manufacturing gloves that serve both industrial and medical purposes in terms of protection and maintenance of hygiene. The product offers good puncture resistance, chemical inertness, sustainability under high temperature ranges, and durability.

Posted On Oct, 13, 2017

The increasing use of masterbatch in various end-use industries such as packaging, building & construction, consumer goods, automotive, and agriculture, is expected to augment market growth over the forecast period. In addition, properties such as excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance imparted by masterbatch are expected to boost market growth. 

Posted On Mar, 09, 2017

North America calcium carbonate market is anticipated to witness a robust growth on account of its increasing use in several applications such as paper, plastic, and concrete. Along with increasing usage in construction, paper, plastic industry, calcium carbonate is also used as a dietary supplement, additive for thermoplastics and in various metalloid mineral applications.

Posted On Mar, 07, 2017

The chlor-alkali industry will probably witness a remarkable growth from 2016 to 2024 owing to increasing demand in the application industries such as inorganic and organic chemicals is expected to boost the chlor-alkali market over the forecast period. Another significant factor promoting this expansion is the high production capacities for chlor-alkali derivatives and products. 

Posted On Mar, 06, 2017

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is an acrylic glass made from transparent thermoplastics most commonly known by its trade names Plexiglas, Perspex or Lucite. The product is widely used as an alternative to conventional glass in applications that may compromise consumer safety in case of breakage.

Posted On Mar, 03, 2017

Phenolic resins, manufactured from phenols and formaldehyde, are lightweight resins that serve a vast range of applications in the automotive, construction and electronics industries. The recent shift in trend towards sustainable solutions has encouraged product demand since its highly insulative properties allow for better building & energy efficiency in the global market.

Posted On Feb, 20, 2017

Pectin is a soluble fiber which is derived from various fruits such as plums, guavas, quince, strawberries, cherries, apples, carrots, apricots, oranges and citrus peels. Plant extracts are also often employed for the production of pectin. It is usually utilized as a stabilizer in desert fillings, medicines, and sweets.

Posted On Feb, 16, 2017

The anti-reflective coatings market is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period on account of rising focus towards improving the efficiency of optical devices. The penetration of anti-reflective coatings is expected to grow significantly in the solar application on account of increasing demand for improving the efficiency of solar panels.

Posted On Feb, 14, 2017

Carbon dioxide is an odorless and colorless gas. The gas is a naturally occurring chemical which is usually released by the actions of nature including hot geysers & springs, and volcanoes. Carbon dioxide is soluble in water and is also present in various water bodies including groundwater, ice caps, lakes, seawater and glaciers and rivers.

Posted On Feb, 14, 2017

Globally, around 5.5. billions of gallons of glycols are produced every year and are growing at the rate of approximately 200 million gallons per year. North America consumes a fifth of the total production. Increasing demand from end-use industries, mainly for manufacturing polyester fabric and plastic bottles is boosting production of diols in the world.

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